Hadoop Summit: Talking to the CEO of MapR

I’m now back from vacation and am continuing with my series of videos from the Hadoop Summit.  The one-day summit, which was very well attended, was held in Santa Clara the last week of June.  One of the two Platinum sponsors was MapR technologies.  MapR are particulaly interesting since they have taken a different approach to productizing Hadoop than the current leader Cloudera.

I got some time with their CEO and co-founder John Schroeder to learn more about MapR:

Some of the ground John covers

  • The announcements they made at the event
  • (0:16) How John got the idea to start MapR: what tech trends he was seeing and what customer problems was he learning about.
  • (1:43) How MapR’s approach to Hadoop differs from Cloudera (and Hortonworks)
  • (3:49) How the Hadoop community is growing, both with regards to Apache and the commercial entities that are developing, and the importance of this growth.

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

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