When Web Companies grow up they turn into Java Shops

August 17, 2016

Earlier this month I attended Pivotal’s SpringOne platform conference in Las Vegas.  In case you’re not familiar with it, Spring is a Java Framework “that helps development teams everywhere build simple, portable, fast and flexible JVM-based systems and applications.”

For some of you out there you may be thinking Java is old school and not relevant in in today’s modern world of digital business.  Au contraire mon frere.  James Governor, the D’artagnan of the analyst world,  countered this belief of irrelevance in his SpringOne talk entitled, “When Web Companies grow up, the become Java Shops.”

Take a listen as James backs up his claim.  (For extra credit see the Redmonk Programming Language Rankings below that places Java in the top right corner second only to JavaScript.  Click on the chart to enlarge the rankings).

Some of the ground James covers

  • Facebook as a big Java shop.  Twitter as a member of the JCP (Java Community Process)
  • Seeing a lot of Java innovation even outside of Android
  • Big Data e.g. Hadoop written in Java/JVM
  • We will see cloud native Java in the next 3-5 years


Redmonk Q3-16 language rankings

Redmonk Q3-16 language rankings


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JetBlue’s Social Media Strategy

June 30, 2009

Last week at the Enterprise 2.0 conference I sat in on an interesting session entitled “Does Social Media and Marketing Mater?”  The moderator was Peter Kim of the Dachis Corporation and the panelists were Greg Matthews of Humana,  Ben Foster of Allstate insurance and Morgan Johnston of jetBlue.  Each of the panelist discussed how they were using social media at their firms.

After the panel I grabbed Morgan from JetBlue and did a short video.  I’ve broken the interview in two, the first part talks about JetBlue’s social media strategy and how its working and the second part addresses the tools and channels that they use.

Check it out…

Part 1: How and Why does JetBlue use Social Media?

Some of the topics Morgan tackles:

  • Started the social media engagement back in ’07.
  • The four reasons JetBlue uses Social media: 1) monitoring, 2) engaging, 3) informing and 4) humanizing.
  • Social media can serve as “a canary in a coal mine.”
  • The importance of vetting and confirming information before reacting.
  • FYI if you want to sneak a folding bike on a plane you no longer need to claim its art or bike parts.

Part 2: What tools, technology and channels does Jet Blue use?

Some of the topics Morgan tackles:

  • When engaging with customers and communities its important to remember that you are a guest of that community and dont try to bull your way in.
  • They have a Flickr channel which is populated by crew members and helps to humanize the brand.
  • JetBlue has a YouTube channel where they feature videos generated by JetBlue
  • Twitter is their biggest channel (@JetBlue).  When I did the interview last week they had 730,000 followers, today they are at 780,000.  This is a great way to monitor customer feedback and disseminate information.
  • Morgan is looking forward to seeing how people adapt and evolve existing tools to fit their own needs.

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Thanks to Tim Bray I’m an Honourary Cheeky Brit

June 25, 2009

Reg_Podcast_Logo I was quite chuffed to find that my first freelance piece for The Register was featured on the front page.  The piece is a 17 minute podcast and accompanying intro article that covers the conversation I had with XML co-developer and really smart guy, Tim Bray.

Tim was a great interview.  Not only is he very knowledgeable but he answers questions very lucidly.   Take a listen and see for yourself.

>> Listen (17:24)  mp3 version | ogg version

Why's Tim so Jazzed about 20 year-old Swedish Telco language (other than the cool graphics)?

Why's Tim so jazzed about a 20 year-old Swedish Telco language (other than the cool graphics)?

Some of the topics Tim tackles:

  • The state of the web today.
  • The evolution of Twitter: Ruby on Rails + Scala + ?
  • Dynamic languages that rock Tim’s world:  PHP? Python? Ruby on Rails?  Closure?
  • And speaking of dark horses, what about Erlang?  dealing with wider CPUs and concurrency.
  • Is Google’s Wave the next Twitter or the next Lotus Notes?
  • What’s happening in browser land?  And what about HTML5 (video and canvas)?
  • Opera’s recent announcement and the value of web hooks.
  • Tim’s been “Kindled.”  What other web business models are working out there?
  • What most rock’s Tim’s world: 1) Databases duking it out – what’s the right way to persist data at scale and 2) Mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, Palm Pre — all very different approaches.

Shout outs: To Terri Molini for setting this up and Paul Bonser of X-team for introducing me, over beers, to Erlang.

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Latest Rev of Blueprint (Rock ‘n’) Rolls out

February 16, 2009

reo1The latest Blueprint update debuted this weekend.  Being a cloud-based application we are able to push out a new Blueprint release every ~6 weeks and drive continuous improvement in the product.  (In case you’re wondering about the picture to the left, each release comes with its own cheesy-band code name.  As you can probably guess, the code name for this release was REO Speedwagon).

We’re Listening

In this latest Blueprint release we tackled the top three customer requests we’ve heard over the past few months on the forums and out in the field:

  1. Autocomplete revamp
  2. Swimlane improvements
  3. File attachments and the word export

If you can spare 1 minute and 18 seconds, check out the video that Blueprint Product Manager Dave Marquard put together that takes you through the new features.

For more details on the release, check out Dave’s entry.

Coming Soon to a Browser near you

What’s next? Well alphabetically we are up to “Survivor” and its gonna be a cool one.  It’s coming out party will be in April at our Driven 2009 user conference.  Until then, you keep up with the latest and greatest in the world of Blueprint by following us on twitter.

Pau for now…

“Quiet Riot”: Last Blueprint release of ’08 now live

December 22, 2008

As the year 2008 draws to a close one more Lombardi Blueprint release has just just gone live.


The login-screen has been cleaned up (except for the coffee stains) and “Twitter-fied.”

The release, code-named “Quiet Riot” (in keeping with the official Blueprint code-naming schema) is characterized by a bunch of cool new features (you can read about them in detail or see the short overview video on Dave’s Blog) designed to make this process mapping tool more collaborative, more powerful and even easier to use.

Here is the high-level list:

  • File Attachments: These are powered behind the scenes by Mosso’s Cloud Files and allow you to attach screenshots, word docs, spreadsheets etc.   Additionally, your  files are conveniently added to the same place you collect other information regarding a particular process step.
  • Easy Invites:  Looking to give the gift of Blueprint this holiday season?  Well it just got easier.  We’ve cleaned up the homepage and now to invite someone all you need to do is to type in their email address in the space prominently located at the top of the page.
  • Password Rules: Password strength can be set at one of three different levels (high, medium or minimum) using a handy slider bar.

Twitter: This Enterprise 2.0 app just got 2.0-ier

Enterprise 2.0 features like collaboration via wiki-like functionality and IM are at the center of Blueprint. Now in this latest release we’ve added a Twitter feed which powers the “What’s New” section on the login page (see the screenshot at the top of the page).

If the thought of Twitter sounds a bit intimidating, don’t worry, the feed on the login page is transparent to you, all you will notice are postings that are updated from time to time.

If you do want to follow the Twitter feed directly along with your other feeds, click on the little Twitter icon (in the bottom right corner of the yellow sticky) and you’ll be taken to the actual Blueprint Update Twitter page where you can see all the posts.  Obviously Twitter works both ways so we’re looking forward to collecting feedback from you as well.


Check out the Blueprint Twitter feed directly at: twitter.com/BlueprintUpdate.

Hope you enjoy Quiet Riot.  As always the 6-7 week release beat goes on.  Who’s up next?  R.E.O Speedwagon.

Pau for now…

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