My O’Reilly Video — Telling the Project Sputnik story

While I interviewed a bunch of folks at OSCON, I also got the chance to be on the other end of the camera.  On Thursday of the event I sat down with Meghan Blanchette, editor at O’Reilly media and we talked about Project Sputnik, where it’s been and where it’s going.  Check it out:

Some of the ground I cover:

  • How Sputnik came to be and our biggest challenge
  • The three main components: XPS 13 developer edition, the Profile Tool, the cloud launcher
  • Our recently announced 3-free months on the Joyent Cloud
  • Getting some help from an internal development team

Update re Profile tool help

The internal team that I mentioned in the video is gearing up to get cracking on the profile tool.  The idea is first to gather requirements and user stories and then get jammin’ with design and development sprints.  It looks like after a bunch of false starts we are ready to push this in to high gear.  Look for an update next week.

Extra-credit reading

  • Will Developers Move to Sputnik?  The past, present, and future of Dell’s project – O’Reilly programming
  • Connecting the client to the cloud, The Sputnik Story – Slideshare

Pau for now…

9 Responses to My O’Reilly Video — Telling the Project Sputnik story

  1. […] “My O’Reilly Video — Telling the Project Sputnik story” by Barton George – Personal […]


  2. thibault says:

    Hi Barton,

    Long time since we haven’t hear sopme news about the future Sputnik 3 or about the Profile Tools and Cloud Launcher.Can you please keep us updated ?



    • Hi Thibault,

      Sputnik 3 is in the works and we have a team that we formed that is tackling the profile tool. We are getting the foundation down for the tool and then we will open it for the public.

      Stay tuned!


  3. […] “My O’Reilly Video — Telling the Project Sputnik story” by Barton George – Personal […]


  4. If I click the link to the XPS 13 dev edition, it’s Windows only!?!? Where’s the Linux version?


    • Massimo,

      We are having a supply shortage on the i7 CPU in the US right now which is affecting both the XPS 13 developer edition and the high-end version of windows based XPS13. We are hoping to solve this shortly.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.


  5. peter matis says:

    originally the small but very potent sputnik laptop should get a bigger brother in the future. I’m happy with XPS13 but since I’m a 3D artist working on linux, I hope you haven’t abandoned the idea of a bigger, stronger sputnik version. for me the precision m3800 would be the perfect candidate.


  6. Peter, hold that thought for just a little bit longer 🙂

    stay tuned


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