Back from Cloud World with a Bunch of Interviews

Last week I headed out to San Francisco to attend the event formerly known as Linux World.  This year the annual fete was renamed “OpenSource World” and combined with a few other events to form: “OpenSource World/Next Generation DataCenter/Cloud World/North American Bass Fishing World” (ok, Im joking about the last one).

Trans America, a flatiron and Armani.

Trans America, a flatiron and Armani.

Dell kicked it off

The opening day keynote was provided by Dell.  In all honesty, it wasn’t our best effort.  It was particularly tricky since the speaker who was supposed to deliver the presentation had a medical emergency and Judy Chavis, director for business development and global alliances at Dell  had to step up and pinch hit at the 11th hour.  Here are two pieces written about the keynote, one more positive than the other.

Chinatown, Clouds and Cable Car

Chinatown, Clouds and Cable Car

Not exactly jam packed

I’ve been to Linux World a couple of times before and this year’s show, despite the amalgamation, was much smaller.  Those who came to talk to customers or generate leads must have been dissapointed since there seemed to be hardly any around.  That being said, I found it a great event to network and talk to various cloud players in the industry.  I was even able to record nine video podcasts that I will be posting over the next few weeks.
Coming attractions

So stay tuned for conversations with the following folks:
Brian Aker — Lead architect for Drizzle
James Urquhart — Big cloud thinker from Cisco
Michael Crandell — CEO of Right Scale
Ken Oestreich — VP of product marketing at Egenera
John Keagy — CEO of GoGrid
James Staten — Analyst covering cloud computing at Forrester
Luke Kanies — Founder of Reductive Labs, maker of Puppet
Chander Kant — CEO of Zmanda
Jonathan Bryce — Founder of the Rackspace cloud
Yerba Buena, the Metreon and the Marriott

Yerba Buena, the Metreon and the Marriott

Pau for now…

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