Talking to the CEO of SugarSync — provider of personalized, multi-device cloud storage

Yesterday morning, Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync stopped by for some meetings here at Dell.  SugarSync, if you’re not familiar with it, provides instant and secure online file sync and backup for your PC, Mac, or mobile device.  Before Laura’s first meeting we grabbed a cup of coffee and did a quick video.  Here it is:

Some of the ground Laura covers

  • An intro to SugarSync: what it is and who it’s targeted at
  • 0:43 — How do you get SugarSync and what’s their business model
  • 1:32 — How Laura got involved with the company and how they’ve been doing
  • 2:06 — How does SugarSync differ from something like Dropbox, how does it work and the power of cross-platform solutions
  • 4:09 — What’s next for the company and the product

Extra-credit reading

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