Looking back at the original OpenStack design summit in 2010

April 26, 2016

Yesterday the OpenStack summit kicked off here in Austin, TX.   This week’s event is being attended by 7,500 individuals.

To give some perspective on the project’s growth, at the inaugural design summit back in 2010 there were 75 people in attendance.  The purpose of this initial invite-only event was to “develop a roadmap for the first release, spec out the software and spend the last two days prototyping and hacking.”

Since that time the project has been spun out of Rackspace and has become an independent foundation and today “Hundreds of the world’s largest brands rely on OpenStack to run their businesses every day.”

Thoughts from day zero

To give you a feel for the project’s origins and what it’s aspirations were at that time, below is a set of interviews conducted at the event with some of the key players.

This first one, which does a good job of setting the stage, is an interview with the initial architect/project lead for OpenStack compute, Rick Clark.

The project has come quite a way since the initial meeting back in 2010 at the Omni hotel here in Austin.  It will be interesting to see where it is six years from now.

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Talking to the CEO of SugarSync — provider of personalized, multi-device cloud storage

March 6, 2012

Yesterday morning, Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync stopped by for some meetings here at Dell.  SugarSync, if you’re not familiar with it, provides instant and secure online file sync and backup for your PC, Mac, or mobile device.  Before Laura’s first meeting we grabbed a cup of coffee and did a quick video.  Here it is:

Some of the ground Laura covers

  • An intro to SugarSync: what it is and who it’s targeted at
  • 0:43 — How do you get SugarSync and what’s their business model
  • 1:32 — How Laura got involved with the company and how they’ve been doing
  • 2:06 — How does SugarSync differ from something like Dropbox, how does it work and the power of cross-platform solutions
  • 4:09 — What’s next for the company and the product

Extra-credit reading

Talking about Gluster: Clustered Cloud Storage

November 17, 2009

With today’s post, I’m right at the mid-point of my series of video interviews from Cloud Computing Expo.  Today’s post offers a two-for-one special, Gluster CEO Hitesh Chellani along with Jack O’Brien who heads Gluster’s product management.

Some of the topics Hitesh and Jack tackle:

  • Gluster as a general-purpose open source cluster platform that runs on top of commodity hardware like Dell.
  • Their goal to transform the storage market the way Red Hat transformed the server market (Gluster employs a subscription model just like Red Hat).
  • What would you do after spending time at Lawrence Livermore National Labs putting together the second fastest super computer in the world?  Hitesh thought he’d distill the experience and apply it to the storage space.
  • Some of the performance-driven verticals Gluster started out in.
  • The new hot area of virtual storage next to virtual servers.

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Storage in the Cloud — talking to Zmanda’s CEO

August 27, 2009

I first met Chander Kant, CEO of open source cloud back provider Zmanda, last year at the MySQL conference.  At that time we did an audio interview.  Just like Jonathan, this time around I caught him on “film.”

This is the fourth out of nine interviews I conducted earlier this month at Cloud World/Open Source World.

Some of the things Chander talks about:

  • Thanks to open source and the cloud, Zmanda is able to provide “radically simple to use and cost effective” back-up software.
  • Zmanda had its roots in a project out the University of Maryland back in ’91.
  • How Chander got the idea to build a business around this project.
  • How the cloud is a good fit for secondary and tertiary storage.
  • Cloud storage is often people’s first foray into the cloud.  One reason is the ease of billing.
  • Why a publisher moved their storage to the cloud.

But wait there’s more…

Stay tuned for five more interviews from Cloud World/Open Source World coming soon to this URL:

Michael Crandell — CEO of Right Scale
Ken Oestreich — VP of product marketing at Egenera
John Keagy — CEO of GoGrid
James Staten — Analyst covering cloud computing at Forrester
Luke Kanies — Founder of Reductive Labs, maker of Puppet

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