A Walk-thru of our new Hyper-scale inspired Microserver

Earlier this morning at WorldHostingDays outside of Frankfurt, we announced our new line of PowerEdge C microservers.  While this is our third generation of microservers, its the first that are available beyond the custom designed systems we’ve been building for a small group of hyperscale web hosters.

If you’re not familiar with microservers, their big appeal is that they are right-sized for many dedicated hosting applications and provide extreme density and efficiency, all of which drive up a data center’s revenue per square foot.  As an example, our first generation allowed one of France’s largest hosters, Online.net to efficiently enter a new market and gain double digit market share.

To see exactly what these systems are all about, check out this short walk thru by Product Manager Deania Davidson.  The system that Deania is showing off is the AMD-based PowerEdge C5125 which will be available next month.  Also announced today is the Intel-based PowerEdge C5220 which will be out in May.

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4 Responses to A Walk-thru of our new Hyper-scale inspired Microserver

  1. lotlwc says:

    Hey Barton, will these support 10Gbps NICs and Boot from SAN? Did I hear right in the video that the fans aren’t hot swap? Thanks


    • Deania Davidson says:


      Thanks for checking out the Dell microservers. The C5220 will support a 10GbE NIC mezz card, which will available later in the year. You will be able to boot from SAN with it. And yes, you heard correctly, the fans are not hot-swappable. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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