The Cloudy Wisdom of James Urquhart

James Urquhart of Cisco and author of “The Wisdom of Clouds” blog on Cnet, gave a talk last week at Cloud World entitled, “Virtualization to Cloud.”  I wanted to capture some of the topics he talked about and learn a bit more so I grabbed him for a podcast after he got off stage.  Here is the result…

Some of the topics James tackles:

  • Whereas four months ago the question was  “What is cloud”  the conversation has recently shifted to “how can I replicate some of the success stories that I’ve heard about?”
  • One effect of the cloud is that has greatly lowered the VC capital that start-ups require to get set up and going.
  • Internal IT needs to realize they are no longer delivering a product but are delivering a service.   To be of value to the business they don’t have to wire servers, they can help them through the process of getting the right compute power for each app.
  • Regulatory and industry standards will  be what dicates the speed of the evolution of the cloud, not technology.

Pau for now…

4 Responses to The Cloudy Wisdom of James Urquhart

  1. Thanks, Barton! I enjoyed our conversation very much.

    For clarification, Ely Lilly is not going to stop acquiring drug start-ups anytime soon. What I should have said was that they now have more opportunities to discover their own drugs than they had before, because the cost of computing has dropped significantly. I don’t want to spread any false rumors out there! 🙂



  2. My pleasure James and thanks for the clarification.


  3. […] My interview with James from 2009 – Barton’s Blog […]


  4. […] My interview with James from 2009 – Barton’s Blog […]


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