Update 2: Dell XPS 13 laptop, developer edition – Sputnik Gen 4

Updated March 6:  Although this was mentioned by Mario in the comments below I wanted to make sure everyone saw this:

A01 is out:


Put it in /boot/efi since that is also a FAT partition–or on a FAT formatted USB stick, reboot, hit f12, and select the option to update the firmware.


Two weeks ago I posted an update on the XPS 13 developer edition mentioning that we were addressing a few issues before we felt the was ready to launch.  Now that we are a little further along, we SputnikScientist2wanted to provide more details.

The main issues that are delaying launch involves the touchpad and a repeating keystroke issue.

Status update around the issues:

  • Working on getting A01 BIOS out (fixes keyboard repeating keystroke issue)
  • We confirmed that A01–with acpi_osi and resetafter kernel parameters–is a workaround that makes the touchpad work smoothly
  • Sound works with above workaround
  • Mario Limonciello on the Sputnik team  submitted a patch upstream to have the resetafter workaround done automatically:  http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1502.2/02389.html

More details:

  • The acpi_osi kernel parameter: Adding acpi_osi=”!Windows 2013″ as a kernel boot parameter followed by two cold reboots switches the audio to HDA mode (which Linux currently supports) and puts the touchpad into PS/2 mode.
  • The resetafter kernel parameter: Adding psmouse.resetafter=0 as a kernel boot parameter when the touchpad is in PS/2 mode allows the touchpad to not reset (which is actually what happens with this touchpad in PS/2 mode on Windows 7).

Please visit the Dell TechCenter Project Sputnik forum for discussion.

Thanks everyone for your support and we appreciate your patience as we work with our partners to resolve these issues.

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296 Responses to Update 2: Dell XPS 13 laptop, developer edition – Sputnik Gen 4

  1. AndrewS says:

    Thanks for the update, and good luck squishing the last few bugs 🙂
    I’m managing to stay patient…

  2. Thanks for the update Barton. Can you confirm if the XPS 13 Sputnik units will have identical hardware to the Windows SKUs or will there be any changes?

    Essentially want to know if buying a Windows unit and planning to install Ubuntu later is a safe choice or not.

  3. Paul Bivol says:

    Great to hear! Thanks for the update.

  4. ScooterS says:

    Thanks for the update; sounds like good progress. Can’t wait…

  5. demizer says:

    Yaaaaaaay! I bought this laptop as soon as it was announced at CES. I use it every day despite not having a touchpad or working sound, and the keyboard repeating issue. Love this machine. Just need to fix these issues. Came with Windows 8.1, but never used it.

  6. skongshoj says:

    Hi Barton,

    Two questions.

    From Major’s communication with Realtek, it seems that something needs to be fixed in the BIOS to get the sound card to work in I2S mode with Linux (so we could get both the trackpad and the audio running on modern interfaces). Is this something Dell is likely to prioritize at some point? It sort of sucks to have to use legacy modes, but I could definitely accept it as a temporary workaround.

    Will the upcoming Dev Editions have the same hardware as the current Windows machines? I’m considering buying a Windows one and just installing Linux myself (like I have done with every other computer I’ve owned since the late 90’s 🙂 ), but if the upcoming Dev Edition actually has more Linux-friendly hardware, then I’d rather wait.

    • AndrewS says:

      *Lots* of people have been asking if the Linux Developer Edition of the laptop will ship with the same hardware as the current Windows versions, but there’s never been any confirmation or denial.
      So I guess either they don’t know yet, or it’s something they’re simply not allowed / prepared to publicly comment about.

      • Paul Bivol says:

        Well, If they say it does have the same hardware then everybody abusing the reload button on this page will rush out and buy it now with Windows. Then, on paper, it would look like people don’t want a Linux machine and they will discontinue the project. It’s best for everybody to just wait. Maybe you’ll want Sputnik 6 or 7 in the future.

      • vam says:

        This is the problem — if you rush out and buy the windows version you are not helping the cause, the only message you send to dell is that your another windows user and there is no need for this project or for them to supply Linux laptops.

        The hardware will of course be identical, why would the hardware change ? They are clearly adding / modifying Linux Kernel modules to make the hardware work flawlessly and this is why you should wait.

        I have to say though Dell makes it really difficult.

  7. intangible says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m very glad to have the psmouse.noreset setting now 🙂

    I slightly worry about the upcoming bios update, the curent A00 bios is an .exe download, I hope the A01 update is updatable from my Linux installation since I’m not running Windows at all on my XPS 13 anymore.

  8. naranha says:

    There are some new XPS 13s with Broadcom and others with Intel Wifi. Will the Linux version ship with Intel wifi because of better drivers?

  9. Klaus Schwarz says:

    Will the developer edition support i2c mode? As the ps/2 mode has no support for gestures wich make a touchpad close to obsolete.

  10. Klaus Schwarz says:

    Hey Mario thanks for your answer I actuelly feel a bit honored as i follow lkml.org and know that you are the developer of those workarounds provided above.

    I expirience the same problems as Jasper over at Major’s Blog https://major.io/2015/02/03/linux-support-dell-xps-13-9343-2015-model/#comment-535096

    I thought as described in the comment below – on Majors’s blog- that ps2 mode means a generic mouse behaviour. Also does your answer mean that there will be no support for i2c mode?

    • Sure! You can check # xinput list
      To see if it’s detected as a SynPS/2 Synaptics Touchpad. If it is, then it will have support for the more advanced features such as two finger scrolling and tap to click. I just double checked on mine with this combination:
      * ubuntu 15.04
      * 3.18.0-13-generic kernel
      * acpi_osi=!Windows 2013
      * psmouse.resetafter=0

      If you’d like to rule out a problem with your distro of choice, try booting an Ubuntu 14.04 live disk. The kernel included with this doesn’t require acpi_osi=!Windows 2013 and will default to PS2/HDA mode. After it finishes booting, open a terminal and run:
      # rmmod psmouse
      # modprobe psmouse resetafter=0
      # xinput list

      You can see that it’s detected as the right touchpad and tap to click should be working too.

  11. var1ant says:

    Thank you guys so much for working hard on getting things working. I can happily report that my XPS on 14.10 (kernel 3.16) with the above kernel params works perfectly.

    What is in the pipeline for you guys at this point? Will we be able to get working i2c + i2a on this device soon?

  12. vincentzhezhang says:

    Thanks for the great work to make the XPS lives better with Linux 😉 Now the only annoyance left is: will you guys gonna make the _adaptive brightness_ switchable?

  13. Robr says:

    Are you going to allow fan control and/or the equivalent of the settings that are available in Dell Power Manager 2 under the advanced tab for Linux users? The fan behavior on recent notebooks is really annoying and unnecessarily aggressive (E6440 owner here…)

    You can find several threads complaining about the lack of fan control/fan behavior on your notebooks here: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/

    • Robr says:

      Very annoying…

      Please allow more control over the fan/thermal.

      There’s no reason why it needs to be active for more than 10 minutes on a very light workload.

      Adapter: ISA adapter
      Physical id 0: +41.0°C (high = +84.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
      Core 0: +38.0°C (high = +84.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
      Core 1: +41.0°C (high = +84.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)

      Adapter: Virtual device
      Right Fan: 2607 RPM
      CPU: +41.0°C
      temp2: +41.0°C
      temp3: +36.0°C

      Mario? Can you look into it?

  14. Diego says:

    It’s a shame the xps13 2014 still has the suspend bug (also with the A06 BIOS). Any plans for future updates? It’s very annoying can’t have a reliable suspend and toss the coin every time :/

    p.s. read: http://www.unixgr.com/dell-xps-13-9333-a06-bios/

  15. Viktor Olsson says:

    I’m dealing with a weird problem where Mint 17.1 with 3.18 kernel and UEFI A01 works perfectly, sound and all, but has completely destroyed the sound in Windows.

    The sound manager says that no audio output device is detected and Device manager gives this under the Realtek HW Audio Codec:

    ‘This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    {Operation Failed}
    The requested operation was unsuccessful.’

    I’m not booting with the “acpi_osi=!Windows 2013” flag.

    Is anyone experiencing similar issues, or is there a theory about why this happens?

    I’m on the 9343-1091

    • Graham says:

      As far as I can tell, using Linux and Windows doesn’t allow for the audio to remain working after reboot on one or the other of the OSes (if you’re switching back and forth).

      If you want audio in Windows (or, in Linux after using Windows with the aforementioned grub flag), I have found that it needs to be toggled in the BIOS in order for it to work again in Windows. I can’t remember whether it required a full toggle off -> reboot -> toggle on -> reboot, or if just toggle off -> toggle on -> reboot works.

      I believe it’s under the configuration menu, then audio in the BIOS.

  16. Gil Felot says:

    Hi all,

    Do we have more information now about the new XPS on Linux ?
    I received mine yesterday. First time I can put a Linux on a computer without a lot of trouble.
    I’m waiting one more week before sending it back to dell.

    I love this laptop but as a IT Student I can’t work with it.

  17. Alexandre Courtiol says:

    Hi Gil,

    What’s the problem you have ?
    I’m using this laptop with Ubuntu Gnome 15.04, got everything working in a few minutes using GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”quiet acpi_osi=!Windows\ 2013 psmouse.resetafter=0″.
    I’m using it everyday at work in DevOps environment without any problem. It’s running a lot of Docker containers without any lags.

    • Klaus Schwarz says:

      what sense does the backsash?

    • Gil Felot says:

      The same problems as everyone else. Buggy trackpad (better with A01 Bios), no sound, random Wifi (get the connexion but with a smaller flow).

      Anyway, in my country (France) they just release the same model but with the non touch/FullHD only display. Better choice for me 😉

      Where did you put this command line ? At the start on grub ?

      • Alexandre Courtiol says:

        I’m from France too, I didn’t wait for the non-touch as the specs weren’t enough for me. To correct all those problems you have, read this nice blog article made by Markus, he explains everything (http://www.ophion.ch/nix/linux-on-a-dell-xps-13-2015-model-9343/). As for the wifi issues, I’ve choosen the version with the Intel AC 7260 which has better linux support than the Broadcom/Atheros versions.

      • Gil Felot says:

        I have this one too. But the problem come from wifi/router we use which are really unstable for the 200 students using them at the same time. Having better perf with my actual Macbook Pro.

        Can we be in touch (like to talk with dev 😉 ) ?

      • Gil Felot says:

        Also thanks for the link… with this you have the sound card working and the touchpad also ???

      • Alexandre Courtiol says:

        The problem is maybe the wifi from your school, I don’t have any problem with my wifi at home or at work. If you add the line in your grub config as it’s explained in the article I gave you, you’ll have the sound and the touchpad working as they should with all the gestures and stuff. I just found out they released the XPS 13 with the same specs and Full HD matte screen, so I just asked to return mine and get a refund to buy the new model (even with Gnome 3.16 the DPI gestion is aweful on both Windows and Linux, the touchscreen is useless for me). You have my name, you can find me on every social networks if you wanna get in touch.

    • Gil says:

      Question ? What about the sound ?
      It works ?

  18. Paul Bivol says:

    The will to wait is getting weaker.
    I hope we’ll get a new update this week.

  19. Gil Felot says:

    Exactly what I want to do, get the matte screen without prob with DPI.

  20. Mike says:

    Keep up the great work, Barton & Dell! My MacBook Air has a dying battery and I intend to replace it with an XPS-13 developer edition as soon as you get this Ubuntu stuff worked out.

  21. Frankie says:

    I came across your blog and the Sputnik project after placing an order for an XPS 13. I have canceled my order and will wait for the Ubuntu version to support Sputnik. Keep up the great work!

  22. Sergey says:

    Hi Barton,

    I’ve been monitoring your blog for a month and a half, every single day. What I want to say is that I really appreciate that we are not totally isolated and issue description is published for us.
    I just hope that the team don’t rush and fix it properly. I’m referring to all those impatient comments – we’d rather wait longer and get more solid solution than temporary quick solution through sacrificing of the kernel/OS/whatever performance. Stay strong when people are asking for quicker release and saying that they would purchase something else. You are doing those fixes for us, and if I buy Linux machine, I want to be sure it’s polished and is really ready to be running on Linux. Otherwise, what’s the benefit of all of this as anyone can buy random Windows laptop and spend 100 days to tune it. I’m waiting for a Linux-ready product and don’t want to deal with issues I would’ve dealt if I’d bought it in Microsoft store.
    Just keep us informed. Whatever you are fixing, it’s always interesting to read how the progress is going.

    Thank you!

  23. Gordon says:

    Pleas Mr George it’s been one month now since you first spoke about “soon”… I don’t want to hurry you and your team -we all want a perfekt product- but all we have got since is a “soon” please give us another update and a little bit reading-candy for the ones who wait for the developer edition.


  24. Mike says:

    +1 to Sergey. I’ll add that one thing I like about Dell’s approach is you are submitting your changes back to Ubuntu. So the XPS-13 will not run some Dell specific variant of Ubuntu, but standard out of the box Ubuntu.

  25. Paul Bivol says:

    Hi Barton,

    Do you predict a significant release delay after all the outstanding issues are fixed? I mean if there are any other lengthy processes that need to happen after the bugs are fixed.


  26. pietro says:


    I will wait for the ubuntu version for supporting you. Thanks for your work !


  27. Khalid says:

    Sergey and Pietro are right.
    Please Barton (&team): take your time and don’t let you get rushed. A few days more to make sure everything works saves _us all_ far more time than some quick&dirty stuff plus the trouble we get from this.
    I will wait for the official release too, and I’m sure lots of people will!

    Thank you *very much* for your dedicated work.

    Khalid from Germany.

  28. Salvatore says:

    I’m writing this post from a Dell Latitude E6400, so it’s time to switch to something new. I’ve already decided that my next machine is going to be the Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu and I’m just refreshing this page many times a day 🙂
    Anyway, I agree with Khalid, Pietro and Sergey and I think that it’s worth the wait! That’s why I’ll (im)patiently wait for it 😀

    My post here is just to add a +1 to the list of people out here that really appreciate your work!

    Respect, from Italy

  29. Hello Barton,

    i own the Sputnik Gen 1 version of the Dell XPS 13 Developer edition.

    I would like to say thank you for all the effort you and your team put on those laptop.

    I will purchase the new Sputnik Gen 4, as soon as you will realease it.

    I’m standing like some few others comments to say : take as much time as needed the product is “done when it’s done.”.

    Have a nice day.


  30. mm says:

    Hey Barton, your team is a hero. Thx for doing.

  31. Looking forward to the release of the 13′ XPS Developer Edition. Not to be critical or anything but I’m slightly surprised that it wasn’t available at launch. I’m also equally surprised that both Dell and many other laptop manufacturers think 8gig of ram is satisfactory especially for a developer’s laptop. I understand that there is a 15′ version of the XPS but it’s running an older generation of processor and isn’t nearly as appealing of an option to many of us. If you want to make my dreams come true before you release the developer edition of the 13′ pull some strings and make 16gig a possibility :). Anyway man, awesome to see your team focusing on the Linux community, good work.

  32. Evan says:

    To echo what others have said, thanks for the tireless effort from you and the Sputnik team.

    I did have a question I hope you could comment on. Most of us expect a slight to moderate drop in battery life when using Linux, having used the XPS with Ubuntu, what are your impressions on battery life relative to a Windows install? I hear that the 1080p version with Windows gets 14 hours of battery life in some cases, think we can expect more than 10 for light usage?

  33. Nice job 🙂

    I would like to know about battery life with ubuntu. Can we expect the same/better as Windows?

  34. mrt181 says:

    Will it be possible to choose the keyboard layout or is this preset for the different regions?
    If not I can at least get US International in the Netherlands.

  35. Kicker says:

    Can I buy the XPS13 already with Windows and download the Dell-Ubuntu image later? Because I need a new notebook with Windows and Linux (Dualboot).

  36. pietro says:

    Maybe i should not write this, but with these last comments… I think it is not the place for these questions (dual boot, layout, battery life, and also date of release). Because the team leader(Barton) is reading the comments, do not disturb him with useless questions. Battery life, keyboard input, release date are commercial matters… Dual boot, it is a personal one… Do not flood this space with it.

    • Kicker says:

      So who else should we ask? The german Dell support said, there will never be a Linux version in germany, but that’s wrong. Only Barton knew it.
      I need a notebook with dualboot, if I buy the Windows version, I need also a working Linux. If it is a special Ubuntu image or different hardware, maybe Linux will never run perfect with the Windows version. I just don’t know…
      Would u like to waste about 1500 Euro, Pietro? That’s a lot of money 😉

      • pietro says:

        i agree with you… and yes, it is a lot of money… I think this dev version is not based on a special version of Ubuntu so you can buy the windows one and install ubuntu. I have an xps 13(2012) bought with windows, and i installed ubuntu later. So far it is working perfectly, out of the box, even though now is better than 2 years ago(sometimes the wifi was disconnected, fixed). It seems to be one of the best choice for a dual boot. And it seems to be a very good laptop. You are also certified to have a team that is working for linux integration. Risk is not as big as with others brands. I am not a dell salesman, and i do not care about the brand as long as the sell us good devices. Here the device is good, a good team is working on linux integration, and windows is natively working on it. Good luck for your choice !!

  37. dyret says:

    I am sorry to say that my trusted old launchday Dell XPS M1330 finally gave in on me a few days ago after a period of terminal illness. The only logical replacement is the new XPS 13.

    However, I am a bit concerned about the status of the new XPS 13 when it comes to proper support for Linux. I would love to get the developer edition as soon as it becomes available if the launch is not too long off. If not I might have to succumb and order a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 as its Linux support seems far more predictable out of the box.

  38. ceres2009 says:

    i second pietro and kicker.. here in europe i asked the hotline weather they will sell “non-touchscreen” as developer version or BTO versions of this laptop. They denied – so atm in germany we have 3 offered models – all with touchscreen. All very pricy.
    Of course noone can order in the US.
    Maybe they just don’t know, maybe it’s true.

    So i will wait until there’s something new in the store..
    Also i would prefer to buy the developer version as it counts at DELLs site as one non-windows laptop sold.

    • Gil says:

      For the FullHD thing in Europe. I think it’s comming. Because 15days ago I order one with i7 8Go Ram and 256SSD. Not avaible now online. But it was for 3 or 4 days. Also the delivery date was delay because of some pieces out of stock from what a Dell hotliner told me.

      PS : Im from France.

      • axl says:

        In Austria you can order the FHD model. you nowadays can even choose different Keyboard layouts, but only for selected models. even worse. US English is incompatible with some crappy Microsoft MUI STICKER (!!!!). But azerty would be possible.
        Please dell, fix this. (not for me, I already placed an order)

      • ceres2009 says:


        i’m from germany.
        today i scanned the webshop again and i see also see the FHD i7, 256GB SSD. Let’s wait and see 🙂
        Seems that they are still sorting out what/whatsnot in the webshop 🙂
        Barton, Team and Dell you’ve got a good thing going here, keep up the great work!

  39. […] freezing and keyboard experiencing stuck keys. This can be fixed according to the official DELL blog by adding some kernel […]

  40. Tom says:

    Like other Linux enthusiasts, I have been reading your blog every day for over a month now eagerly devouring any news about the XPS 13 Developer Edition. I do not wish to rush you, but I am very interested to know how much longer you think it will be until the developer edition is ready. I would greatly appreciate weekly updates of where you think the project is. Many of us have to deal with unforeseen set backs, so I promise to not hold you to a date if something comes along that pushes it backward. We all want a polished product with all the bugs worked out. It will just make waiting easier if we know how many hurdles are left and your best guess of how long it will take to overcome them. Thank you so much for you work in integrating Linux in such an amazing laptop. I cannot wait to place my order.

    • Tom, we think we have found a solution. Now we just need to get it through the factory. Stay tuned.


      • Viktor Olsson says:

        Will there be any hardware changes from the Windows versions? And if not, will you provide an image with a fully functioning Ubuntu version for us impatient ones?
        I’m still having trouble with a twitchy touchpad and repeating key-strokes, plus it would be awesome to have a fully supported computer.
        Awesome job by the way! I would have waited, but I figured it would be several months before a dev edition would hit Sweden.

      • Gil says:

        Hey victor. If u update your bios with the A01 version avaible on dell web site you can fix some problems. Plus if you follow thoses steps you can have an OS enought stable to work with :


      • Khalid says:

        Great news!

      • wahlin says:

        Roughly what does ‘get it through the factory’ entail?


  41. Viktor Olsson says:

    Thanks Gil! I’ve already done that though, the machine runs very fluently now but I am still struggling with some quirks. The aforementioned I can live with but I’m trying for a dual boot and Windows is pretty much unusable now, very slow and sound will not work after waking from sleep.
    I have a hunch this is due to the kernel flag so I’m hoping that won’t be needed after a potential official release.

    • Gordon says:


      Rene Treffer says

      March 13, 2015 at 9:10 am

      You could try this…
      Clone https://github.com/rtreffer/linux to /usr/src/linux
      Copy http://pastebin.com/GkGJV8H7 to /usr/src/linux/.config
      cd /usr/src/linux; make -j4 ; make -j4 modules_install; make -j4 install

      Update /etc/default/grub to use a “normal” commandline (e.g. just verbose) and run update-grub.
      Do several cold boots.

      Please don’t try this if you’ve never done that kind of stuff. All of this should appear upstream at some point, hopefully for 4.0-rc4…”

      This seems to make everything work without kernel flags.

  42. Philip says:

    Thanks for your work!

    I’m currently looking for a new laptop. I wouldn’t have bought a mediocre model just because of the sputnik program, but in a field of several high-rated laptops with not-so-different feature sets from different companies, sputnik was the deciding factor that made me chose the dell model. Even if it means I have to wait for a couple of more weeks (days?).

    Oh, and do I have to mention that I’m also looking forward to a “soon” release date 😉

  43. ScooterS says:

    Thanks a lot for the update. I really appreciate being kept in the know as this progresses.

    Also, I really want to wait for the linux version to let my purchase be another vote in support, but due to time constraints I’m going to have to purchase by early April. In case this is not available by then, is there something those of us who can’t wait can do at the time of purchase (of the Windows version since they won’t sell this with free DOS) to indicate that we are linux users (not even dual-boot in my case)? Just mentioning it to the sales contact doesn’t seem to make much of an impression…

  44. axl says:

    about FreeDos : i ordered mine with FreeDos. still not arrived, but I’m pretty confident that that is what I’ll receive

    • ScooterS says:

      Salesperson had to check with their manager, then told me that they cannot sell with FreeDOS. Wonder if it depends on what region you are in. I’m in the US, btw.

  45. Paul Bivol says:

    Hi Barton,

    I was wondering what’s your opinion on the QHD screen. Do you think It’s worth getting that given the issues linux has with high resolutions? Can you give us a screenshot highlighting the issues you and your team may have found.

    Thank you.

  46. Gil says:

    Hey Sputnik team… Any way to fix the sound ? Im running Ubuntu 15.04 and even with my BT Headphone I cannot have any sound. I cannot use it to work because of this and Im planning to give them back this wonderful laptop

  47. Luke Bigum says:

    Hello, has anyone successfully network / PXE booted an XPS 13 9343? I have a SMSC LAN7500 USB Ethernet plugged in, the SMSC Loader is being launched but no DHCP request goes out.

  48. Mario says:

    A02 bios is up.
    This should fix audio on newer kernels without any quirks.

  49. abreachinthewall says:

    Hand on my wallet, ready to vote!

    I have a couple of questions though.
    – Will the PCs have the highest specs (i7, 512 GB SSD, touch), or will it anyway be possible to configure the order?
    – Will it be possible to have US keyboard in Europe? The German Dell ships only German keyboards (QWERTZ), which for “developers” is what we call “total bescheuert”!

    And a technical question:
    – Has anyone tried to run Jack on the XPS 13 with a low latency kernel?

    Thanks to all the people in the project. I love you guys, this is awesome.

  50. abreachinthewall says:

    I’m ready to vote, hands on my wallet!

    I have a couple of questions though:
    – Will the PCs have the maximum specifics (i7, 512 GB SSD, touch)? Or will they anyway be configurable?
    – Will it be possible to have them with American keyboard in Europe? The German Dell only ships German QWERTZ keyboards, which for ‘developers’ are what we call “total bescheuert” 😉

    Extra technical question:
    – Has anyone tried to use JACK on a realtime/lowlatency kernel?

    Thanks to all the people in the project, this is great. I love you guys, keep up the good work!

    • abreachinthewall says:

      (Oops, sorry for the double post!)

      • lukeab says:

        No you can’t selection any configuration, there are 4 variants to choose from and that’s it.

        I would recomend and I chose the 256GB version with the intel chipset for 2 reasons:
        1. the 512GB ssd is a PCIE bus,,, in name only, by all reports the mobility” pcie gives very little real speed advantage, though i would be willing to be told i’om wrong here.
        2. the intel wifi chipset compatability will save you pain with linux support, the DW card(broadcom chipset) is not brilliiant or well supported.

        Keyboard question, i’ve no clue, i’m in UK and got UK keyboard, maybe ring a rep for that one?

        Jack and realtime kernel, no,, would be interested in use cases where you need it, other than purely for real audio work/switching/recording.

        Good questions “abreachinthewall”

        keep up the good work Barton! just updated to A02 bios,, looking into if it fixed my audio/mic now. Haven’t been albe to skype with my team in work for a few weeks when working from home. hope it works now.

  51. pietro says:

    Hi team,
    Any news about the developer edition ?
    Thanks and good luck

    • David Mills says:

      Frankly, I’m waiting too, but let’s let Barton sort things out first.

      I’ve had to pull the trigger and order 1 XPS 13 before the dev edition arrives, but I’m waiting before ordering more to show support.

  52. eeemmm says:

    Some people are giving up… 😦
    “I’m not working on Linux compatibility for the XPS 13 any longer. I’ve purchased a Lenovo X1 Carbon (3rd gen) and that’s my preferred laptop. More on this change later.”

  53. mrt181 says:

    They are not giving up. The X1 Carbon delivers linux compatibility, the 2015 xps 13 does not. The problem is that Project Sputnik should have announced the 2015 XPS 13 Developer Edition once they are (almost) ready to ship. But at the moment we do not know when it will ship. It does not work with any available and forthcoming Ubuntu version out of the box. It might work once Ubuntu 15.04 is released, maybe with 15.10, who knows.

    • Paul Bivol says:

      If they didn’t say they are working on it I would have bought the Carbon X1 a long time ago.

      • mrt181 says:

        And you would probably be happy with it

      • Gabor says:

        Don’t forget that the X1 plays in a different league – costs quite a bit more… If you can afford it, you should have bought it a long time ago.

      • Paul Bivol says:

        I like the xps13 for the small form factor, quality materials and thin bezel. It’s much easier to take on planes for instance. As long as you have(or write) good linux drivers it doesn’t really matter how “compatible” the hardware is with linux. I’m just starting to learn linux so I’m not an expert but I don’t think the argument of “linux compatible hardware” or “they need to change the hardware to make it compatible with linux” holds.

      • Mike says:

        Just cuz the Carbon X1 is more expensive doesn’t mean it is any better or plays in a different league. From what I’ve read, even if they cost the same I might prefer the XPS 13. It has a brighter screen with higher picture quality, longer battery life, much smaller footprint. They have comparable processor/RAM/HDD configurations. Though the X1 charges faster and has a better keyboard…

        Fortunately, I don’t need a new laptop urgently, so I can wait for Dell to get this new XPS-13 sorted out on Ubuntu.

  54. Paul Bivol says:

    Does anybody know if the FHD screen is an IPS panel?

  55. Richard says:

    Hooray the new XPS13DE is listed in the swiss and UK shops.
    But damn, BitCoin is still not available in the Swiss shop.

  56. pietro says:

    new xps 13 de ordered from france website
    thanks a lot for the work !!!

    • Gregory Duhamel says:

      I can confirm what Pietro said !

      Available with multilple screen, SSD and CPU option.


      • ScooterS says:

        Looks fantastic! Warming up credit card for when this page appears in the US (still listing gen 4 for DE as of today)

      • AndrewS says:

        Barton – do you know if the “Dell Adapter – USB 3.0 to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 2.0” accessory is compatible out-of-the-box with the XPS13 Developer Edition Ubuntu install?

      • Andrew,

        Let me confirm. Thanks!

      • Guillaume Vincent says:

        it looks like a construction page ?
        Still the broadcom card for wifi

      • Andrew,

        Unfortunately the chip inside doesnt support Linux so the adapter doenst work.


      • Finn says:

        So no ethernet capabilities on a developer laptop? That’s a dealbreaker. I’m wondering if Dell corporate isn’t taking this seriously. I don’t envy your position.

      • AndrewS says:

        Other USB->Ethernet adaptors are available which do work out-of-the-box with Linux (I’ve got one from StarTeach which uses an ASIX chipset).
        I was just curious if the “official” Dell adaptor would work – thanks for checking for me Barton.

      • AndrewS says:


      • lukeab says:

        @FINN I’ve been using a “Plugable” model usb3-e1000 usb ehternet 1 gigabit adapter, works great on both this xps13(pre DE release) AND my older xps15 (9343)
        so there’s loads of options. google amazon a bit for a few adapters. It is a real pitty the external hub doesn’t support linux, but infact it’s not the ethernet or usb hub that’s an issue with this adapter.

        It’s actually the displaLink chip for mirroring out monitors from it.. this is a crazy proprietary standard chip that’s in use now quite boradly, i think it allows daisy chaining from a display port to multiple external monitors. not sure if it’s a graphics card offload thing or what, but it means you dont have to attach more connections back to the origional laptop to chain screens off it. Nice idea, if it was supported for us Linux users. 😦

      • lukeab says:

        laughing at myself for using “google” as a verb instead of to “search” amazon for these things… arrrggg i’ve been coopted.

        Another point about that displayl link tech,,, it’s actually using usb3 to link the monitors to your machine, not even using up your display or hdmi ports… so @Barton… next target,,, can dell start working on porting displayLink support back upstream to the kernel 🙂 That would win you sooooo much favour with the linux community.

      • Fleg says:

        The Dell Adapter – USB 3.0 to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 2.0 works partially (USB and ethernet, but not hdmi/vga)

    • It looks like a construction page

  57. Paul says:

    I’m a bit disappointed to see no 16 GB RAM option five months after the original XPS 13 launch date. Skylake is due out in just a few months and new laptops will likely include DDR4 RAM, making this laptop with its soldered 8 GB DDR3 RAM seem very outdated. If there are physical constraints limiting the XPS13 to 8 GB of soldered RAM, my opinion, Dell should have delayed the XPS13DE release date until Skylake later this year. I just can’t justify buying a laptop that is already 5 months old and will be nearly obsolete later this year. At this point, I’ll be waiting for Skylake, DDR4 RAM, USB-C, wireless display, and wireless charging. If Dell introduces a developer edition of the XPS 15″ with Skylake, I’ll be first in line.

    • AndrewS says:

      “At this point, I’ll be waiting for …”
      By which time, some other HOT_NEW_TECH will be ‘just around the corner’ ? 😉

      • Paul says:

        I realize that there are always new technologies around the corner, and that is exactly why it is important to have top-of-the-line components upon release, or at least allow for future upgrades. Although the price point on this machine is excellent for the power it has to offer, in my opinion, a “developer edition” should be more concerned with meeting the exceeding demands of developers as opposed to meeting some arbitrarily low price point. My main concern is that the price savings I would get from buying this machine would be negated when I have to buy an entirely new machine because a dual-core processor with 8 GB RAM no longer meets my development needs.

      • AndrewS says:

        I don’t disagree with you, but if your hardware needs are really that demanding, maybe http://bartongeorge.net/2015/01/27/welcome-the-dell-precision-m3800-mobile-workstation-developer-edition/ would be a better option?

  58. mrt181 says:

    Does anyone know which wireless adapter the Ubuntu versions use, Intel or Broadcom? I can’t find this information on dells website.

    • Guillaume Vincent says:

      @mrt181 on the french dell site there is two cards :

      Carte DW 1560 avec Bluetooth 4.0 (802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0, bibande 2,4 GHz et 5 GHz, 2×2) = Broadcom


      Carte bibande Intel(R) Wireless-AC 7265 2×2 AGN + Bluetooth 4.0 = Intel

      So I suppose the “802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0, Dual Band 2.4&5 GHz, 2×2” is the Broadcom one

      • mrt181 says:

        I just got a confirmation from dell chat support that the ubuntu versions in Germany are using the Dell wireless 1560 (Broadcom), how disappointing.

        Also, the same QHD+ Consumer Windows version as the Ubuntu one is 30€ more expensive but today Dell applies a 100€ discount automatically, so its actually 70€ cheaper and you can even use DELL VIP discount codes.

        And the VGA/HDMI/RJ45 adapter is not working with Ubuntu.
        All of this is really disappointing.

        Has anyone already tried out the Dell Ubuntu Version on a Windows XPS 13?

  59. Guillaume Vincent says:

    @Barton George : Does any chance to have the intel wireless adapter for the developer edition ? Are you testing the DE with broadcom card or intel card ? Thank you

  60. Paul Bivol says:

    Will there be an option for the FHD screen?

  61. skongshoj says:

    Congratulations on getting Sputnik gen 4 done!

    I’m running into some problems on my XPS-13 9343. I’ve installed the A02 BIOS, and everything seems to work fine in the Ubuntu 14.04.2 installer, but when I actually get 14.04.2 installed, the touchpad starts jumping all over the place, and tap-to-click doesn’t work. It worked fine in 15.04 (…although lots of other things didn’t, hence me going back to 14.04.2 😛 ).

    Is there a known fix? (I’m guessing it works on the 14.04.2 that gets distributed with Sputnik 🙂 ).

  62. aciarlillo says:

    I checked the US page [http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/xps-13-linux/pd] today and could actually see models listed, but they all show as coming with Win 8/Pro. I thought maybe I got to the wrong page, but it is different from the regular XPS 13 page [http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/xps-13-9343-laptop/pd]. Not only the URL, but the copy is all in regards to Ubuntu 12.04. Hope this is a clue that it will be available for me soon.

  63. ceres2009 says:

    ordered myself a XPS 13 Developer Edition with FHD and i5.
    The smaller of the two german Options at the moment.

    The display resolution will be more than ok for me. (Had a MacBook Pro Retina once, and that was ok for most modern programs. But nearly unreadable for me when programs were not aware of the Resolution).

    Also i think the smaller CPU, Screen will give this laptop some more battery time, which is apparently always a linux issue.

    Site said shipping in 7 days – looking forward to it!

    Best regards and thanks for the effort put in Linux as a option!

    • Florian says:

      I also ordered the same model in Germany this sunday. Mine will be delivered on the 22nd of April. That’s a pretty long time though :/. When I ordered the laptop it said shipping in 6 days with additional 6 days until delivery. Is there an estimated date of delivery for your order?

      • axl says:

        I’m still waiting for my second one. ordered on 4th of march through our local sales rep.

      • ceres2009 says:

        Hi, today i looked up the order status and mine is on 5th of May 😦
        That sounds a lot different, than seven days..
        Lets wait and see.

        Best regards,

  64. Sandra says:

    Hi, as a few others have already stated I am as well a bit disappointed that the Ubuntu version is more expensive than the Windows one. I am also told that I cannot use my student discount when I purchase it, which really is a deal breaker for me unfortunately :(( although I have been waiting for months it will just be too much for my already very tight student budget. So sad I can’t support your work!

  65. Khalid says:

    Wonderful it’s made it to the shops, thanks a lot!

    Has anyone please got an official URI for the german online offering? I can only find a page where a strange mix of the old and new XPS13 DE is offered. Furthermore I would prefer the FHD version, but there is only the QHD+ version. Thanks!

    • lukeab says:

      if it’s in the shops, where is the mic support fix coming from, as my fully apt-get updated 14.10 doesn’t have the patch, is it coming from backports or is it getting into mainline soon? Does it come through the kernel? Or can we replace an .so file somewhere?

    • Sandra says:

      It’s the same way on the swedish site. I guess they have messed up a little. But (on the swedish site anyway) it should be the new version even if the picture is wrong along with the title of the product, if you select it and continue to check-out you can see which version it is.

    • Florian says:

      I got this one by chatting with the dell support. Here you go: http://configure2.euro.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?c=de&cs=dedhs1&l=de&kc=&oc=cnx4313
      This is the FHD i5 version. Seems to be that there is no i7 for the FHD model atm.

      • Khalid says:


        Would be lovely to see an i7 version with FHD …

        @AllCountries; Has anyone spotted such a configuration?

      • Ben says:

        Dell Germany has a i7 FHD version (windows only), yet the minimal difference in performance doesn’t justify the price difference

      • Hi Khalid et al,

        There should also be an i7/FHD version available. Im reaching out to the European team to figure this out.


  66. ScooterS says:

    Barton, now that the DE is becoming available in some countries, any guidance when it will be available in the US?

  67. Ben says:

    Any reason why the developer edition is, with VAT included, cheaper in France than in Germany even though France has 20% and Germany 19%? Will we see a discount on the DE too? Or do only Windows users get good deals from Dell?

    Btw, even if I could have, I didn’t buy the Windows version to show my support, but really, Dell should get its act together for it’s Linux customers and not screw them.

  68. Tommy says:

    Maybe Barton will drop a Spunik Promo Code here for his steady followers? :-p

  69. […] Linux-Variante 1069€. Da fragt man sich, warum man für weniger mehr Geld zahlen soll. Auf dem Blog des Leiters des Dell Linux Programms Sputnik, Barton George, bekam man zu lesen, dass die […]

  70. axl says:

    is the dell online shop even working for someone today?
    All I get is timeouts or
    “We have encountered a problem while processing the page you requested. If you experience any technical problems with your shopping experience at dell.com, please contact one of our trained sales representatives at 1-800-WWW-DELL to quickly complete your transaction. If you continue to have problems, click on the [+]Feedback link in the footer of any Dell.com web page.”

  71. Guillaume Vincent says:

    I retry, maybe my post disappear

    @Barton George : Does any chance to have the intel wireless adapter for the developer edition ? Are you testing the DE with broadcom card or intel card ? Thank you

  72. GekkePrutser says:

    Thanks everyone, I just found the CNX4313 on the Irish site too! Just the version I was looking for (FHD/8/256).

    But it seems like the VIP club discount is also not allowed 😦 “The following coupons have been entered but require additional information or do not meet eligibility requirements. Click “View Details” link(s) for more information.” (And “View Details” just shows a blank page 🙂 )

    • salenwangben says:

      Try to see if you can use one of the configurator links in the comments or similar for the irish dell page. Then it should work. Currently you are using company offers, not personal offers. When i was doing that the 7% off didnt work. Vor dies the 7% coupon work for you?

    • Ben says:

      Are you using a configurator link like?: http://configure2.euro.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?c=de&cs=dedhs1&l=de&kc=&oc=CNX4313

      Otherwise you’ll only get to the business offer which doesn’t allow any discounts. Does Dell Ireland also run the 7% campaign for XPS models atm? The 7% off works fine here in Germany when using the configurator but doesn’t when I use the standard webpage.

      • GekkePrutser says:

        Thanks, yes I did try that! Strange enough the 7% code works fine but the VIP code from my work (for 10%) does not. Even if I don’t put in the 7% code.

        Anyway, the shipping schedule has slipped so much (around 20 April now!) that I need to wait to place my order now anyway.. Because I will be travelling around the time it arrives.

      • Ben says:

        I’m waiting for a quote from VIP service because the sudent club doesn’t work atm. Let’s see if they apply both codes

      • Ben says:

        So it seems, it’s either or, so I opted for the 10% VIP discount obviously getting the i5 FHD model for 926€ which still sounds like a very good deal 🙂

      • Mark says:

        How do I get to the configurator? I’m looking for a similar XPS configuration but on the Dutch dell website.

      • AndrewS says:

        Just search for CNX4313 on the Dutch Dell website and it should pop up.

      • Hi Mark,

        We are working on making the XPS 13 developer edition to make it easier to find


      • Ben says:

        got it from the dell chat

      • Mark says:

        Thanks AndrewS for telling me where to find it. I found it and just ordered one.

        Barton, good luck on making it easier to find. There’s large gains to be made.

        Looking forward to receiving the laptop. Keep up the good work!

  73. WdawgNC says:

    This page is confusing. It has both Ubuntu and Windows listed as the OS. When you scroll down and click the Customize and Buy button, only Windows shows up. http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/xps-13-linux/pd?oc=cax13w8ps5123&model_id=xps-13-linux&l=en&s=bsd

  74. Randal says:

    I have been lurking and scouring the posts for the release date. I am happy to sense it is here. Thanks Bart, it must be super frustrating to be at the finish line and have a less then steller launch party. I hope they appreciate what you do for the brand 🙂

    The Canadian site seems to be suffering the same fate as the US site FYI

  75. AndrewS says:

    Aha, searching by “E-value code” is the thing I’d been ‘waiting for’, as the same code works across all sites in Europe (which isn’t always true for the language/country-specific URLs posted here earlier).
    So I’ve just spent a couple of hours crawling through search results and product pages, and have compiled a big spreadsheet with all the results I found. The raw data can be downloaded from http://www.andrewscheller.co.uk/Dell_XPS13_9343_variants.csv – I hope that somebody finds it useful!!

    It shows that there’s only a fixed set of hardware variations (the top row of the spreadsheet), with different models available in different regions. In Europe we don’t have any i3 CPU-based models, and only a single 128GB-SSD model, but in USA they don’t have any i7-5600U CPU-based models.
    I’ve labelled the i7-5600U (2.6GHz as opposed to the 2.4GHz of the more widely used i7-5500U) in my hardware-summary line as i7+, and (for some reason) these appear to be the only models using Intel rather than Broadcom WiFi chipsets.

    In the US all models can be upgraded/downgraded to/from Windows 8.1 Pro by adding or subtracting $50 as appropriate during the checkout process, and so there’s only a single E-value code for each hardware variation. Whereas in Europe, different OSes installed onto the same hardware variant creates different E-value codes, e.g. it appears that BNX4309, CNX4309, BNX4313 and CNX4313 are the same hardware configuration, just with different OSes installed.

    And it seems that (for the EU) the E-value codes starting ‘B’ are for ‘Business’ users (Win 8.1 Pro is installed, price based around the pre-VAT figure), and the ones starting ‘C’ are for ‘Consumer’ users (Win 8.1 standard is installed, price is based around the post-VAT figure).

    Whenever doing any searches on the European Dell sites, the “i7/8/512/QHD+” is the only model that gets displayed as a Linux option (BNX4311), but if you manually search for one of the E-value codes (CNX4311 / BNX4313 / CNX4313) then you can still find them. With the latter two codes being for the “i5/8/256/FHD” variant.

    Barton – for the Windows versions of the XPS13, it makes sense for the ‘B’usiness version to cost more than the ‘C’onsumer version (due to the Win8.1 standard / Pro difference), but for the Linux versions, why is the ‘C’ version cheaper than the ‘B’ version – they appear to be identical?

    For the hardware-versions available as XPS13 Developer Editions, I’ve included the (current as of 1st April) prices for a selection of different countries, so you can see how/if the price varies, both by country and by OS.

    Like other people, I’d like the DeveloperEdition with an i7 CPU and FHD display option, which in my CSV would be the “i7+/8/256/FHD” hardware variant. So looks like we just need to find out what the E-value code for the Linux-based version of the existing BNX4304 is… 😉

    Dunno if they’ve noticed, but http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/xps-13-9343-laptop/pd?oc=bnx4311&model_id=xps-13-9343-laptop still says “With Windows 8.1” if you scroll down the page a little way.

    I hope such a massive blog-comment doesn’t upset wordpress 🙂

    • Tommy says:

      Regarding the price difference between the ‘C’ and ‘B’ version i believe the included support level is different.
      (“Premium Support” versus “ProSupport”…)

      • AndrewS says:

        Thanks! I guess most people buying a Linux-powered laptop probably don’t need the enhanced support package? 😉

        What does the ‘extra’ support package include, and are Dell geared up for Linux support?

    • dmt says:

      Hey Andrew!

      Thanks for your comprehensive post!

      Did you finally find a “E-Value Code” for the i7+/8/256/FHD Ubuntu Edition for Conusmers?

      Do you prefer this model over the i5 version due to the better CPU or/and the Intel Wireless adapter?


      Q: Barton – for the Windows versions of the XPS13, it makes sense for the ‘B’usiness version to cost more than the ‘C’onsumer version (due to the Win8.1 standard / Pro difference), but for the Linux versions, why is the ‘C’ version cheaper than the ‘B’ version – they appear to be identical?

      A: It’s the ProSupport and the Accidential Damage Protection, which are included in the “B”usiness versions 🙂

  76. Jim says:

    Congratulations to the Sputnik team!

    Now that it is shipping in Europe, is there any estimate as to when it might be available for purchase in the US?

  77. sanemat says:

    I want this from Dell Japan ;(

  78. vincentzhezhang says:

    Hi Barton, any news on the Adaptive Brightness glitch? Many thanks:)

  79. You can order it in the US as of today!!
    The website still says “with 4th Gen Intel Processors”, but the “Add the cart” buttons for four new XPS 13 models (w/ 5th gen CPUs) are active!
    I just ordered mine! 🙂

    • Paul says:

      I was excited to hear this until I checked the website and discovered that the non-touch version only has a 128 GB SSD option, which is pretty sad for a “developer edition” laptop in 2015. Unfortunately, this is a deal-breaker for me as I do not want to pay an additional $300 for a touch-screen that I will not use and which will just reduce the battery life. I was interested in the “developer edition” because I am a developer — if I wanted a touch screen, I would just pick up a tablet. I appreciate the effort by Dell, but you can’t just slap linux on a tablet and call it a developer’s machine.

      • anthony says:

        I’m under the impression that the models listed are still being changed as many upgrade options are still unavailable even in the top-of-the-line config. However I’m curious what makes 128GB a dealbreaker for you. I would expect you to need a dedicated GPU if you work with large media, and I’ve learned in the past that any storage plugged directly into a motherboard should be nothing more than a working copy. But maybe you have bigger working copies. Also don’t forget the DPI of that touch screen, I felt the same about battery life but after suffering a 1366×768 laptop for years I’m thinking about going ahead with the upgrade regardless 🙂

      • Richard says:

        … and all other options only have a 256GB SSD in the US shop.
        The only model in the Swiss shop has at least the big SSD. But the swiss shop is still lacking BitCoin payments.

      • AndrewS says:

        @Richard All the European Dell stores (including the Swiss one) only show one configuration (BNX4311) as being available, but if you search for CNX4311 / BNX4313 / CNX4313 you can still actually find and buy other configurations. The ‘C’ models are the same as the ‘B’ models, just with different prices and support levels.

      • Richard says:

        @Andrew Thanks for the info.
        That’s weird. Why do they hide the other models then?
        Is there also a secret trick to get the BitCoin payment option?

      • AndrewS says:

        I _suspect_ that they’re not deliberately hidden, just not displayed by default because adding the XPS 13 DE laptops to the various websites is still a “work in progress”?
        Of course only Barton can tell us for sure.

      • I would also like to hear from Barton on this, as I was hoping to purchase a developer edition with an i7, FHD screen, and 256GB SSD. I really don’t want a QHD screen nor have to settle for a claustrophobic 128 gigs of storage. 😦

        Barton, I am sure you guys are getting hit with tons of questions have things to take care of with the launch, but could you confirm whether or not more options will become available? We are all eager to order, but $1k+ is a lot to spend to not have something the way you want it!


  80. Matthias says:

    Is there any possibility to install the Dell Ubuntu factory image? I am one of the early buyers who wiped the windows from the disk and installed Ubuntu.

    • Sorry, the Dell factory image is only available to those who purchased it directly.

      That being said we’ve been working to make sure that patches are included in most of the major distros newest versions. You’ll have the best experience with Ubuntu 15.04 and Fedora 21.

  81. Paul Bivol says:

    Any news on the i7 FHD model?
    I need to get one soon, the preliminary ship date is almost in May.

    • AndrewS says:

      Ditto – I’d like to buy an i7 FHD Developer Edition configuration, but if Barton confirms that this won’t be made available (it seems the US doesn’t have this option either), I’ll just go ahead and order the i5 FHD model.

      • Paul and Andrew,

        I thought we had an i7 FHD but the high end i7 will come with QHD

      • Paul Bivol says:

        That’s a deal breaker for me.

      • salenwangben says:

        Because you cant get 10% (max) more power for 30% higher price and loser battery life is a deal breaker? Mind to elaborate?

      • salenwangben says:


      • salenwangben says:

        Btw theres a i7 FHD in germany, but with windows

      • AndrewS says:

        Hi Barton,

        Just to clarify – it’s not available in the US, but there *is* an i7 FHD configuration available in Europe: e-value code BNX4303 (Win8 Pro) / CNX4304 (Win8). Are you saying this definitely won’t be available as a Developer Edition?

        Also (just out of curiosity) how come the Linux configurations available in the US (i5/8/128/FHD, i5/8/256/QHD+, i7/8/256/QHD+ and i7+/8/512/QHD+) are different to the Linux configurations available in Europe (i5/8/256/FHD and i7/8/512/QHD+) ?

      • Paul Bivol says:

        You’re right, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. I am planning to do some SDR, which can take a big amount CPU especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, but I think I could live with an i5. I’m just venting because I wanted the top of the line model before I realized the QHD screen might be more trouble than it’s worth and on top of that it’s glossy (I know how bad reflections can be when watching movies on my phone or tablet when I travel (reduced brightness to conserve battery)). I’ve waited for a long long time to get good modern hardware and run linux on it without paying for and supporting Windows and I don’t want to make another compromise due to a most likely marketing decision that probably does little more than driving customers away.

  82. Frank says:

    the Belgian website is kind of a mess for the moment. I can only find / select the i7 with QHD+ screen with 512GB. I can not a find a configurator or any other way to customize (I5, HD screen, 256 GB)

    • AndrewS says:

      As I’ve mentioned in other comments, you *are* able to order other configurations, but for some (unknown) reason you need to manually search for them by their “E-value code”: BNX4313 / CNX4313 / BNX4311 / CNX4311

      I’m still waiting to hear if there’ll be a i7 FHD model available in Europe (UK specifically)…

      • Frank says:

        Not working for me, I get a search result using the e-value code but all the links are dead.

      • Paul Bivol says:

        “hack” a working link instead of searching. At the end of it you’ll find a parameter that takes the model.

  83. Chris Rock says:

    Hey guys, I stumbled onto this forum, I purchased the XPS 13 9343 in late Jan in Australia. Happy to run just Linux without dual boot. Whats your advice for Ubuntu. Do I just wait a few weeks until Linux is clean enough to install without issues on this hardware, or do I download a factory image from dell, whats the go for people who already have bought the hardware. Mines the touch screen model

  84. Philip says:

    Been there, ordered that. A i5/256/FHD developer edition (EU) should be on its way to me soon, yay!

    One more question: I’ll probably go for dual boot with windows which is usually most hassle-free by first installing windows and then installing ubuntu afterwards. Is the preinstalled Ubuntu 14.04 customized by Dell in any way? Or can I just let windows format everything and then install a 14.04 / 15.04 ubuntu from their installation media?

    • A few words of warning:

      * Dual boot is going to have issues with sound not working unless you cold boot at least twice into the OS you switch to.
      * Yes the 14.04 image that will ship with it is customized. You will have an opportunity to make a recovery ISO image after you complete the out of box experience. You may encounter this error making the media: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dell-recovery/+bug/1431857
      There’s a workaround posted there, and an update will be issued soon as an online update.
      * If you use Ubuntu 15.04, a majority of the fixes are included already, just missing the HDA mic support. This is being vetted upstream currently. The patch will be included in Ubuntu after it’s accepted upstream. (http://mailman.alsa-project.org/pipermail/alsa-devel/2015-March/089789.html)

      • Philip says:

        Thanks Mario for your helpful comments! Sound is not my biggest priority, but just for clarification: Is the “cold boot twice” when changing between different OSes issue likely to be resolved (sooner or later™) or is this final?

      • Sure thing!

        The behavior for this is a side effect of the hardware design and the mode that the hardware is operating in Linux versus in Windows 8.1. It’s technically possible to run the sound card in the mode it runs in Windows 8.1 but there is a variety of patches, firmware and control settings required to make this work.

        There are some stability problems with the drivers needed for this sound mode even on the latest 4.0-rc kernels that are still being worked out with IHV’s.

        I wouldn’t rule out that all of this lands eventually in modern distros and you can run the sound in that alternate mode, but don’t plan on it in the near future.

        Corollary: Windows 7 uses the same mode as Linux. If you are dual booting with Windows 7, you may have a good sound dual boot experience too, but I don’t know if anyone has validated this.

      • Thanks for the helpful info, it’s much appreciated! Any chance to find the factory ISO somewhere? 🙂

  85. ScooterS says:

    On order: i7/256/QHD. Wanted to snap it up before the $0.99 discount goes away!

    Thanks for all the hard work, Sputnik team.

    • Jay says:

      Correct, me if I’m wrong, but that model (and many others) is currently the same price as the Windows version?

      • ScooterS says:

        I just looked on dell.com and for same model in WIndows, if you switch to cheaper 8.1 from 8.1 Pro and don’t add any software that doesn’t come with it, the price is 1629.66 – 30.99 “instant savings” = 1599.00. Linux version is 1549.99 – 0.99 “total savings” = 1549.00. Had been hearing it would be about $50 less to not have to buy Windows, so this agrees with that (unofficial) estimate.

  86. Jim says:

    Does the new XPS 13 Developer Edition support Dell’s USB 3.0 dock for adding extra monitors as well as other dock functions under Linux?

  87. John says:

    Hi there Barton
    first i’d like to really thank you guys for putting so much effort into this project, especially in regards to pressure by the community.
    well in the end, you made a fair product that many people are looking forward to buy.
    as for me i’d just like to know, whether it is possible to get an i7/8GB/256GB/QHD+ Dino here in Germany (couldn’t find the e-code)


  88. Mike says:

    Is there a version that has i7 + FHD (1920×1080) + 256 or 512 GB SSD? I don’t see it on the web site.

  89. Jim says:

    Markus, or anyone else, how well has the DisplayPort MST support been working for you on the new XPS 13 under Linux? How many monitors have you been using on a DisplayPort MST hub?

  90. kunstenaar says:

    Imho: I think, Dell should not call it a Dev Edition. It is definitely also for ‘normal people’ a great machine. And btw, are there plans to bring the next XPS 15 with a similar design and Ubuntu preinstalled?

  91. Randal says:

    Just got off text chat with Dell Canada and they say no to the Developer edition in Canada??

  92. Ben says:

    Any plans for supporting CoreBoot in the near future?

  93. What’s stopping me from purchasing the i5/8GB/256GB Ubuntu DE from the “euro” site and shipping it to a US address?

  94. Jan says:

    Just to add a happy tale to the mix: I bought the XPS 13 QHD back on February, and I installed a Ubuntu 15.04 (dual boot) a couple of weeks ago.

    A few glitches:

    sound: as reported before requires 2 cold boots between changing of OSes.

    touchpad/syndaemon, the program that switches off the touchpad while typing: for some reason often ubuntu boots with 2 different touchpads registered, and syndaemon picks always the first one: by murphy’s law, it’s the wrong one. So I had to patch the program to take a name of the touchpad (see https://github.com/janpfeifer/xf86-input-synaptics if you are interested).

    ubuntu-15.04: it’s pretty broken out of the box, I had to manually install a bunch of stuff. I should have gone with 14.04.

    hidpi: gnome stuff is doing great. I had to install Chrome Unstable though (the stable/beta don’t scale right).

    suspend closing the lid: it doesn’t suspend properly I believe (a couple of times I almost fried the laptops by closing them and putting it in my backpack). I’ve been having to press the power button.

    resolution: for some reason it doesn’t support 1600×900 (which is a default lower resolution to run games). “xrandr -q” lists a bunch of useless resolutions, but not the 1600×900. Anyone any ideas ?

  95. cecilia says:

    I’m terribly frustrated. I did three fruitless attempts to buy the new Ubuntu XPS 13 at the dell website. Three times the order was canceled due to “invalid configuration”. More than a month waiting in vain and hours of fruitless phone discussions with customer service and sales.
    You did a great job developing the Ubuntu version. Your colleagues are not doing their part selling it.

    • Cecilia,

      Im very sorry to hear about your experience. What country are you in and what config were you trying to select? Id like to look into this.

      thanks for the heads up!

      • cecilia says:

        thanks for the reply. I’m in the US. Which details do you need about the config? It was one of the defaults on the website, I didn’t change anything. Processor i7-5600U, 13.3-inch UltraSharp(TM) QHD+ (3200 x 1800) infinity touch display, 256 GB. I haven’t bought another laptop yet because I really wanted this one, but since this is for work I can’t keep waiting much longer.

    • axl says:

      you’re not alone. My frustration level is very high, too.
      I do have the impression that dell does not want to sell anything.
      My new company notebook is “Sent” since last Tuesday. only UPS thinks differently about it. “on its way to UPS”, imho that means that it has not left DELL China yet. Order was placed at sixth of MARCH.
      As much as I like the hardware (I have a second one for private use) this for sure was the last piece of dell in our office.

      • salenwangben says:

        I feel you there. I got the info from chat that the UPS status doesnt change until it reaches UPS Europe vor whereever you are from. Usually it takes 7-10 days. Afterwards again 2-3 days until it reaches you.

        I really think dell has a very very bad communication which has to be seriously improved to be seen as a competent company..

      • Axl,

        Im sorry for your experience, did you get your unit?

  96. ferdinandpc says:

    New BIOS

  97. […] which makes me think that this is an electrical / software problem, not a physical problem. This blog post indicates that the keyboard problem was known by Dell but thought to be fixed as of BIOS revision […]

  98. Charles Profitt says:

    I recently bought the XPS 13 once Dell finally added a 256GB version with the 1920 x 1080 resolution. Great thing was that there was $100 off for spending more than $1000 on a laptop so that version came out to $924 vs the $949 for the 128GB version,.

    Here are my reviews and advice with the Bluetooth firmware.




  99. Amit says:

    Dell XPS 13 9343 developer edition 2015 – wifi freezing every couple of minutes for about a minute.. Anyone has this issue? I turned off power management but still no improvement.

    • Samuel says:

      I’m having the exact same problem!! The problem started about a week ago, when I upgraded the Windows boot to Windows 10. The weirdest part is that the problem carries over to the Fedora 22 I have installed on another partition on the machine…

      Did your problem also start after some sort of upgrade?

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