Available in Europe: Precision M3800 developer edition

At the end of January we announced the launch of the Dell M3800-ubuntuPrecision M3800 mobile workstation, developer edition.  This beefy complement to the existing XPS 13 developer edition is the direct result of feedback from the community who have been asking for a larger system.

Over the past few weeks we have been adding EMEA availability.   Here is the list of countries where the M3800 developer edition is available online.  For those countries that don’t appear here, the system is available offline by calling a sales representative.

M3800 developer edition — European online availability

We are currently working on rolling out the M3800 developer edition in the Asia Pacific/Japan region as well.  Stay tuned!

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28 Responses to Available in Europe: Precision M3800 developer edition

  1. Jesper says:


    I just confirmed that i can choose Greenland as shipping country when shopping on the Danish Dell Online Store.

    Now i just have to wait for the New XPS 13 Deveoper Edition ❤


  2. vam says:


    There seems to be some problems with the Precision M3800 Order on the dell UK site at least. I can select ubuntu as the operating system, but I then cant select an msata disk and the 91Watt Battery. Is there any way you could check into this and find out why this is ?


    • Hey Vam,

      Thanks for the heads up, ill ping the team in the UK and see whats going on.


      • Tom says:

        You don’t seem to be able to order the smaller SSDs at all – both of the disk sections seem to cover the 2.5 in bay.


      • vam says:

        Hi Barton,

        Any updates ? I really want to get this ordered by the end of this week.

        Thanks for looking into it.


    • In Italian store is the same, i think it’s about space, if you select a full mini ssd you can select the 91W battery.


      • vam says:


        Yes I agree I think it is space related as well, the 91 Watt battery must consume too much space to allow for a standard 2.5″ drive in the laptop, which is fine by me I would rather have the bigger battery and a msata drive.

        Unfortunately when you select ubuntu, the option to select a msata drive is removed, this is not the case in the US store, I’ve tested it in most of the European stores now and they all seem to have this issue.

        This is a really weird issue as its obviously not a limitation of Linux or Ubuntu (I have an xps2013 which was pre-installed by dell with ubuntu on a msata drive)


  3. gjkd says:

    Any word on if the XPS13 will hit europe and how much after the US. (and I guess you get the question about when it will leave factories at all a lot)


  4. Lex says:

    It appears the above error regarding the MSata drives vanishing upon selecting Ubuntu as an OS has been corrected on the UK site, to be replaced with the following error:

    Ubuntu is not compatible with Mini Card Drives. Please use the highlighted links to amend your selections.

    is this infact correct, that we are limited to the use of a single, sata ssd/hdd and the 61 WHr battery at shipping, or is this another bug?

    also, why on earth is it so hard to locate the ubuntu build options on the Dell sites? are we still stuck in the dark ages of disaproval from Redmond of manufacturers pre-loading linux, to the point where is has to be semi-secret?

    please excuse the above grumble. Mr George, you guys do wonderful work, and I cannot wait to upgrade to the new XPS 13 dev when its released.


  5. Coucouf says:

    Why not propose an option without the nvidia chip ?
    – cheaper
    – less heat
    – better battery life
    – less pilot problems

    Mostly benefits apart from specific use cases needing 3D power, and I’d say many people are interested in better battery life, see the comments above.
    Anyway I’m not ready to pay what I expect to be a significant part of the price for a chip that I don’t need.


  6. Khalid says:

    This is wonderful news! Thank you, Dell Computers!

    Lookin’ forward to the XPS 13. Let us know when it will be available.


  7. Alessandro says:

    I am very excited about this! I got my XPS13 DE one and a half years ago, and I will almost surely get the M3800 later this autumn.

    I was also wondering if you guys ever considered offering a Linux/Ubuntu version of some of the top-tier desktops, in particular the all-in-one machines such as the XPS27. I for one would be interested in such an option, and as of now I have to look elsewhere for it, or just buy a windows/mac machine and change OS—and it is not so nice to make an investmentment for something which is not what one wants but requires some fiddling.


  8. elpaso66 says:

    Hi, I’ve got an M3800 dev edition but swapped my old disk (Kubuntu 14.04). Question is: do I have to install any ppa or other packages to get bumblebee working? I’m actually unable to use the discrete Nvidia due to vgaarb.c well known bug (the controller is seen as a 3D controller instead of a VGA and bumblebee doesn’t switch the GPU)


  9. Mmirg says:

    I was trying to order one on the French website but was unable to configure an Ubuntu machine with a QWERTY keyboard. I spoke to a customer service representative who confirmed this limitation and said that I could only get a QWERTY keyboard if I opted for Windows, Ubuntu users can only use AZERTY. Interestingly, this limitation is not present in other places, like Belgium. Is this something you might be able to talk to the French team about? It seems like a fairly arbitrary limitation.


  10. Bob says:

    Like Vam, I am also interested in the Ubuntu/mSata/91w battery.
    This is weird that these options can’t go together. This is the only thing making me think of a Macbook which I don’t want.

    PS: mstata are supported on System76 laptops.


  11. lovesh says:

    Would the precision laptops ever have infinity display? Would love to see Precision m3800 come with an infinity display.


  12. Marky says:

    Does this have the NVidia chip now? The only thing I don’t like about it is that. Last time I checked it was just running on Intel Graphics. I want this to be for work and a little bit of fun – like playing games. Doesn’t need to be a top-of-the-line Nvidia chip, but at least it’s way better than Intel’s.


  13. shonekanope says:

    I live in Nigeria. How can I get the M3800 Precision Developer edition (preloaded with Ubuntu of course)? Our electricity outlets are set for 240 Volts average, with a range of 215-250 Volts. Your definition of ‘worldwide’ seems to exclude Nigeria! Please advise accordingly with regard to best buying options.
    Thanks in advance.


  14. Jeroen O says:

    When I try to order the M3800 in Belgium with Ubuntu, I always end up with 130 to 180 euro more than similarly specced with Windows. For the Windows versions, one can start from a less expensive base system. Why is that? Can this be fixed by placing the order on the phone?


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