Pics from Structure opening festivities

Last night, as a lead in to today’s Structure conference, there were two events scheduled here in San Francisco.  The first was a cocktail party hosted by AMD.  The second was a private dinner hosted by GigaOM where each of the sponsors got to send a representative.

Here are some pictures from the two events.

The AMD cocktail party was held in a very cool space. Here it is not long after it opened.

We showed off some of our AMD-based custom systems.

Before long the party was packed (and hot).

I decided to walk from the party to the dinner. The restaurant, the Waterbar, was right under the Bay Bridge.

A bow and arrow along the way.

Pre-dinner drinks.

Pre-dinner remarks with the Bay Bridge as a backdrop. L->R , Mathew Ingram, CEO Paul Walborsky and Stacey Higginbotham

Stay tuned for more stuff from Structure.

Pau for now…

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