HackDFW and the project Sputnik story

[Notice: Previously I mistakenly noted that this event was hosted by MLH when, while it was part of the MLH season, was the result of the hard work and effort by a team of students from UTD, SMU, and UNT.]

Last week I attended HackDFW, a student hackathon in Dallas put on by  an intrepid group of local students from UTD, SMU, and UNT.   The hackapalooza, which was part of the Major League Hacking season, was a 24-hour event featuring students from around the country.  Besides getting to go around and talk to the students during the event I was fortunate enough to be asked to give the closing keynote.

I presented on Project Sputnik and how we crowd-sourced the development of a developer laptop.  Here are the slides I presented.

The Judges and Winner

After the preliminary judging, seven teams presented to impressive panel of judges with included, among others, Mark Cuban, the CEO of American Airlines and the Mayor of Dallas.

The winning team used Oculus Rift which connected to engine that rendered an ever evolving world of dinosaurs.   This would allow students to get a feel for the enormity of the dinosaurs and watch them as they grew and die from disease and predators

Here a few pics from the event.

Looking down on one of the groups

Looking down on one of the groups


Hackers and Hammocks

Hackers and Hammocks

Taking a "short" nap

Taking a “short” nap

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

10 Responses to HackDFW and the project Sputnik story

  1. On slide 25, it says the 4th Gen XPS 13 will be available in Europe. Does that mean only Europe? How soon before it is available in the US? Thanks, again for all your hard work!


    • Dariel, thanks for catching that, it should be US and Europe, Ill change.

      We are still trying to resolve the trackpad bug and then it will be available in both regions.


      • That’s awesome news! I’ll be one of the first in line for sure!


      • Paul Bivol says:

        Great news. Thanks for your hard work!
        I’ve been following Sputnik since September looking for a linux laptop.Looks like the wait will be over soon.


      • Gordon says:

        Hey, now that’s awesome news. Is it just the trackpad bug left? And will it be resolved in the kernel or in the firmware? Because there is no trackable Dell activity in the kernel mailinglist since still a while… If you’re going to fix it in the kernel the community may can deliver a lot of log data to fasten up development. I mean if the problem still is “resetafter = pktsize * ?” a lot of log data could help.




      • Rafael José says:

        Great work, I’m waiting for the new XPS 13 to show support.
        What about Asia? Will it be available here?


  2. Bill says:

    Just a sincere thank you for making Linux on the XPS 13 a reality.

    Please take my money!


  3. Adil Shaikh says:

    As much as I love the everyone over at MLH, HackDFW was put on by students from UT Dallas and SMU, and not by MLH.

    MLH was awesome enough to provide our hardware and filmed Hackathon-TV at HackDFW. They were great partners of the event!

    Great meeting you at HackDFW, Barton! I’ll link back to this blog from our site soon!


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