Live in Europe: Next gen XPS 13 developer edition

[Update — April 8: Offline country URLs added]

A couple of weeks ago we announced the worldwide release of the Ubuntu-based mobile Precision mobile line as well and the US availability of the next gen XPS 13 developer edition.

Today I’m happy to announce that the Skylake-based XPS 13 developer edition is now available in Europe!

Background: As you may remember, as a part of Project Sputnik, these systems began as an open-ended exploratory project to identify what developers wanted in an ideal laptop. With the community’s input, Project Sputnik became an official product and continues to evolve.

Next gen XPS 13 developer edition specsDino

  • 6thGeneration Intel® Core™Processors
  • Preloaded with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Augmented with the necessary hardware drivers, tools and utilities
  • InfinityEdge™ display, FHD and QHD+ versions available


The following configurations will be available both online and offline in Europe.  All of three of the XPS 13 developer edition configurations come with the Intel wireless card.

  • i5/8GB: 256GB, FHD, Intel 8260
  • i7/8GB: 256GB, QHD+T, Intel 8260
  • i7/16GB 512GB, QHD+T, Intel 8260

OTA (Over-The-Air) Fixes

There were several minor fixes that were not available in time for launch but have been made available as over the air updates so make sure to run all Ubuntu updates.  (These fixes pertain to both the XPS 13 and Precisions.)

Where to order your system

The following, URLs will take you to the product pages for the developer edition in the various countries.  The countries listed below will offer the XPS 13 online.

There is a second group of nations where the developer edition is available by contacting your local Dell representative.  We will be adding that list, along with URLs, in the next couple of days. – Update: added April 8

Available online

United Kingdom

Switzerland (German)
Switzerland (French)
The Netherlands
Belgium (Dutch)
Belgium (French)

Available offline












South Africa

Democratic Republic of the Congo



Ivory Coast





Bahrain (Arabic)

Morocco (Arabic)
















The entire Sputnik team would like to thank everyone in Europe for both their patience and support!  Happy hacking!

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151 Responses to Live in Europe: Next gen XPS 13 developer edition

  1. Hi Barton,

    Great news!

    Is it possible to order the XPS13 in Europe with a US keyboard?


    • Tamboer says:

      I tried my best to buy a dell xps 13 with qwerty but because I am based in Belgium I cannot buy on Dell Netherlands or Dell UK. After prolonged emails back and forth with Dell support I finally gave up. I am still pissed off that something so simple is not possible.

      • iwontbuyamacbook says:

        we really need the qwerty keyboard option in Europe! Would love to be developing while using english keyboard layout on the developer edition..

      • Ive brought this up with our team in Europe (you’re not the only one who has brought this up)


      • Tamboer says:

        Thanks. I m still interested.

      • @senji, @Tamboer and @iwontbuyamacbook,

        The US keyboards for the XPS 13 DE should be available in a few days on the following Dell sites

        AT, BE, DK, FR, DE, IE, IT, NL, NO, ES, SE, CH, UK

        Thanks for pointing this out to us. Your input and the input of a few others helped make this happen 🙂

      • Tamboer says:

        Big thanks! My argument to Dell at the time was that Belgium and Brussels has so many expats, citizens of the world, used to qwerty (with the rest of the world), so why not make it a choice but I did not get any further than “Sorry”. I will share the good news as soon as it becomes reality.

      • xps_wntd says:

        Seems the US keyboard is now theoretically available (for DE at least). However, you can’t actually order it with one as it shows as incompatible with the palm rest.

        Same thing as the previous version…A bit sad to have this happen with every release really.

      • Xps_wntd

        I just forwarded this to our European team. I apologize.

        Stay tuned

      • Huluberlu says:

        I just managed to order the laptop with US international keyboard going through the French website. However, as xps_wtd said, the website signal an incompatibility and you cannot actually order it online. I had to go through the Dell’s selling service, but it went very smoothly. And I was also offered a cheaper price than what is displayed when following Barton’s link … 1028 HT rather than 1149 HT for the i5 version …

      • Hi Huluberlu,

        I fwd’d this to our European team and you should now be able to order the US keyboard online.

        Thanks for letting us know!

    • Huluberlu says:

      It took phoning to the selling service and waiting more than four weeks, but it has eventually arrived (with a US keyboard and for 1028 Euro HT for the i5-6200U, FHD, 256GB).

      Everything works out of the box (after the updates; no pbl of blinking screen or with trackpad or wifi). Works with KDE too.

      Thanks Barton. Sputnik is saving the world from the OS duopoly (Microsoft, Apple). Pre-installed linux distro, working out of the box, that’s really the way to go.

    • @Huluberlu, thanks for your patience and support!

  2. Andreas Schildbach says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Two comments:

    1) I’d love to see a i5/16GB combination, 256 or even better 512 GB SSD.
    2) I’m missing an USB-C to DisplayPort cable in the Dell Store, for connecting the XPS13 to an U2711 without any adapters inbetween.

  3. jallinson says:

    Hi Barton,

    I love my 1st gen DE and very tempted to upgrade but the model I want (i7 16GB 512GB) is 73GBP more than the equivalent windows model. Is that a mistake?



  4. Anon says:

    Will the 1080p model have content adaptive brightness control? And if so, will it be possible to turn it off?
    Also, will the Linux patches for the hardware be available upstream, or only in Ubuntu? I would like to use a different distro if possible.

  5. Allen says:

    Hi Barton,

    Hoping to be available here in the Philippines.

  6. […] Dell offers OTA (Over-the-Air) updates for the XPS 13 Developer Edition series, so when your laptop arrives, make sure that you apply all the available updates, because it ships by default with several minor issues that could not be fixed in time for its launch. To get your XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop right now, please visit today’s announcement. […]

  7. experimancer says:

    Once again you ignore and omit Finland (the land of Linus Torvalds and Linux).. for the on-line availability of this Linux-preinstalled Ubuntu XPS13 DE Laptop..!?

  8. Mina says:

    As a disappointed owner of a new XPS 13 from 2015 (a real mistake to buy it) but happy ex-owner of an old XPS13, I am wondering :
    – did you fixed all the problem of the 2015 version? (especially all the things you asked us to fix manually like, mouse clicks, trackpad, wifi, hibernation, etc)
    – and are you going to stop shipping it in a few weeks/months b/c it is too faulty without doing anything to sad owner of the broken device you sold (again like 9343)?
    – Did you changed the wifi card to allow a free kernel (problem since the 1st version)?
    – Did tails live key worked again on it (like on the old one)?

    To sum up : is it a waste of money and time as your last one (9343) or a decent one like the old XPS 13 dev ed?

    • caetydid says:

      Hi Mina, I feel for you, since I’ve had a very bad experience myself about a year ago. My 9350 DE DevEdition arrived yesterday, and my first experience is what I’ve had hoped for last year already:

      – boot and OEM setup went without any troubles
      – touch pad presets are great, I just adjusted pointer acceleration
      – keyboard has no issues with repeated/double keys
      – sound works
      – wifi works
      – upgrade worked

      there are two minor things so far:
      – adaptive contrast is present, I found no bios setting to disable it.
      to me it is however a minor issue.
      – idle power consumption is >5W, this used to be 2.5W in 9343!
      – two keys ‘r’ and ‘b’ are really hard to press and sometimes key presses get omitted. this is a mechanical problem. I need to hit the center of the key in order to receive an char.

      Since keyboard is a very crucial part for me I’ll continue testing/typing and decide in a couple of days whether or not I will keep the device.

  9. sojusnik says:

    The prices for the new XPS 13 DE in Austria don’t include the VAT (hopefully by mistake) in the shop, see

    So therefore the new DE (1.378,80 €) costs more than the normal XPS 13 Windows Edition (1.299,00 €) with similar specs if the VAT is applied to the DE, compare yourself:


    Windows Edition:

    Can you inform the sales team about this, so that they hopefully will include the VAT in the price or lower the price without the VAT, so that the DE will be cheaper, as it supposed to be, than the normal Windows Edition?

  10. ulrichard says:

    The XPS13DE was the best computer I ever had. But it was stolen some 15 months ago.
    Since then I have been patiently waiting for a chance to buy a successor.
    I have only some simple requirements:

    * Ubuntu or other flavor of Linux pre-installed
    * swiss german keyboard
    * payment in BitCoin

    So far I could not figure out how to place that order. And slowly I’m losing patience.
    Can anybody from Dell make a statement about when the BitCoin payment option will be rolled out to Switzerland? If not I’ll probably order a Purism, even though I like the XPS13DE better.

    • Mina says:

      I was, as you, really happy of my old XPS13, and it has also been stolen. Thus in 2015 I bought the “new” XPS13 and it is REALLY dysfunctional: I spend my first two days fixing basic stuff (like mouse click, WIFI, etc.) and some stuff still does not work properly (like closing your laptop without specifically telling him to hibernate will make it partially crash). They decide to stop to sell it a few months later (b/c of all the problems) but no commercial gesture have been done for people, like me, who already had one and are stuck with a faulty device…

      So I recommend you to wait for tests and analysis of this one before buying it. Just to know wether it is as great as the 2013 version or as bad as the 2015 one.

    • @ulrichard, let me ask the European team about BitCoin availability in Switzerland. Stay tuned!

      • @ulrichard i checked with the European team and unfortunately this is the response: “in line with our focus on identified customer needs and subsequent development priorities, etc, we currently dont have plans to expand our implementation of BitCoin anywhere across Europe. However, we will continue to review what our customers are asking for and the status of payment tools in the ecommerce market.”

      • ulrichard says:

        How would this work out:
        I could place the order in the UK store and have it delivered to
        Where could I get a Swiss German keyboard to replace it myself?

  11. edrok says:


    In Switzerland, the Developer edition i5, 8GB, 256GB is CHF 106 more expensive than the same ms-windows config?…

    windows edition:
    develop edition:

  12. bas says:

    A couple of months ago I bought the Dell XPS 13 laptop and I spend almost 1 weeks to fix all the Linux related issues (wifi, bluetooth, touchpad, etc).

    After a week I decided to re-install Windows because the display keeps flickering every 4-5 seconds. I tried all suggested fixes/updates that I found on the internet. There was not only version or kernel which fixes all my XPS 13 problems. Ubuntu 14/15/16, Linux mint, kernel 4.3/4.4/4.5/latest dev…

    So hopefully all the issues are fixed and we can download some drivers/updates for the non-developer XPS 13 laptop.

  13. Jan says:

    Will the upcoming Ubuntu 16.04 LTS work ootb on the XPS 13 (2016)?
    Does the XPS 13 smoothly work together with the TB15 dock? Has the fan issue been fixed?

    • Unfortunately the dock is not supported and we’re working on it. There are a lot of people asking about it, including within Dell 🙂

      • Jan says:

        Thanks for your reply! Any rough estimation on when the TB15 will work together with the XPS 13 DE? 🙂

        And what about Ubuntu 16.04?

    • Christian says:

      I have just received an XPS13(9350,i5,FHD,256GB,8GB RAM) and just updated to Ubuntu 16.04 beta/rc (packages as of 2016/04/17) using the usual procedure (update to latest 14.04 software and then sudo update-manager -d). The same things are working as before (hotkeys, WiFI on/off; suspend/resume). I am really happy with the laptop so far.

      Now I am looking for a dock (I will try the WD15, order is already placed)…

  14. Marcus says:

    Does Touchpad Palm Detection work with this device?

  15. Jaz says:

    Is there any intention to offer a non-touchscreen model in the US like there is in Europe? If so, when approximately would that happen? If I could get a matte screen model, I’d buy an XPS 13 immediately.

  16. What about PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) on the FHD version? Will we have to suffer some screen flickering at low light levels? is this even implemented on the FHD version? I don’t understand why such a harmful feature is in a device with such price (and the fact that the QHD version does not have it means that Dell is discriminating the users that need/want the FHD version).

  17. Zefme says:

    another vote for US keyboard

  18. MW says:

    Very happy to see the FHD matte display being offered here! Is the flickering problem fixed with the 2016 editions?

    Also as I only want the matte displays, why is the memory capped at 8GB instead of 16GB? It feels so unusual the upsell funnel seems to think the shiny reflective display suits linux users better.

  19. Jan says:

    Does it make a difference if I buy the Developer Edition or if I just buy a version with Windows and install Linux myself?

    Will Ubuntu 16.04 work ootb?

    Any rough estimation on how the TB15 will work with Linux? (if and when I might buy a XPS 13 depends on this)


  20. Doug says:

    Barton, is there any hope at all for a 16GB RAM and matte screen system in Europe, or should I be looking to get the Librem 13?

  21. Andreas Schildbach says:

    Hi Barton, I just noticed the German price for the FHD version is without MwSt (VAT), making it much more expensive than the standard consumer edition. It’s 1159 EUR without MwSt, 1379.21 EUR with MwSt. Is this intentional?

    Also, can Dell please add a USB-C to DisplayPort cable (not adapter) to the accessory section? I’d like to order both in one go. (I have a Dell U2711.)

    • Hi Andreas,

      ive just pinged out European team about the pricing and the cable.

      Stay tuned!

    • Andreas,

      I just heard back from our European team. Here is our finance person’s response:

      “Observation of the customer is correct re consumer vs business pricing. The Delta is ~€130 excl. VAT, which represents the 1YR ProSupport that is included in the commercialised offer, but not in the consumer offer.”


      • Andreas Schildbach says:

        Thanks a lot, Barton! I just ordered (-: Any news about an USB-C to DisplayPort cable?

      • xps_wntd says:

        Hi Barton,

        Say, is there any difference between the consumer and business versions, other than the pro support?
        Can’t spot any in the details, just want to make sure I’m not just being blind and missing something before placing an order.


      • xps_wntd

        Im pretty sure the systems are the same in consumer and biz, except for prosupport s you pointed out. That being said let me double check that with our team first and get back to you 🙂

      • xps_wntd says:

        Would be much appreciated if you could get confirmation on that.


  22. Is this really available for Dell Portugal? We tried several times and Dell Portugal claims they only sell a minimum of 10 units, which is, of course, ridiculous.

  23. There is a obvious gap in the configuration line-up: why not also offer a i7/16GB 512GB, FHD, Intel 8260 model? I bet I not the only one who would rather have a higher-spec machine with no touch screen and a significant boost in battery life. It would also slot naturally into the $1000 price gap between the i5 model and the current least expensive 16GB RAM model.

  24. Mickey says:

    Why is FHD/512GB/16GB not available anywhere?

    FHD needa less power and 1080p is more than enough for 13″ display.

    • b52 says:

      Totally agree. Any comment on this one Barton?

    • xps_wntd says:

      Agreed. A more beefed up FHD version would be fantastic.
      FHD/16gb at least.
      Ideally with 512gb.

      And if the TB15 could then be gotten to work with it at some point soon, all would be swell. 🙂

  25. Pablo says:

    Hey Barton, thanks for making this possible. Just got my xps 2016 with Ubuntu and I’m very impressed so far! Small problem I encountered though, which I haven’t been able to solve with updates. When I close the lid the machine goes into suspend mode, but when I open it up again, the screen will light up for a few secs but then go black again which leaves me with no other option than to do a hard reboot. Is there a way of solving this issue?

  26. Hub says:

    What about Canada? Dell Canada doesn’t have it, and Dell US *refuse* to ship it to Canada.

    • Hi Hubert,

      I apologize for the delay, this has been frustrating on our side as well. We are working on it and it should be available by the end of the month.


      • Martin Lessard says:

        What exactly is the holdup for the Canadian release?

      • Hub says:

        You said “end of the month” in April. It is May and it still is not available.

      • Hubert and Martin,

        This was scheduled to go live last week and it looks like the push of the web pages didnt go thru. We’re following up on it now.

        Im sorry for the further delay.


      • The XPS 13 dev edition line is now available in Canada:

        English page:

        French Canadian page:

        Thanks for all your patience!

      • Martin Lessard says:

        Hi Barton,

        I think it is great what you are doing and I’m very excited to get my hands on one of these machines.

        That being said, it looks as though I can get the same machine for $250 cheaper with windows 10 license and then install ubuntu myself. Am I reading this correctly?

        i7 16GB ram 512ssd touch iris 540

        I would love to support your work and to let dell know that there is a market for linux laptops but why would I pay a premium when it should be cheaper without a windows license.


      • Clemens says:

        Hi Barton! I am so happy that this is all happening right in time for me to purchase a new laptop. As a biologist I know next to nothing about coding, but love Ubuntu! I noticed that the Microsoft Store is offering the 9350 to students for very cheap and was wondering whether I could simply install 14.04 LTS on it and have it working (more or less) out of the box? It has the Broadcom wireless card, I think… Would anything else be an issue?

        Any advice would be super appreciated as it would literally save me hours of googling!


      • Hi Martin,

        If the price is $250 higher than the windows version thats definitely a glitch/mistake. Do you mind sending the URLs where you are seeing this so i can forward to our web team to correct.

        thanks for flagging this!

      • Martin Lessard says:


        windows 10 version for $2649.99

        de ubuntu version for $2909

        They appear to be the same but I could be missing something. I have noticed that there is a premium on a few of the models I checked.


      • Thanks Martin. Ive forwarded this to the team. Stay tuned…

  27. kme says:

    Are you guys bending the ears of Dell Australia to start selling the developer edition?

  28. Andreas Schildbach says:

    In the end, I got the same price including VAT by getting a 70 EUR discount. I ordered this USB-C to DisplayPort cable, works perfectly:

  29. David says:

    Thanks Barton!!

  30. dio10 says:

    Any idea why Dell cancels orders without any notification at all? I ordered my Ubuntu precision 2 weeks ago… And it was ‘in production’ till today… Now my order appears as cancelled and my order number is invalid! Can’t contact dell online cause they ask a valid order number and calling them is a nightmare as they send me from one automatic choice menu to the other…

    • Dieter Orens says:

      Just thought I’d leave a follow-up here. Through twitter they told me my order was ‘order was cancelled due a Pending Process Payment Hold from PayPal’ – pretty strange since I used online banking from their own store – not PayPal – to pay it and the money was transferred from my account about 2 weeks ago. From what I can see in the payment details is that orders go through ‘Global Collect BV’ – maybe something went wrong there… I did a bit of reading on the internet and apparently there’s other people reporting issues with Dell & Global Collect. I’m hoping to hear from Dell soon.

      • Hi Dieter,

        I apologize for your experience. So that i can route this to the right folks to get you some answers can you tell me which country you’r in?


      • dio10 says:

        Hi Barton,

        I’m in Belgium…

        I’ve previously ordered one of the early xps 13 developer editions about 3-4 years ago which I was very happy with, but now going for a 15 inch screen.


      • I just fwd’d this to our European team. Stay tuned 🙂

      • Dieter Orens says:

        Alright, finally managed to get through with a phone number that works and now they told me there was a problem with configuration (and not payment!).

        They will investigate and get me more details in 48 hours.

      • Dieter, I heard back from our team in Europe and to track it down they need your order number. Let me know if they dont get back to you with regards to config investigation or if you want to have me work it on my end as well.

      • Dieter Orens says:

        Thanks Barton, I’ll await their response for now. If it doesnt go anywhere I’ll let you know my order number.

      • dio10 says:

        So I now got a reply, but only saying there was a configuration problem and my order got cancelled…. looks like a standard automated reply. I don’t get it, why offer configurations if you can’t supply it? I don’t know what the problem was, though the person I spoke yesterday told me something with SSD boot… Anyway, the number was 623200890. I’d love to order a configuration that works at some point. I have serious reservations going through Dell’s buying process now.

  31. Dieter, Im sorry that things are still convoluted. I just sent your order number to our team in Europe to see if they can figure out what the situation is.

    • dio10 says:

      Thanks. It would be good to know if the problem on the site has been resolved. As far as I can tell I can still order the same specs… I obviously don’t want to face this again. I also don’t understand why dell doesn’t notice the problem and suggests a different configuration if the ordered o e doesn’t work – but then again why sell it in the first place. Seems dodgy.

      • Dieter Orens says:

        Got some further information from the dutch customer care person. Reason of cancellation: ILLEGAL ORDER AFTER ACK confirmed CL/RESATA SSD booked with NVMe / PCIe SSD booting sequence MOD.

        Then, in dutch… which translates more or less to: ‘There is no phone assistance available for a re-booking. U can try again on the website but I am not sure if it will work this time. I started the refund process, this can take 3-7 days….’

        So, I can try to order again but it’s a bit like a casino… Weird.

      • dio10 says:

        Hi Barton,

        Have you heard back yet? I’d like to make a new order but no use if there’s a problem with specific configurations….



      • Hi Dieter, I just pinged them again. Thanks again for your support and patience!

      • Dieter Orens says:

        Right, I guess I’ll just try again then since I’m not hearing much about the how’s and why’s 🙂

  32. Andreas Schildbach says:

    After a while of usage of the XPS13 (9350, FHD) under vanilla Ubuntu 16.04, I found one annoying keyboard problem: Whenever I press two keyboard modifiers (e.g. Ctrl + Shift) at the same time, there is a significant chance one of the two key down events doesn’t get recognized. If I press the keys one after another, it works reliable. This is very annoying for invoking shortcuts. The effect can be reproduced easily in “gkbd-keyboard-display -l de” (replace de with us for U.S. keyboards).

  33. Jiří Prokop says:

    I’m not able to get XPS13 Developer Edition in Czech republic even though there is official webpage (which is linked here). Nobody contacted me from Czech division of Dell for almost a month. I’ve used official contact form on Dell’s site several times but nothing happened. Because I’ve started to be desperate I also tried to contact some local vendor which are distributing Dell’s products but it seems Developer edition is somehow forbidden here in Czech republic. Is there any hope I could byu it? Thanks in advance…

    • Hi Jiri,

      I apologize for the run around. Ill contact our European team and see how we can help you.

      stay tuned!


    • Hi Jiri,

      Here is what i got back from our European team:

      if Jiří is looking for a config with i5 / 8GB RAM/ non-touch FHD / 256 SSD, he can approach Sales on phone and request XPS 13 configuration “DINO1701_5123_SPC” immediately. QHD+ with consumer/commercial i5 and i7 should be available by next Tuesday / Wednesday latest.

      Did you already try to contact Dell sales?

      Let me know if that helps

      • eggzeprokop says:

        Hi Barton,

        wonderful… I definitely want QHD+ with i7/16GB/512GB so I’ll wait to the next week…

        I used the contact form on the page linked in this post. I don’t know how to contact Dell sales directly in the Czech republic.

        I also contacted local vendor Axes Computers ( and they said Dell offered them (after week of waiting) only two i7 configurations, both with 8Gigs of RAM. No 16GB version with US keyboard layout is available according to them.

        But if I only need to wait until next week then I’m ok with that…

        Thanks very much for the info, I appreciate it…

  34. Jan says:

    Does the XPS 13 DE (with Ubuntu) work together with the TB15 in the meantime?

  35. Remek Zajac says:

    Just received the 9350 16GB UK edition. Battling to replace Unity with Gnome by (1) installing gnome-shell (2) replacing current installation with ubuntu-gnome. (1) doesn’t seem to work atm (session won’t start following gnome-shell installation) and for (2), ubuntu-gnome boots, but wifi isn’t there and i fear I won’t be able to find it. I found this: offering drivers for the previous model. Is there an equivalent page for 9350? I.e.: somewhere I can download the drivers?

  36. Paul says:

    Hi Barton,

    Great work so far, just wondering when the dell 13 xps developer edition will be available in Australia? I’ve been patiently following for a number years now and really want to purchase one in Australia. Can you shed some light on what the hold up is?


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the props and patience.

      Availability of products is decided by each region and each region only has a certain amount of systems overall that it can offer.

      Im saving inquiries like yours and if we get enough interest in offering the XPS 13 developer edition i will use them to help build a case for support in Australia.


  37. Tom Jagi says:

    Hi Barton,

    Could you please tell me if XPS 13 (2016) will be shipped with Ubuntu 16.04 by default at some point?

    I’m curious about what you wrote in the earlier post ( “With regards to updates, although 16.04LTS will be shipping next month, we don’t have a date for when factory installation will become available.”

    Do you know by now, when (if at all) factory installation of 16.04 will be available?

  38. oletros says:

    Can we expect an XPS 15 Developer Edition? Or, at least, can we expect to buy one with US keyboard from Europe?

  39. edrok says:

    I’ve bought a 9350 FHD windows version because the Ubuntu version cost CHF 100.- more (don’t ask…).

    Now, I’m trying to get support for the Content Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC) issue which seems to cannot be disabled and the support ask to reinstall windows without any further instructions…

    Don’t like to complain but difficult to be satisfied with this…

    • yikes, this seems to have gotten lost in my inbox. were you able to get help/resolution?

      • edrok says:

        No resolution, after 1 month with the support service which were unable to do proper follow-up and progression they told me that this CABC feature cannot be disabled…

        With that and the support experience I had I just sold the machine and hope to forget the treatment I had there…

  40. Tania Jhomara Palacios Crespo says:

    Hi Barton,
    Is it possible to install Ubuntu and Windows in the XPS?
    Can I choose a US qwerty and American connector instead of a UK one?

  41. Hi Barton,
    Will dell xps developer edition available in asia region (specifically india) any time soon ?

    • Hi Divyanshu,

      Unfortunately at this point our Indian region does not have plans to offer it. If we get enough interest however, they will take notie.

      thanks for your support!

  42. Andreas Schildbach says:

    Hi Barton, any chance Dell will fix the XPS13 issue with multiple keypresses at the same time? It happens wth both the factory 14.04 image and a cleanly installed 16.04.

  43. Update on Dell Portugal:

    Our first XPS13 order has arrived fully working. Amazing product and great integration of Ubuntu. Congratulations.

    But I’m sad to report that I’m still unsure whether the commercial offer actually exists or if somehow you just pushed Dell Portugal to allow a single purchase.

    After I ordered the laptop from Dell’s recommended partner TCSI ( and because I am aware of existing demand I shared the information about the availability of this model with a number of partner companies and people.

    It happens that every single request for quotes from these other parties was turned down by partner TCSI who claimed “We only sell laptops with Windows”, without any further information – I know like half a dozen cases so far of parties who complained back to me after my recommendation.

    After I brought this problem to TCSI – “how is it possible that you refuse orders from other interested customers?” – they told me that they were instructed by Dell Portugal to reply in such a way. And that they are only allowed to sell Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition with Ubuntu to our company (

    So you see, for TCSI to explicitly refuse business from a number of potential new customers, against its own commercial interest, there seems to be a very strong statement from Dell Portugal to constrain the sales of this product. And in the past, account managers at Dell Portugal have given us the exact same answer they instructed TCSI to give customers on every new request (“we only sell laptops with Windows”).

    So, we are not talking “we need authorization from Dell to sell you that model”, “you need to contact Dell yourself”, “you need to be a company…”, etc. The public statement for every interested party is clear: “the product doesn’t exist in Portugal and we only do Windows”.

    Even though there is no hard evidence on the actual reasons for this behaviour, from an external observer’s point of view all signs of boycott to a global strategy are present. How much does it look like a clash of agendas?

    I could certainly be quiet and enjoy the opportunity of (due to shady circumstances) being the only company in Portugal with access to this amazing product. But that doesn’t sound fair to everyone else in the country, does it?

    As you might guess I carefully considered the pros and cons of making this information public. But at the end of the day I can’t imagine a single legitimate business reason for Dell Portugal to put such an explicit effort on killing the demand for one global Dell product.

    I’m sure many engineer jokes have been written about “how many account managers does it take to kill a product?”. Sadly, the ongoing situation is neither a joke nor the product has a chance to survive under these conditions.

    Sorry to bring you bad news.

    • Gustavo,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention and apologize for your experience. Let me get with our European re this and see what is going on.

      Stay tuned

      • experimancer says:

        Gustavo, thanks for your report about Dell and Portugal, the situation is quite similar here in Finland, where Dell and other OEM are selling only Windows preinstalled laptops and dekstops and when asked why this is so they have replied that their company policies mandate them to support and offer only Microsoft/Windows in their products and that they are not allowed to even tell interested customers that Linux or other #opensource or free OS:s run fine in their hw. This is all because of Microsoft whose monopoly and dominance over nearly all equipment manufacturers (laptops, PC:s, desktops and even Tablets) is full and absolute. I’m also pretty sure that Dell (at least in some regions) receives considerable monetary support and funding from Microsoft and that there strict contracts and NDA’s that force Dell to offer only Windows as the official OS in their hw and to deny the availability or support for Linux and other #opensource OS:s.

        This is just another case in the long history of Microsoft hating Linux and it’s total control in the consumer and biz markets over OEM’s and companies. Even if ppl want and ask for Linux desktops or laptops, the manufactures are not allowed to sell their hw w/ Windows in them because Microsoft practically owns them. Even these Dell XPS DE’s where Linux is pre-installed usually cost much more than their Windows counterparts cause probably Dell has to pay Microsoft a full Windows license anyhow, to be able to sell the hw w/o it to customers.

      • @experimancer,

        This is not “just another case in …”. The XPS 13 Dev Edition is part of the global Dell portfolio and was launched officially both in Portugal and in Finland (as per the post above where you can find the links to the product page).

        And it is an awesome product.

        If the local “account managers” refuse to sell it to you in Finland they are going against a global strategy and that calls for clarifications.

        Regarding price: price is a complex variable influenced by many more factors than just software licensing. It has to do with scale, support, certification, etc. I don’t find the price inappropriate for something that is kind of a gourmet product – this laptop is not marketed as a money saver, but rather as a high end productivity tool.

  44. bbossola says:

    @barton is there any reason why at this time (August 2016) in UK (and the rest of Europe) it’s impossible to buy the i7 version of the XPS-13? It is fully available in the USA…

    • @bbossola,

      My notes show we offer two i7 conifigs of the xps 13 dev edition in Europe. Let me check with our team there and get back to you


      • bbossola says:

        Thanks. It was like that a month ago, but changed recently. At the moment one version only is available, the i5/8GB/256GBSSD with HD display

        I just bought a latitude 😦 so maybe you can still help the others…

  45. Hi bbossola,

    the UK team got back to me and explained that the reason for the lack of availability has to do with the fact that the next gen is on the horizon.

    Sorry about the confusion and at least you bought a lattitude 🙂

  46. oletros says:

    I’m looking at the Spanish site and they have removed the Intel WIFI, now it is the samae Killwer WIFI module than the “normal” laptop and you can’t have an i7 with a 1080p screen or a 1TB SSD.


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