Latest Rev of Blueprint (Rock ‘n’) Rolls out

reo1The latest Blueprint update debuted this weekend.  Being a cloud-based application we are able to push out a new Blueprint release every ~6 weeks and drive continuous improvement in the product.  (In case you’re wondering about the picture to the left, each release comes with its own cheesy-band code name.  As you can probably guess, the code name for this release was REO Speedwagon).

We’re Listening

In this latest Blueprint release we tackled the top three customer requests we’ve heard over the past few months on the forums and out in the field:

  1. Autocomplete revamp
  2. Swimlane improvements
  3. File attachments and the word export

If you can spare 1 minute and 18 seconds, check out the video that Blueprint Product Manager Dave Marquard put together that takes you through the new features.

For more details on the release, check out Dave’s entry.

Coming Soon to a Browser near you

What’s next? Well alphabetically we are up to “Survivor” and its gonna be a cool one.  It’s coming out party will be in April at our Driven 2009 user conference.  Until then, you keep up with the latest and greatest in the world of Blueprint by following us on twitter.

Pau for now…

2 Responses to Latest Rev of Blueprint (Rock ‘n’) Rolls out

  1. […] See the travels of Barton George for more on Blueprint. […]


  2. barton808 says:


    Mucho Mahalo for the shout out!


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