Now Available, HPC monster machine

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the PowerEdge C6145 system made up of two servers crammed into a 2U enclosure with a total of 96 cores.  Today that system officially became available for purchase.

Rave reviews

This system got a great review in  CRN yesterday entitled “Performance Of Dell’s PowerEdge C6145 Rack Server Off The Charts.”  To give you a taste, here is how the article begins:

Dell (NSDQ:Dell) has really outdone itself. On Tuesday, the company begins shipping a machine that the CRN Test Center can only describe as 2010 Server of the Year squared.

Officially called the PowerEdge C6145, Dell’s latest monster server more than doubled the Geekbench score of the reigning champ, the Dell R815.

This is from the article that did:

Talk about dense. Dell’s new PowerEdge C6145 server stuffs eight AMD Opteron processors in a single 2U enclosure, making it a standout for high-performance computing (HPC) and, potentially, virtualization…By way of comparison, Dell called out Hewlett-Packard’s eight-way ProLiant DL 980 G7, which has 8U and takes up four times as much space as the Dell box. This is especially important in HPC environments, which, in their scope, tend to put a premium on footprint.

And the Register had this to say

This will be extremely useful for companies that want to attach lots of storage or networking to server nodes in dense configurations, or those who want to cram in a lot of cores into a box and lash them to lots of external GPU co-processors.

The C6145 is Dell Data Center Solutions group’s fourth HPC system in 12 months.  Looks like we’re picking up some momentum 🙂

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