PowerEdge C1100 – Skinny & Dense

Here is the third in my series of four videos exploring the new Dell PowerEdge C server line.  Today’s feature, the PowerEdge C1100.

If you’re wondering about the funky game show-like setting, I shot this after hours on the day of our launch in the whisper suite.  Your guide, as before, is the incomparable Dell Solutions Architect, Rafael Zamora.

A few highlights

  • The C1100 is a high memory, cluster optimized, compute node
  • Dont let its slim pizza box looks fool you, upfront you can pack either four 3.5 inch drives or ten 2.5 inch drives.
  • For high memory optimized compute you can get 18 DIMM sticks for 144GB of RAM.
  • Comes with your choice of either Intel’s Nehalem or Westmere processors.
  • Raf also gives a couple of examples of recent customers and how they’ve decide to configure their units.
  • The C1100 will also serve as the cloud management server for the upcoming Joyent solution and the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.

Tune in next week when Rafael will take us through the PowerEdge C2100.

Pau for now…

One Response to PowerEdge C1100 – Skinny & Dense

  1. […] the C2100 has same system board as the  C1100, it comes with twice the real estate in a 2U form […]


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