Developer Edition Knowledge base: XPS 13 and M3800

Update June 26:  How to Install Broadcom Wireless Driver on XPS 13 9343 from Ubuntu 15.04 Install Media


We want to thank the entire community for your posts containing feedback and questions to the Dell TechCenter forum and on this blog regarding the XPS 13 and M3800 developer editions (Ubuntu).

In response to your feedback, here are the first three Knowledge Base articles focusing on the hottest issues.  This post and the Knowledge Base will be updated if new issues crop up.

  • Trackpad cursor freezing issue: [to be promoted to the Dell archive hosted by Canonical – stay tuned].

  • May not resume from suspend running 14.04:

  • Unwanted keyboard character repeat

Remember, in addition to posting your feedback here, we encourage customers to utilize their support contracts and contact the included Dell support (either Consumer Support or ProSupport, depending on whether you purchased it from the Consumer or Small Business sections).  This will help us to officially track issues and tackle them systematically.

Please continue to give us your feedback on the Developer Edition systems.

June 3, update: How to reach ProSupport:



The Dell Sputnik team

12 Responses to Developer Edition Knowledge base: XPS 13 and M3800

  1. This gives phone numbers for the Dell ProSupport in different regions:

    I’d rather contact by email though – so I can put links and technical details.

    Is there an email address I can use for ProSupport?


  2. Francis Irving says:

    I’m getting exactly the bug described here “XPS 13 / Ubuntu 15.04 Freezes with Caps Lock Blnking”

    Could someone from Dell reply to that thread!


    • jerjongsma says:

      This is hitting me multiple times daily, related to WiFi. ProSupport won’t help me since I’m on 15.04, which I installed clean after two full days of fighting with 14.04 out of the box. Pretty disappointed with the support experience.

      Their only recommendation is “install the latest OEM 14.04 ISO.” I am really not looking forward to losing another day reinstalling things.

      Barton, do you have any recommendations here?


  3. Mike says:

    We’re making progress in the forums. Most problems licked if you run kernel 3.19+, patch the Broadcom driver, and blacklist a couple of kernel modules. See forums for details.

    But the keyboard still throws out spurious characters way too often, even with BIOS A04. This really needs to be fixed.


    • jerjongsma says:

      I’m getting hit by all of these. The keyboard is driving me insane, even after following all the official “resolutions.”


  4. Evan says:

    The link related to not restarting correctly does not have the correct instructions:

    Mostly the problem is that the provided file lacks an extension and thus I cannot figure out how to open it. Looking at the head shows the following i915-3.19-3.13-dkms_3.19.1-5.2_all.deb but honestly I can rename it to deb and it doesnt work.

    The file also doesn’t seem to be a zip, a tarbal or a bztarball


  5. So I tried to contact Dell pro support regarding a M3800 DE / Ubuntu question. The answer: “We do not support Ubuntu here in the technical team and have no contact to the Sputnik team, try to contact them via the forum” – see email below.

    What the heck? I assumed Dell does officially support the DE edition, also in Europe? Can you please advise?

    Von: “**”
    An: “Martin Bachmann”
    Gesendet: Freitag, 12. Juni 2015 14:53:10
    Betreff: Re: [#Dell Support RequestPrecision M3800 (Late 2013)#BSD#2015InWarranty#BSDT] <>

    Sehr geehrter Herr Bachmann,

    leider muss ich Sie mit Fragen zu Ubuntu an das Sputnik-Team verweisen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie das Team über die entsprechende Webseite bzw. Forum. Hier im techn. Support wird dieses Projekt nicht unterstützt. Wir haben keinerlei Kontakt zu diesem Team.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
    Jörg Kießling

    Global Support Services
    Senior Technical Client Support Specialist
    Central Europe 


  6. Richard says:

    Official Dell support is dissapointing. Dell is leaving most of the work to the open source community who are getting paid nothing but are solving problems Dell is responsible for.

    Shipping this laptop with a Broadcom is really an absurd choice. After struggling to get Wifi to work in N modus and without a kernel panic when changing hotspots I replaced it with an Intel. I may as well bin the Broadwell as that is where it belongs.

    This is my first and last Dell. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware (fire who placed the camera in that corner though), but so called official Linux support is abysmal.

    Not blaming you Barton, you are probably not getting the resources you need.


    • Richard,

      I apologize for your experience. We are hoping to change the broadcom card for the next release (wouldnt have been our first choice this time if we had had the option 🙂 What country are you in? I would like to know more about Dell Support group you called so we can address


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