Available online in Europe, the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

Last week we announced the arrival of the 1080p version of the XPS 13 developer edition, code name Sputnik 2.  At that time the system was available online in the US and Canada and from Dell reps in Europe.  Today the system is available online in the following European countries:

  • Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK (see below for the links to the individual product pages).  Norway will be coming online next week.
The Ubuntu logo graces the base plate of the XPS 13 developer edition

The Ubuntu logo graces the base plate of the XPS 13 developer edition

Product pages for XPS 13 developer edition by country/language

Available by calling Dell

In the following three countries you get your hands on an XPS 13 developer edition by calling your local Dell office:

  • Finland +358 (0)207 533 533
  • Luxembourg +352 26 30 47 1
  • Poland +48 22 579 59 99

Working on

We are currently working out a strategy to try and support the following countries.  Stay tuned for updates.

  • Israel
  • Morocco
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • UAE

With regards to the Asia Pacific region, we currently do not have plans to introduce the XPS 13 developer edition in that region.  We continuously listen for customer feedback and demand and will reevaluate accordingly.

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113 Responses to Available online in Europe, the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

  1. Nice job on the pricing Barton. I’m seeing €1049 on dell.de. That’s considerably lower than what I was expecting (€1500, i.e. direct $ -> € number). I have a feeling you might be getting my cash. Dell forum threads about the wonky wifi driver concern me alot, though. I went through a crappy Broadcom wifi driver with an Acer a while back around 2.6.36 – I’d prefer to never ever do that again, loss of productivity is massive.

  2. Christian says:

    Hello from Norway!

    “Norway will be coming online next week.” Is this wrong? I just ordered mine yesterday without any problems. Does this mean I am a leet hax0r? 🙂

  3. Guille says:

    Thanks! I just ordered it in Spain (1099€+VAT). Hope to get it soon…

    • Gracias Guille!

      Im interested to hear your thoughts once you start using it.

      • Guille says:

        Just received it today! Physically I love it, but I must admit I’m not liking Unity (no big surprise there). I’m partial to LXDE and would like to install Lubuntu and try to make it work (I’ve read Matt Spitz’s recommendations for changing DE, but if you have any specific advice that could be useful please let me know).

        During setup I was asked to create a system image of the factory default in case of emergency but I didn’t have a pendrive at hand so I skipped it. Where can I access this utility?

      • Guille,

        In unity, just search “dell” and the dell recovery tool will come up to make the image again.

        BTW, you can just install the lubuntu packages on top of Ubuntu and choose that as your login session if that’s what you want.


  4. Gareth says:

    If this became available in South Africa I would buy it tomorrow!

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  6. […] week’s highlight: “Available online in Europe, the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition” by Barton George – Personal Blog. George. Enjoy! HadoopDatameer: “Strata 2013: Get Paid for […]

  7. […] week’s highlight: “Available online in Europe, the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition” by Barton George – Personal Blog. George. […]

  8. Chris Wayne says:

    That’s really cool that the logo is on the back cover! I don’t suppose the super key has the Ubuntu logo?

  9. Brandon says:

    Would I be able to get a QWERTY keyboard in Germany? I don’t see an option on dell.de to pick a different layout.

    • Brandon,
      let me check with the team and get back to you.

    • Richard says:

      I would need a QWERTY too (Germany)

      • @Richard, @Brandon,

        At this point, unfortunately, we only offer the QWERTZ keyboard in Germany.

      • @Richard @Brandon,
        Update: Due the number of requests we’ve gotten, Dell has now made the English keyboard available in Germany for the XPS 13 developer edition. We are hoping to make it available online but for now you can get it via chat or phone: Besuchen Sie unseren Chat oder wählen Sie 0800 144 33 55(gebührenfrei)

  10. […] Gute Ultrabooks mit Linux-Unterstützung gibt es bisher so gut wie gar nicht am Markt. Bisher gab es zwar immer mal wieder von Dell einzelne Notebooks mit vorinstalliertem Ubuntu, diese waren aber meist eher schwach ausgestattet. Ansonsten findet man vorwiegend Windows 7 oder Windows 8 installiert, die Treiber um nachträglich Linux aufzuspielen, sind nicht immer die besten. Daher ist es schön zu sehen, dass man bei Dell jetzt auch das XPS 13 mit vorinstalliertem Ubuntu 12.04 nach Deutschland und weitere europäischer Länder bringt, wie man hier nachlesen kann. […]

  11. […] week’s highlight: “Available online in Europe, the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition” by Barton George – Personal Blog. George. […]

  12. Paul Atimus says:

    Ordered a XPS 13 Developer Edition from Ireland over the phone yesterday – while there was a little confusion at first they offered me a great price… lead time is 2 weeks but very much looking forward to its arrival.

  13. Eddie says:

    This is so awesome. This is the first time I can actually buy a decent Linux laptop in Sweden. I wish I hadn’t recently bought an Ultrabook so I could motivate buying this one instead. I will look into selling the one I have however 🙂

    The Sputnik project shows a lot of promise, and I really wish for it to succeed. Do you know anything about the sales figures for the laptops internationally, Barton?

    • Thanks Eddie!

      We just made this available online in Europe yesterday so i dont have the sales figures. That being said we dont give out sales figures 🙂 I would say though, the project has been very successful.


    • Thanks Eddie!

      We just made this available online in Europe yesterday so i dont have the sales figures. That being said we dont give out sales figures 🙂 I would say though, the project has been very successful.


  14. Sam says:

    There seem to be some strange princing issues with regards to the Belgium release.

    – price in Belgium is 100,- euro higher than in France (exact same HW/keyboard) and 50,- euro higher than the Netherlands (same language for support), for both base price and all-in price
    – price for Windows version is actually lower…
    – oddly enough, Windows prices in France, the Netherlands and Belgium are identical

    Europe has free movement of goods and services, France and Holland are just about 100 miles out. I don’t see the reason. I’ll check with Dell if I can order mine in France (Azerty keyb).

    • Hi Sam,

      Let me check with the team and get back to you.


      • Sam says:

        Hi Barton,

        So, should I sponsor Microsoft as I have done so many times and run Linux myself or… 🙂


      • Hi Sam,

        This is what I learned: It is true that same configs can have different prices in different countries. You can purchase from another country as long as you have an invoice and delivery address in that country.
        The “rule” we used when pricing the XPS 13 developer edition was that within the same country it would be priced $50 less than the exact same config running Windows.

        Are you saying that in Belgium the Ubuntu version is priced more than the Windows version of the same config? If so thats a bug and we’ll need to fix it.


      • Sam says:

        Hi Barton

        So here’s the deal 🙂

        The Linux edition is only available in the business section of the shop (as mentioned in some other posts as well). There you will find it at 1099,- TVA excluded, whereas the windows version starts at 1145,- TVA excluded. So here you are good. All in they land at around 1301,- or 1351,-.

        However, on the home users section you’ll find the windows version at 1299,- TVA included. So prices are unaligned I guess. My best option is bying the home users windows version and loading Ubuntu myself.

        And on the French site you’ll find it starting at 999,- landing at 1200,- which was my initial remark (for the same HW of course).

        Love the machine and your efforts though!


  15. Spleenico says:

    Dear Barton,
    It seems Sputnik in only on sale in Europe for business users. I appreciate it is mainly targeted at developers, but I guess that, like me, there are many home users that just want a neat linux ultrabook. Are you planning on releasing Sputnik for home users? I called Dell NL, but they clearly told me it was not for sale for home users.
    I am following your project since you announced it on this blog last year, I tried to buy it within hours following the present announcement. You may imagine my disappointment… It is the first time a company is simply refusing my money because I chose to become a biochemist rather than a developer. 😉

    • Hi Spleenico,

      Thanks for letting me know about this, let me check with the team. That being said, anyone in NL should be able to purchase from the site I would think: http://www.dell.nl/ontwikkelaars/linux.


      • Spleenico says:

        Hi Barton,
        Thanks for your swift answer, I appreciate it.
        I can select and add Sputnik to the basket without problem using the link you gave me. However, after that I have to make a client account, since I do not have one yet. There there is a field that reads: “Naam bedrijf (Vul het volgende veld alleen in als u een zakelijke gebruiker bent.)” [in English: Company name (fill this in only if you are a business user]. Leaving the field empty generates an error (compulsory field).
        I called Dell NL customer service for advice. The first person who took my call told me that my proposal to fill my last name as company name was probably not a good idea. He then forwarded my call to another person, who after some discussion told me that since the product is advertised in the business section of the Dell website, it is simply not possible for home users to order it (at least this is what I understood; Dutch is not my mother tongue).
        Thanks again for your help,

      • Spleenico says:

        Hi Barton,
        Probably you saw it already on twitter, but for the readers of your blog that would have the same issue as I had: Dell NL advised me today to enter “consumer” in the company name field, whilst using “private use” to describe the main intended use of the computer.

      • Spleenico,

        thanks for closing the loop on this and sorry for the hassles.

  16. guigaolherme says:

    Hi Barton,

    Any plans for taking Dell XPS Developer Edition to Brazil?

  17. tim says:

    Dear Barton, how can i get the i7-3687U edition? I need a CPU featuring TXT. Thanks in advance.

  18. Paul Atimus says:

    Just seen a display ad for XPS 13 Linux – think it’s the first time I’ve seen an ad for a linux laptop…

  19. Paul Atimus says:

    BTW in Ireland, XPS 13 Developer is €6 (€1376) more than then Windows version (€1370)… not much but would be nice to pitch it minus the MS tax.

  20. Thibault Gardet says:

    Hi Barton,

    When will Sputnik 3 be available with a bigger screen more ram and a better battery ?When will all the dev profiles be release? thanks

    • Hi Thibault,

      We are in discussions internally to see if we can put together a bigger version of the current Sputnik. We are also looking to resume work on the Profile tool and profiles very soon. Stay tuned for more news on both fronts.

  21. Philipp says:

    is the windows logo on the “windows key” replaced by a ubuntu/linux style logo?

  22. Philipp says:

    What model number does the new model with the higher resolution have, in order to update the BIOS version? l321x or l322x

  23. Leigh says:

    Barton – Previously you stated that this would be coming to Australia, but now in this blog post you mention no plans for Asia Pacific? Myself and 4 other colleagues (the only ones I’ve show so far) will buy this as soon as it is released. We’ve tried contacting dell in Australia but they don’t seem to have any idea on its release.

    Are you able to shed some light on this? Is there any way at all to order this within Australia?

    • Leigh,

      I apologize, the launch in APJ was put on indefinite hold. Im hoping that we will be able revisit this in time. I know there were quite a number of developers particularly in ANZ who had been waiting for its appearance.


      • At least, please answer this:

        What is the exact same hardware specification available in Australia? If we can get the hardware, then we can install the software ourselves.

      • Will you please answer this??????

        At least, please answer this:

        What is the exact same hardware specification available in Australia? If we can get the hardware, then we can install the software ourselves.

      • Hi Andrew,

        you would want to get the high end XPS13 with 256GB SSD/8GB RAM and i7 cpu


  24. Paul Atimus says:

    I received my XPS 13 Developer yesterday so it was just under a week form order to delivery (all the way from China!).

    I’m sure there are loads of long reviews on the web so just a few notes on the usual worries with Linux:
    – wifi works out of the box
    – suspend/resume works (fast)
    – hardware accelerated x server – no messing required
    – no fans issues… its noiseless most of the time (until ‘make -j4’)

    I usually use Linux on a server or legacy desktop hardware so this machine is at first a bit unnerving – really responsive UI, fast boot, and beautiful hardware. It’s like running Ubuntu on a Mac book air and getting a €400 refund (like for like specs)

    The only thing I’d change for a “Developer” machine is the screen aspect ratio – when coding away more vertical pixels are useful. I have a 10 year old Dell Inspiron 8600 (running LTS 12.4) and it has a WUXGA 16:10 resolution (1920 x 1200) … that would be nice to have on this machine. Not a big deal though.

    The pricing in the Euro-area is a little confusing, varying (ex-vat) from €1000 (France) to €1120 (Ireland). I thought we were an open market! Doesn’t matter though… we’ll politely pay more for the same here in Ireland – we just may have to borrow the money first.

  25. Paul Atimus says:

    PS. Congratulation on an amazing product, btw. I understand the need for a USP but there is no need to just pitch this at developers. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a laptop (ie someone who digitally produces more than they consume).

  26. Michele says:

    Hi Barton… get mine friday and it’s simply amazing…
    Love the Ubuntu logo on the bottom…
    I’ve got only one “complaint”… why the partition is made so?? I think there is no linux user that will keep root and /home on the sale partitio… (or maybe it’s only mine that is particular?)
    But it’s not a big problem, of course, for almost all of linux users…

    Hope to see more linux laptops from Dell (I’m tired of buying windows one and wipe it off to insall linux!!)!

    Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing for us!!

    • Hi Michele,

      Glad you’re enjoying your system! Regarding the partition, that’s how the default Ubuntu installation currently lays down the partitions with a single partition for all apps and user data. We aren’t deviating from the defaults in that regard.


      • michele says:

        Thank you for your answer! Well… that is odd, but the computer still is an amazing one!

        Thank you again for the good job you have done to bring us such a machine.

        Keep it up!

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  28. Thibault Gardet says:

    The most important feature for me is the battery life could you please do some improvement on it for the next generation of sputnik laptop.


  29. lemmnelson says:

    Although I was hoping to buy this, It doesn’t look like it is going to be released in Australia or New Zealand anytime soon. For Dell it seems product roll-outs are very difficult…. such a shame.

  30. Yossi says:

    Is the Developer version is basically the same computer with Sputnik on it? As you mentioned, you can’t buy the XPS 13 Developer version here on Israel, and I was wondered if I can just grab the Windows XPS 13, and install the Sputnik image over it. Or perhaps the Developer version comes with extra features like different hardware or different keyboard that does not have the Windows key etc?

    • Hi Yossi,

      The only difference between the two machines is the installed OS and the baseplates. The developer edition has the Ubuntu logo where as windows version has the windows logo.

      That being said, im not sure how support will be handled if you buy the Windows version and Israel doesnt yet support the developer edition. Let me check and see if I can get and ETA when the dev edition will be available in Israel.

      • Yossi says:

        Hi Barton,

        Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll try to call the local Dell office myself see if I can find out when the Developer version going to show up here in Israel 🙂

  31. peter matis says:

    Hi Barton,

    I’m considering to buy the Sputnik, but at the moment I’m a little bit concerned about the lack of ports it has. So, is there a mouse which could be paired with the build in Bluetooth without using one of the usb ports?

    PS: I’m really looking forward to the “beast version” of the Sputnik project. Hope, it will come soon.

  32. Anonymouse says:

    Hi! Every time we speak, I tell you that vertical resolution is critical for developers, because vertical resolution = lines of code. My old thinkpad still runs 1920×1200. Now, Google have released a Chromebook with 2560×1700, which shows that better is possible at the price point. If that had >8Gb of RAM, I would buy it. As it stands, I’m still waiting for the fabled screen+battery+ram combo. I won’t buy another Lenovo as they have broken the hardware ecosystem with these new “security chips” so I can’t swap peripherals any more, and they are also 1080 vertical. So I’m still waiting. Can you PLEASE help? I’d pay an extra $250 for 16Gb RAM in a chromebook, yet that RAM only costs $100.

    • Shevek,

      As always thanks for the feedback. We are looking at new models to potentially expand Sputnik to (no promises) but it helps to get input to steer us.


  33. Sam says:

    Hi Barton

    Let me inform you about my experiences on this machine.

    First, the “challenges” I faced.

    – I called local Dell sales to discuss the pricing of the developer edition which was more expensive than the Win8 version. The guy clearly never heard of linux or ubuntu. After 30 minutes of explaining by me where to look for the machine, he was willing to give it at the same price as the windows version. I preferred ordering online myself as I did prefer to get the Win8 license for this price although I will never use it.
    – I ordered the machine, paid with VISA, went through the process. The last page, after payment, I receive a non recoverable server error. I contacted your support services twice by mail and twice by phone. After 4 days, nobody could confirm me the offer would go through or the VISA would be charged, but they could CANCEL the order to help me out. Great message, isn’t it 🙂 So I cancelled.
    – Guess what: in the meantime: a special promotion for the Win8 version: 1170,- eu all-in for the core i7 version, exact same config as the developer edition. And the developer edition? Oooops… Still 1330,-… Bummer.
    – Ordered again, this time without errors. Delivery took 8 days, 4 more than what was announced on the site. I got it yesterday. So back to what I have been done for years: boot from USB drive, backup mbr and windows partitions, and load ubuntu myself.
    – I put it on the charger last night. This morning I see the battery still at 15%. Go to BIOS, do some troubleshooting. Yep, go figure: DOA charger, I cannot charge the battery. Called support services (very friendly people), they will send a new charger. But wait: it is Friday and Eastern, so it will arrive next Tuesday being another 4 days. All in all 2 weeks to get a fully working (I hope) 1200,- eu machine, and nearly a month taking into account the first order/inquiries by me..

    Seriously, guys, step up your game here. This is not a low lever hobby machine. This should be top notch service.

    Then the pro side. Provided it proves to be more robust than the charger, I adore the machine. It is slick, fast, sexy, silent, the screen is super, and Ubuntu runs without a glitch.

    So no complaints there, accept that in the end I am again doing things myself, since I cannot see the value of paying 150 euro more to get ubuntu support (I have been running it for 8 years now) and one license less (Win8). You never know I’d sell it one day. And that’s at least one part of your goal missed just by internal operations @ Dell.


    • Sam,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I apologize for the experience you’ve had so far, it sounds like you have run into a series of issues. To help me dig in to this and make sure others dont have the same experience, do you mind telling me which country you ordered this in?

      Regarding the pricing, at this time the XPS 13 developer edition is only available via the business site. The offerings in business site come with ProSupport so are priced higher than those in the consumer site e.g.,the hi-end XPS 13 Windows config via the business site is priced higher the same hi-end XPS 13 Windows config via the consumer site. We have priced the XPS 13 developer edition with PproSupport to be less expensive than the Windows version which also comes with ProSupport.

      Once again, I apologize for the experience you’ve had.


      • Sam says:

        Don’t worry Barton, I appreciate the project and the efforts. I just hope it now settles with a good charger.

        Bought it in Belgium. Just ask for the difficult Belgian linux buyer 😉


  34. ugomatic says:

    Is there any shop/showroom where one might be able to see the new XPS 13 in London, by chance? This would be to test how reflective the glossy screen is. Thanks.

  35. Thibault Gardet says:

    Hi barton ,

    Will the sputnik laptop be available soon?Did your team make some progress about the profiles tools?


    • Thibault Gardet says:

      I mean the sputnik third generation sorry for not mentioning that in my previous post

      • Hi Thibault,
        I cant give any dates for a potential follow-on to Sputnik 2 🙂 Regarding the profile tool, work has started up again about a week ago so look for developments soon.


      • Thibault Gardet says:

        Hi barton,

        Thank you for your quick answer of course you can’t give me any dates for a potential follow-on to Sputnik 2 but I would like to know if you are working on a more powerful laptop (is it still under discussion or under production)?

        Thanks a lot

  36. Brandon says:

    Hello again, I called Dell Deutschland to order the XPS with a QWERTY keyboard, however they said that this configuration was not available and there was nothing they could do to help me.

  37. Thibault,

    We are currently evaluating potential future systems.


  38. Hugo says:

    Any chance that you might sell this laptop in Portugal, with a Portuguese keyboard?

  39. Hugo says:

    Ok, thanks. Let me know when you have some news.

  40. gunzy83 says:

    I am beginning to think that Microsoft is actively bullying companies into only shipping Windoze in Australia (#tinfoilhat). It is almost impossible to get Linux preinstalled in this country. Please make it happen!

  41. Marty says:

    We would love to buy a few of these in Japan. We don’t need a Japanese keyboard: standard US qwerty is fine. Is there any sensible way we can buy them?


  42. Thibault Gardet says:

    Hi Barton,

    Any news about the release of a new sputnik?


  43. Hi,
    Do you have any news about availability in Russia?
    I want to buy=)
    The russian keyboard layout is not necessary for me.

  44. Daniel says:

    So is there any chance the freezes reported at
    https://bugs.launchpad.net/dell-sputnik/+bug/1167624 are going to be fixed some day? Or did I buy a laptop for more than 1000 Euros with Linux pre-installed that just won’t work stable with Linux?

  45. David says:

    Just echoing the calls for ANZ availability! Even just Australia would be OK; I could just grab one and bring it back to NZ. I’m kicking myself now for not picking one up when I was in Germany last month. Accounting for exchange rate and including MWSt (which is actually higher than our GST) the equivalent Win8 setup here costs $500 more than the Sputnik with the exact same specs in Europe.

  46. Sam says:


    Can you please look into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1234546 ?

    People using Dell XPS 13 with EFI will end up with a useless system if they take the 13.10 upgrade. This is very bad publicity for an Ubuntu-supported/promoted machine.

    Many thanks!

  47. Thomas Woelz says:

    Hi Barton,

    I am a brazilian programmer and would like to get this XPS 13 Developer Edition.

    Two problems: its not available in Brazil’s Dell website, and even if it was, it would be overpriced and probably with brazilian keyboard layout (I prefer american layout).

    I’ll be in Portugal and France next January, and found it only on the French Dell site, but no choice of keyboard layout. If I can buy one from Portugal to be sent to a hotel I’ll be staying either in Portugal or France with USA standard keyboard layout, it would be great.

    Another option is of course buying in USA and having it shipped here. But I’m afraid its a little risky for damage, and the importation taxes here are insane (I would pay more than 100% of the price in taxes). Unless a friend sends as a “gift”. Still that is risky that I’ll be charged for taxes, but less so (specially if friend strips the whole thing of manuals, etc).

    What do you suggest I do?


  48. Garth says:

    I have been waiting for a linux laptop to replace my macbook air, and was hoping that the xps 13 would be it.

    However, trying to order a dell is way too complicated. Why not have a simple website where I can select model, options (including keyboard and better processors offered for windows models) and make it available everywhere consistently (with consistent pricing)? I can do this on Apple’s website.

    Apparently I can’t order an english keyboard in Austria. What’s the point of a “developer” laptop without english as an option.

    So I guess I’m still waiting for a linux laptop that can replace my macbook air.

  49. dmed says:

    ..and you should be able to choose ‘en’ for english to read the website as well. There are 1000s of people living in the EU who speak only english and none of the local languages. No point trying to buy a product using google translate, is there ?:)

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