Cloud Beat: Talking to Founder of CloudVelocity

With the New year I’m finally getting to a backlog of cool interviews I did last quarter.   The first is the last of the interviews I conducted at Venture Beat’s CloudBeat back in September with the CTO and Founder of CloudVelocity, Anand Iyengar.  CloudVelocity provides automated cloud migration and disaster recovery software.  Take a listen to what Anand has to say.

Some of the ground Anand covers:

  • What is CloudVelocity?
  • What areas does it focus on?  (Hint: test/dev, migration, disaster recovery)
  • How Anand and the other founders came up with the idea for CloudVelocity
  • What’s on the agenda as they move forward

Extra-credit reading

  • CloudVelocity: Launch apps to cloud with no change to code – Network World

Pau for now….

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