Talking about Gluster: Clustered Cloud Storage

With today’s post, I’m right at the mid-point of my series of video interviews from Cloud Computing Expo.  Today’s post offers a two-for-one special, Gluster CEO Hitesh Chellani along with Jack O’Brien who heads Gluster’s product management.

Some of the topics Hitesh and Jack tackle:

  • Gluster as a general-purpose open source cluster platform that runs on top of commodity hardware like Dell.
  • Their goal to transform the storage market the way Red Hat transformed the server market (Gluster employs a subscription model just like Red Hat).
  • What would you do after spending time at Lawrence Livermore National Labs putting together the second fastest super computer in the world?  Hitesh thought he’d distill the experience and apply it to the storage space.
  • Some of the performance-driven verticals Gluster started out in.
  • The new hot area of virtual storage next to virtual servers.

Pau for now…

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