“Accessing outside ideas is no longer optional”

The week before last I attended the APQC’s Knowledge Management (KM) Conference in Houston.  A lot of the discussions focused on web 2.0 technologies as ways of transferring and sharing knowledge and process throughout organizations — wiki’s, blogs, chat and social networks came up a lot.

The conference also had a great line up of keynotes which was kicked off on the first day by Chris Meyer, “part economist, part technologist, part futurist, and the founder of Monitor Talent, a part of the Monitor Group.”  I grabbed a few minutes with Chris while he was waiting for his cab to the airport.

Some of the topics Chris tackles:

  • The concept behind Monitor Talent
  • One of the trends that frame knowledge management is the availability of talent that doesn’t work for you.  Accessing this talent isn’t optional any more, it’s the way to compete.
  • Those who see this merging of inside and outside as threatening still view business as a zero sum gain as it had been in the past compared to the positive sum gain that it is now.
  • The “wikification” of work
  • The book Chris is currently working on and how the growth in the next 15 years which will come from outside the G7 nations will affect mainstream capitalism as we know it.

Pau for now…

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