2019 Desktop developer survey

Dell’s Ubuntu-powered Project Sputnik has been driven since day one by input from the community.  While we have continued to gather input on an ongoing basis we decided that it was time to step back and get a broader view. To that end we have partnered with Canonical to produce the 2019 Desktop developer survey.

Helping us to better serve you

By filling out the above survey it will help us to better understand how you work today, what platforms, software and systems you use, why you use them and what you see missing in today’s ecosystem.  This information will help us deliver better software and hardware to meet your needs.

The survey will be open for one month, closing on Friday 31 May 2019.  Results will be published after the survey has closed.



Pau for now…

2 Responses to 2019 Desktop developer survey

  1. yuryvidineev says:

    For some reason I wasn’t asked any question about hardware during survey so I post it here 🙂
    Now I have an XPS 13 9360 and it’s an awesome laptop (except for camera location). For my next laptop I would like to have a laptop in similar formfactor/weight but with:
    1. Normal camera location (like in 9380)
    2. Ability to change Wi-Fi adapter (like in 9360 but not in 9380)
    3. Ability to swap/add RAM
    4. i7/FullHD option


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