Updated Developer Edition Knowledge base: XPS 13 and M3800

Once again we want to thank the entire community for your posts containing feedback and questions to the Dell TechCenter forum and this blog regarding the Ubuntu-based XPS 13 and M3800 developer editions.

Last month we posted links to four knowledge base articles addressing:  wireless drivers, keyboard repeat, suspend/resume and cursor freezes.   Today we are adding three more that have been hot topics recently: creating recovery media, OOBE crashing, and 15.04 UEFI install.  So we have all the articles in one place I have also included the previous ones below.

Knowledge Base links:

How to create recovery media for the XPS 13 9343 and Precision M3800 Developer Editions:


Dell-Recovery Utility May Crash During Out of Box Experience:


How to install Ubuntu on a Dell XPS 13 (9343) developer edition configured for UEFI:


Trackpad cursor freezing issue:


May not resume from suspend running 14.04:


Unwanted keyboard character repeat


How to Install Broadcom Wireless Driver on XPS 13 9343 from Ubuntu 15.04 Install Media:


Leverage your support contracts

Remember, in addition to posting your feedback here, we encourage customers to utilize their support contracts and contact the included Dell support (either Consumer Support or ProSupport, depending on whether you purchased it from the Consumer or Small Business sections).  This will help us to officially track issues and tackle them systematically.

How to reach ProSupport:

Please continue to give us your feedback on the Developer Edition systems.

Pau for now…

11 Responses to Updated Developer Edition Knowledge base: XPS 13 and M3800

  1. danielcunnama says:

    Hi there, thanks for all of this. I received my xps13 the other day and am running BIOS A04, Ubuntu 14.04 with kernel 3.19.

    Overall it seems to be running ok.

    I’ve installed the recommended fixes for the trackpad etc. While I haven’t had a trackpad freeze, I certainly have some trackpad glitches. Random jitters meaning I hit the wrong thing and occasionally it seems to think I have two fingers down when I only have one and hence scrolls.

    I also don’t have double keyboard repeats except for spacebar?

    I’d appreciate any advice anyone has on these issues.


    • nathandyer says:

      I discovered that the trackpad jitters were happening when a process named “kidle_inject” was running (and often using > 25% of the CPU). Apparently it’s a bug in the kernel. Blacklisting the module will solve that problem:

      echo “blacklist intel_powerclamp” > /etc/modprobe.d/disable-powerclamp.conf

      As for the issue where it sometimes thinks you have two fingers pressed down, that’s happening because it’s still running in PS2 mode. This blog post, under the section “Some Other Tweaks,” has instructions for fixing that: http://forthescience.org/blog/2015/03/20/installing_ubuntu_14_04_on_the_new_dell_xps_13/

      Once I made those two changes my trackpad now works 100%. I am unfortunately also suffering from the multiple spaces issue with the keyboard and it is driving me crazy. Sometimes spaces are doubled, and other times it seems like they just get thrown in randomly. I’m hoping another BIOS update will solve that issue.


      • danielcunnama says:

        Hi Nathan,

        Thanks for that, I’ve applied those fixes. I see he recommends upgrading to kernel 4.0. Did you follow that advice?


      • nathandyer says:

        I did try the 4.0 kernel but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I have heard from others that the keyboard issue is happening under Windows as well, so that sounds like a BIOS problem. I’m hopeful they will resolve the issue with an update soon.


      • danielcunnama says:

        There is a new BIOS update A05. Apparently better keyboard behaviour. Although typing this I just had a double space. Just one though 🙂


      • nathandyer says:

        Thanks for letting me know! Although I’m sad to say that I don’t think it has made much of a difference. Perhaps it is a slight improvement, but I’m still frequently seeing repeated letters and spaces.


  2. […] además una actualización de la BIOS). Un resumen de los parches que recibirá el sistema, en el blog de Barton […]


  3. […] además una actualización de la BIOS). Un resumen de los parches que recibirá el sistema, en el blog de Barton […]


  4. Tanguy Kurylo says:

    Is there a guide in the Knowledge Base to configure boot options to be able to dual boot? The one listed here details the boot configuration of a Ubuntu install, but not a Windows/Ubuntu side by side installation.


  5. Thanks for the great deal of effort that you are putting in the developer editions! It’s great to have such a good support 🙂

    I’d like to share my latest issue (and maybe ask for some help).
    I just followed step by step the Knowledge Base “How to install Ubuntu on a Dell XPS 13 (9343) developer edition configured for UEFI”, and I installed Ubuntu 15.04 next to the original 14.04 (dual boot). Everything went smoothly, but now I have a nasty fan racing issue – and not only when I boot 15.04, but also when I boot the original 14.04, which was working fine until yesterday! Now the fan is loud for no clear reason (before it was always very silent), and I have the strong feeling (not 100% sure) that the laptop is hotter than before, too.
    Any idea of what happened and how to fix this problem?


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