Teaching Social Media at Georgetown

One of the more interesting people I met last week at Web 2.0 was Gaurav Mishra who is visiting the US from India as a Yahoo! Fellow in Residence.  As a Yahoo! Fellow, Gaurav is doing research and teaching at Georgetown University in the field of social media.  I was able to grab some of his time and learn what he’s up to.

To watch in High Quality: after clicking play, click the “HQ” button that will appear on the bottom.

Some of the topics that Gaurav tackles:

  • Looking at social media from an international perspective and examining how businesses, civil society and governments make use of it.
  • The seminar Gaurav teaches is one of the 2 or 3 social media courses that Georgetown offers.
  • What Gaurav was doing in India before he got the fellowship.
  • Social media and activism
  • The analysis and measurement of social media and how to tie it back to business processes, civil society goals or government objectives.

Pau for now…

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