Value Ubuntu systems available for consumers in US along with high end XPS 13 developer edition

In the last few weeks Dell has expanded its consumer line up with additional Ubuntu machines:  both the economical Inspiron series as well as the high-end, XPS 13 developer edition.

The new economical Ubuntu laptops are made up the Inspiron 14 Inspiron 14 3000 Series Laptop Ubuntu Edition3000 and Inspiron 15 3000 (14 & 15 denote the screen size) which each offer four configs.  All configs of both the 14 and 15 are non-touch.

Here are the specs:

Inspiron 14 3000 + Ubuntu 14.04 SP1

  • Celeron/2GB/500GB: $219.99
  • Celeron/2GB/500GB + optical drive from SAPP: $259.99
  • Pentium/4GB/500GB: $279.99
  • Pentium/4GB/500GB + 2 year mail in service (the above all come with 1 year mail in service): $329.99

Inspiron 15 3000 + Ubuntu 14.04 SP1

  • Celeron/4GB/500GB: $249
  • Celeron/4GB/500GB + optical drive from SAPP: $279.99
  • Pentium 4GB/500GB: $279.99
  • Pentium/4GB/500GB + 2 year mail in service (the above all come with 1 year mail in service): $349.99

XPS 13 developer edition

The smallest 13-inch on the planet with the worldThe XPS 13 developer edition, which in the states has been available only to businesses, is now available to consumers as well.  The four consumer configs are a bit different than those in business:


Check them out, you may find one just right for you.

Pau for now…

10 Responses to Value Ubuntu systems available for consumers in US along with high end XPS 13 developer edition

  1. Tobias says:

    You are not doing linux a fovour with those linux notebooks. If a not nerd will buy them, they will think linux is still something for nerds only, because the first thing he has to do is BIOS and OS upgrades. But in reality the problem is not Linux, its Dell selling half finished computers.


  2. Andrea says:

    Will these models available also in Europe (Italy, in particular)?


  3. Alvin Wilson says:

    Hello George,
    I sent you message a while back asking if the developer edition would be made available in Australia. At the time you said no but I’m curious to know if this has changed. Are there any plans to make it available in Australia soon? I range Dell here but the sales person had no idea what I was on about 🙂


  4. Carlos says:

    Hi Barton!

    Will there be a 16 GB version some time?
    I love the XPS 13, but I definitely need more than 8 GB.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Carlos,

      Unfortunately at this point we dont see a 16GB in the near distant future. We keep getting a fair amount of requests so hopefully we can use this to drive improvedments.


  5. salenwangben says:

    Is there a reason why Dell Germany doesn’t list the DE anymore for customers? Twitter doesn’t help with “There’s no specific reason”


  6. Urban says:

    I’m struggling to understand why there isn’t a 512GB option for the SSD. 256GB is pretty small at this point and there is a 512GB option for the normal XPS 13 line.


  7. boot says:

    Here I have some steps to install Ubuntu in you xps 9360, is in spanish if somebody needs it.


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