XPS 13 developer edition on pause

We are aware of some issues that need to be addressed with our XPS 13 developer edition.  While patches have been made available (or coming soon), we are working to add these fixes to the systems at the factory.

Given that we want our customers to have the best experience possible, we have temporarily stopped new sales of the XPS 13 developer edition. Our desire is to bring back the system as soon as possible, but only after we have resolved the outstanding issues at the factory level. [Please realize that this DOES NOT AFFECT the windows version of the XPS 13]

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support and patience.


Pau for now…



77 Responses to XPS 13 developer edition on pause

  1. Dyrver Eriksson says:

    Thanks for this! Looking forward to your return so I can buy new & improved soon. 😀

  2. Fredrik J says:

    Just want to say thank you for taking the reported issues seriously.

    Personally, I’m very satisified with my XPS 13 de. I immediately upgraded to Ubuntu 15.04, and so far it seems to work fine overall, including the broadcom wifi module. Though I’d like to add that I’d be even happier if Dell would have chosen a better supported wifi module out of the box, like the Intel 7265.

    I hope the current problems doesn’t deter Dell entirely from the Linux laptop track. It’s a great initiative!

  3. RobV says:

    Few, I’m happy I got my XPS13 last week. Everything is basically working flawlessly (except for palm detection on the touchpad), but I do admit that this took more tinkering than should be necessary for a laptop that sells with linux out of the box.

    The pause is probably the right (and commendable) way way to handle it. Hopefully the DE will be back soon. Keep up the good work, team Sputnik.

  4. SlickMcRunFast says:

    Please add one usb 3.1 data port and I’ll buy XPS13 in an instant.

  5. davidmburke says:

    I’m very happy with my xps 13 – please do consider shipping it with Intel wifi though. That will solve problems. Broadcom seems to have trouble with newer Linux kernels. Since it’s proprietary the Linux devs can’t really do anything about it.

  6. ulrichard says:

    I hope it’ll be back in time when Dell finally accepts BitCoin in Switzerland.

  7. Richard says:

    I purchased an Intel wifi card to replace the Broadcom myself since I was unable to get n modus working.

    Palm detection still does not work. And keys are still hanging now and then. Rarely, and in combination with the ctrl key.

    I would also recommend aligning the display in the center instead of to the right.

  8. Mark W says:

    I think this is the way to go but please ship the laptop with the Intel WiFi card instead of Broadcom, this will solve a lot of problems as stated in many other comments.

    Good work team Sputnik

  9. Claudio says:

    What are you planning to do with units already sold? I got my brand new XPS 13 (i5, 8G, 256GB, Ubuntu) and there’s no way resume from suspend correctly.
    You’re planning an only-software solution or hardware changes?

  10. PhilipPirrip says:

    I ordered my XPS 13 just a day before they put it on pause. Got it last week, with firmware update 05, replaced Ubuntu 14 that I hated and installed Fedora. So happy everything works. It’s a lovely machine, best I ever tried.

  11. […] It took the managers a while to realize this is a problem, but they finally decided to act by no longer selling it until they fix it. Someone with basic Linux sysadmin skills and some time to install the various fixes can get it […]

  12. Adrian says:


    Is there any chance you are going to make the system images available for people that want to convert their Windows-based XPS 13 systems to Ubuntu?
    I need a new laptop and was thinking of getting the Windows version and then converting. Is there any hardware difference between the Windows version and the Developer Edition.

    Do you have any estimates when the Developer Edition will be available again?


  13. […] die Ubuntu-Version dieses Notebooks auf Eis gelegt (es traten zu viele Fehler auf), siehe dazu auch http://bartongeorge.net/2015/07/20/xps-13-developer-edition-on-pause/Es war z.B. so, dass das Erstellen der Recovery-CDs während des Installationsvorgangs nicht […]

  14. Adrian says:

    Hi George,

    Thank you for answering.
    How about that system images? Are you planning to make them available to people that want to convert from Windows?


  15. Andy says:

    Waiting to buy the new XPS 13, any info on the ETA?

  16. dwchen says:

    Looking forward to the new XPS, any info on the ETA?

  17. Omer Akram says:

    Hi! Whats the status of this ? I recently bought a XPS 13 QHD+ and I am seeing very poor battery life on Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04. I am hoping if the factory image from you guys would be any better ? Perhaps there are any packages that I should be using ?

  18. Alan says:

    Hi Barton. I know you don’t want to give a specific date but do you have a ballpark? As in, will it be more than a few weeks? I’d like to buy one of these but if it’s going to be months, then I might just pay the extra for the windows version.

  19. Ane says:


    I installed Arch Linux on my Dell XPS 13 and ran into an issue with the UEFI firmware. The following command adds a boot entry to the UEFI firmware which should load the kernel and pass command line parameters to the kernel:

    efibootmgr -b 0001 -c -l ‘\EFI\ArchLinux\vmlinuz-linux’ -L ‘Arch Linux’ -u initrd=/EFI/ArchLinux/initramfs-linux.img root=/dev/sda2

    If I turn on the laptop and select this boot entry, then it loads the kernel but the kernel doesn’t receive the command line parameters (correctly). It turns out that the kernel receives a command line of the following form:

    ? ‘Arch Linux’ ? ‘\EFI\ArchLinux\vmlinuz-linux’ ? ‘initrd=/EFI/ArchLinux/initramfs-linux.img root=/dev/sda2’

    Only the last part should be communicated to the kernel!

    I hope you can (ask someone to) fix the UEFI firmware. I tried to report the problem to Dell’s customer support in the Netherlands, but they simply told me reinstall Windows and reset the BIOS and they hung up the phone immediately!

  20. arandomeur says:

    XPS 13 DE back online on the German website. @Barton George can you confirm whether this is with all the patches and fixes applied?
    Or should I wait a couple of weeks before ordering?
    I’m not in a rush and would rather get a working out of the box experience.
    Thanks again.

  21. Charles Beall says:

    If I buy a Win10 XPS 13 now, can I get the Ubuntu image later? I need to buy my son a laptop for college now and cannot wait. It seems other above asked this question without a direct answer.

  22. sukanta maikap says:

    I’m from India where you have conveniently chosen not to sell XPS13 DE. So I was planning to get it from US. But as soon as I was ready to buy, (my friend is flying back on 24 Aug) it is not available :(.

    Any chance of the laptop being available in India by next week ???

    Thanks and Regards,
    A frustrated but eagerly waiting XPS 13 DE customer 🙂 😦

  23. smaikap says:

    I’m from India where you have conveniently chosen not to sell XPS13 DE. So I was planning to get it from US. But as soon as I was ready to buy, (my friend is flying back on 24 Aug) it is not available :(.

    Any chance of the laptop being available in India by next week ???

    Thanks and Regards,
    A frustrated but eagerly waiting XPS 13 DE customer 🙂 😦

  24. Ran says:

    Hi Barton,
    I see that XPS13 DE is back to the US store.
    I would be happy if you could update:
    is this the new batch?
    and what was done – BIOS update to A05? Intel wifi card?

    Just in time for me.

  25. Pat says:

    Looking at the XPS 13 DE on the US store and about to hit buy but the price for the DE vs Windows version is identical. If we look at the i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB RAM, FHD non-touch:
    Windows: http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-13-9343-laptop/pd $1099 + tax
    DE: http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/xps-13-linux/pd $1099 + tax

  26. Con says:

    Do you know when it will be available on the Canada store?

  27. nick says:

    Thanks for fixing the issues the previous version had. I really hope this won’t affect Dell willingness to release ubuntu machine. It’s great to be able to have a nice light unix notebook. I agree on the intel vs broadcom switch, I did it and it’s way better.

  28. smaikap says:

    I received mine today. The reported Sound and WiFi issue seems to be resolved. It works out of the box.

    I still did not get a chance to work with it in details yet.

  29. Francis P. says:


    Many thanks for fixing the issues. I’m want to buy the developer edition. It came back online on the european web site but only in the companies section “For work section”. Do you know when it will come back for “The home” section ?

    Thanks a lot

  30. JM says:

    Hey Barton et all,

    Appreciate your work trying to flesh out the bugs on XPS13/Ubuntu. My XPS13 with Bios A05 is still having issues. I purchased with windows 8.1 and installed Ubuntu 15.04. Even with the latest patches and tweaks the keyboard still has major issues with deleting text, bouncing around the message window and missing input. There are alot of folks experiencing this issue from the looks of this post; https://major.io/2015/02/03/linux-support-dell-xps-13-9343-2015-model/

    Where can we find an update for this?

    Thanks in advance!

  31. Weiming says:


    I recently ordered an xps 13 developer edition and got just it on last Friday. The keyboard still has some random jumping issue if I type too fast. The space key is also too sensitive to produce two spaces with a single keystroke. After some casual use during the weekend, the touchpad become locked and I have to use a USB mouse to move the cursor. Is this a known issue that has been reported before? The support phone number in US (866) 622-1947 is hard to reach.



  32. ulrichard says:

    Any idea when the i7 version will be back in the Swiss store?

  33. Joe says:

    Hi Barton, thanks for posting updates on the XPS 13 improvements. Do you have any news regarding the annoying display auto-contrast function that currently cannot be turned off?

  34. Pablo says:

    Please, we want XPS 13 DE back again in UE market!!!

  35. ulrichard says:

    Are you working on the skylake version yet? I read it will be a tiny little bit bigger. Any estimate on the release date of the skylake developer edition?

  36. Shashir says:

    XPS 13 was pushed to market way too soon. I have had it for 5 months and got absolutely nothing out of it: kernel panics, driver issues, nothing works out of the box. Basically, an expensive paperweight.

    I wish you had a recall policy. I would be willing to return it even for a loss.

  37. ggstuart says:

    Hi Barton,

    Is there anywhere I can get an update on this? I’ve been waiting for three months for an XPS 13 Developer edition. Waiting would be a lot easier if I had a clue how long it would be. I know its hard to give precise timings. Are we talking a matter of weeks or another three months or six months or longer?

    • Howdy ggstuart. At this point, fingers crossed, it should be around the 3 month timeframe. Thanks for the support!

      • Yura Poltora says:

        Hello. Do I understand correctly that there will be XPS 13 DE on march 2016? If so, then I will be waiting for, therefore I want to buy one with Linux out of the box.
        PS. Every couple of days I do a google search for this issue 🙂

      • Hopefully it will be a bit before March 🙂

      • ggstuart says:

        I’m very excited about the XPS 13 developer edition and still waiting.

        How will I know when its out in the UK? Is there a way to pre-order? Will it be new configurations or the same as before?

        C’mon, give us some clues!

    • Hey @ggstuart, best way to find out when its available in the UK is to check my blog. Re configs, we are nailing those down right now but there will be a 16GB config or two and Intel wireless. thanks for the support and stay tuned!

  38. tobyx says:

    We purchased 2 XPS 13 2015 developer editions. I wish we could return the systems. Not happy with the current generation. Keyboard, trackpad, all perform sub-par. Is there a way to get money back from Dell? I can’t find anything regarding such a policy. I’m sorry, we really appreciate the effort you put into these systems.

  39. Hi, seeing as recently a new line of XPS 13s appeared in the dell online store, are there any news if this means a new line of xps 13 developer edition is on the horizon, maybe even before christmas?

  40. bbossola says:

    Hi Barton,

    I am the happy owner of an XPS13 laptopt (as half of my team of devs) and I was wondering what’s the status now.
    Is the laptop now available in UK? If not, when?

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