Introducing, Process Mapping 101 – An online course

Yesterday we launched Lombardi’s first on-demand training course, Process Mapping 101.  Appropriately, it features our on-demand product, Blueprint.

Rather than putting together a how-to-use-Blueprint course, we wanted to go broader and create a how-to-get-started with Process Mapping.  What we’ve been hearing from a lot of our customers is that, while the Blueprint product is fairly straight forward, they are looking for a methodology on how to approach and drive process modeling project.   They know it involves getting group of folks together in room and capturing the info but who do you invite? How  do you run a session so you get what you want out of it and capture and come away with useful info?  Whats the best way to communicate your progress and get buy-in from senior management?

With a Little Help from Our Friends

To put this together we teamed up with BPM heavy-weight Bruce Silver and Shelley Sweet of I4Process. Here’s how Bruce describes the course:

Broken out into 5 segments of Flash video, the [2  hour] training provides a step by step approach to getting started with mapping your as-is process: the team members needed at each step, roles and responsibilities, how to facilitate the mapping sessions, how to drive the Blueprint tool, and how to organize the generated process diagram for maximum effectiveness.  Much of it takes the form of simulated team mapping sessions.  Most of the rest is hands-on for the student.  We’ll describe a scenario of information gathered from the team session, and you’ll put it into Blueprint – training video in one browser window and Blueprint open in another, so you can compare your result with what it should look like.  Hands-on exercises are the only way to learn it.

Who’s it targeted at?

Like Blueprint itselft, rather than process-jocks, this course is designed for Business Owners, Subject Matter Experts, Project Managers, and Business Analysts who are looking to get started with process mapping from a real-world perspective.

To get a flavor for the course, you can watch a few short snippets from the training here. Check it out!

Pau for now…

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