Props from GigaOm for Dell as Web outfitter

September 26, 2011

Dell has been working for the last four plus years outfitting the biggest of the big web superstars like Facebook and Microsoft Azure with infrastructure.   More recently we have been layering software  such as Hadoop, OpenStack and crowbar on top of  that infrastructure.  This has not gone unnoticed by web pub GigaOm:

Want to become the next Amazon Web Services or Facebook? Dell could have sold you the hardware all along, but now it has the software to make those servers and storage systems really hum.

They also made the following observation:

Because [Dell] doesn’t have a legacy [software] business to defend, it can blaze a completely new trail that has its trailhead where Oracle, IBM and HP leave off.

Letting customers focus on what matters most

Its a pretty exciting time to be at Dell as we continue to move up the stack outfitting web players big and small.  The idea is to get these players established and growing in an agile and elastic way so they can concentrate on serving customers rather than building out their underpinning software and systems.

Stay tuned for more!

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Structure: OpenStack launches Incubation program

June 24, 2011

Today was second day of the two-day Structure conference here in San Francisco.  Cloud was the topic du jours with heavy referencing of big data and concepts and projects such as OpenFlow, Open Compute and OpenStack.  The format consisted mainly of moderated panels seated in comfy chairs with break out sessions scheduled a couple of times during the day.

While some of the panels and speakers were quite enlightening, I find the true benefit of a show like Structure comes from the networking and hallway conversations that occur.  One such conversation was one I had with Jonathan Bryce of Rackspace about the incubation program they have just launched for OpenStack.

Some of the ground Jonathan covers:

  • Dealing with the question of how to expand OpenStack and include new projects
  • The initial three core projects: Compute, Object Storage and Image Service
  • The first two projects that have been approved for incubation: a dashboard and “keystone”

Stay tuned for more interviews from Structure 11.

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GigaOm names the top 50 Cloud Innovators

May 23, 2011

As a run up to next months Structure conference,  GigaOm has put together a list of the top 50 companies “that are influencing how the cloud and infrastructure evolves.”  Those who made the list, entitled The Structure 50, are described as follows

These are the ones to watch — at least in 2011. You’ve heard of some – such as Amazon or Dell. Others – such as Nicira or Boundary – are probably not yet on your radar. But they should be. All of these companies, big or small, have people, technology or strategies that will help shape the way the cloud market is developing and where it will eventually end up.

Dell’s Bio

For each of the 50, GigaOm has put together a short “bio.”  Here is the entry for Dell:

Founded 1984
Investors Public Company
Structure50 Topic Data Center
Description Dell is among the world’s biggest server, storage and PC vendors, although the company has turned much of its focus to cloud computing software.
GigaOM’s Take Dell has made heavy investments in cloud computing, ranging from dense, low-power servers for cloud data centers to software acquisitions and OEM deals that provide cutting-edge management capabilities. Going forward, Dell has plans to provide both Windows Azure- and OpenStack-based cloud services.

Looking forward to Structure 11

Members of the Dell cloud team, including myself, will be out in force at Structure 11.  We will have a booth and Forrest Norrod, the GM of Dell’s Next Generation Computing Solutions division will be speaking on a panel.  Forrest’s panel, entitled “The Economics of Open Everything,” will focus on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry as two specific initiatives built around open source.

If you find yourself at Structure swing by the booth or seek one of us out.  Its a pretty intimate conference and we shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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The Cloud is a marathon — Marten Mickos, Eucalyptus CEO

June 24, 2010

Yesterday at the GigaOM Structure conference here in San Francisco, I ran into Marten Mickos, the recently appointed CEO of Eucalyptus systems.  Eucalyptus is one of the key ingredients in the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud that is being certified to run on Dell’s PowerEdge C systems as part of our cloud ISV program.

Marten, the former CEO of MySQL took the helm of Eucalyptus about three months ago, and was at Structure both as an attendee and participant, sitting on two panels at this two-day cloud-a-polooza.  At the end of the day-one I got some time with Marten and asked him about his new gig.

Some of the topics Marten tackles:

  • How he made the decision to go to Eucalyptus. (Hint: he asked the question, what’s bigger than Open Source)
  • What is Eucalyptus and whats it based on?
  • How will Marten’s experience at MySQL and Sun help him in his new role at Eucalyptus?
    • MySQL was a disrupter of the old whereas Eucalyptus is an innovator of the new.
    • Sun’s company culture was phenomenal, the technology was phenomenal, the business…um…
  • What Eucalyptus is doing with Canonical and the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.
  • What Eucalyptus is focusing on for the next year.

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Pics from Structure opening festivities

June 24, 2010

Last night, as a lead in to today’s Structure conference, there were two events scheduled here in San Francisco.  The first was a cocktail party hosted by AMD.  The second was a private dinner hosted by GigaOM where each of the sponsors got to send a representative.

Here are some pictures from the two events.

The AMD cocktail party was held in a very cool space. Here it is not long after it opened.

We showed off some of our AMD-based custom systems.

Before long the party was packed (and hot).

I decided to walk from the party to the dinner. The restaurant, the Waterbar, was right under the Bay Bridge.

A bow and arrow along the way.

Pre-dinner drinks.

Pre-dinner remarks with the Bay Bridge as a backdrop. L->R , Mathew Ingram, CEO Paul Walborsky and Stacey Higginbotham

Stay tuned for more stuff from Structure.

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