Hadoop Summit: Talking to the CEO of Hortonworks

Yesterday I attended the Hadoop Summit down in Santa Clara.  The one-day event featured a morning of general sessions followed by three tracks of break outs in the afternoon.  The event also featured displays by several dozen vendors.

The big topic of the day was Hortonworks, a Yahoo! spin-out that had been announced the day before.  The company, which will officially come into being next month will be made up of 25 core Hadoop engineers from Yahoo!  Leading this new venture as its CEO is Yahoo! veteran and until this week VP of Hadoop engineering, Eric Baldeschwieler.

In the afternoon I was able to get some time with Eric and learn more about his new gig.

Some of the ground Eric covers

  • What is Hortonworks and what are its goals?
  • (0:46) Who is the technical team that will be making up the new venture
  • (1:48) Their president Rob Bearden, his open source experience and the business expertise he brings
  • (2:24) Their customers
  • (2:44) Which Hadoop engineers will remain at Yahoo!
  • (3:37) The symbiotic relationship Hortonworks and Yahoo! will have and how they will help one another

Extra-credit reading

  • Press release:  Yahoo! and Benchmark Capital to Form Hortonworks to Increase Investment in Hadoop Technology and Accelerate Innovation and Adoption
  • Hortonworks slide deck from Eric’s Hadoop summit keynote

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