Containerizing an old school Dell application

November 24, 2015

About a year ago Senior Linux engineer Jose De la Rosa had heard so much Docker and container-mania that he thought he’d find out what the fuss was all about.  Jose started looking around for an app within Dell that he could containerize and came across Dell’s OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA).  In case you’re wondering, OMSA is an in house application used to manage and monitor Dell’s PowerEdge servers.  Rather than being a micro-service based application, OMSA is an old school legacy app.

To hear how Jose tackled the task, why, and what he learned, check out the following video (also take a look at the deck below that he presented at the Austin Docker meet up).

Here’s the deck Jose presented at the Austin Docker Meetup back in September.

For more info about what Jose and the Dell Linux engineering team are doing in this space, check out

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Intel version of Dell’s third gen Microserver now available

July 19, 2011

Over the past three years Dell’s Data Center Solutions group has been designing custom microservers for a select group of web hosters.  The first generation allowed one of France’s largest hosters, to enter a new market and gain double digit market share.  The second generation brought additional capabilities to the original design along with greater performance.

A few months ago we announced that we were taking our microserver designs beyond our custom clients and making these systems available to a wider audience.  Last month the AMD-based PowerEdge C5125 microserver became available and yesterday the Intel-based PowerEdge C5220 microserver made its debut.   Both are ultra-dense 3U systems that pack up to twelve individual servers into one enclosure.

To get a great overview of  both the 12 sled and 8 sled versions of the new C5220 system, let product manager Deania Davidson take you on a quick tour:

Target use-cases and environments

  • Hosting applications such as dedicated, virtualized, shared, static content, and cloud hosting
  • Web 2.0 applications such as front-end web servers
  • Power, space, weight and performance constrained data center environments such as co-los and large public organizations such as universities, and government agencies

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Chatting with Eucalyptus Co-founder about OpenStack

November 11, 2010

Continuing in my series of videos from the OpenStack design summit this week in San Antonio, here is an interview I did yesterday with Eucalyptus systems co-founder Graziano Obertelli.

Eucalyptus allows enterprises to set up open source infrastructure-as-a-service private clouds.  Eucalyptus is also one of the key ingredients in the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud that is being certified to run on Dell’s PowerEdge C systems as part of our cloud ISV program.

Here is what Graziano had  to say:

Some of the ground Graziano covers:

  • What goals do the Eucalyptus team have for the summit
  • They’ve recently hired a community manager – Mark Atwood
  • What are their goals for their next release

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PowerEdge C1100 – Skinny & Dense

April 13, 2010

Here is the third in my series of four videos exploring the new Dell PowerEdge C server line.  Today’s feature, the PowerEdge C1100.

If you’re wondering about the funky game show-like setting, I shot this after hours on the day of our launch in the whisper suite.  Your guide, as before, is the incomparable Dell Solutions Architect, Rafael Zamora.

A few highlights

  • The C1100 is a high memory, cluster optimized, compute node
  • Dont let its slim pizza box looks fool you, upfront you can pack either four 3.5 inch drives or ten 2.5 inch drives.
  • For high memory optimized compute you can get 18 DIMM sticks for 144GB of RAM.
  • Comes with your choice of either Intel’s Nehalem or Westmere processors.
  • Raf also gives a couple of examples of recent customers and how they’ve decide to configure their units.
  • The C1100 will also serve as the cloud management server for the upcoming Joyent solution and the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.

Tune in next week when Rafael will take us through the PowerEdge C2100.

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