“Poison:” Blueprint October ’08 is live

As product manager Dave Marquard announced this weekend, the October release of Blueprint is now out.

In keeping with the project naming schema of an alphabetical list of “bands-from-the-70’s-and-80’s-that-are-at-least-somewhat-cheesy” we are up to “P” and “Poison” (check-out the whole list here).  Poison is the 11th public Blueprint release and the 16th overall (releases usually come out every 6-7 weeks).

What’s new to Poison:

  • User Management: Thanks to the magical properties of SaaS and improvements to Blueprint, the project leader, or whomever has the admin rights, can add users on the fly and reassign user accounts depending on activity level.  If someone isn’t utilizing their account it can be reassigned to a new individual at the click of the mouse.
  • Invitations: Just like a social networking app like LinkedIn or Facebook, you can now send  invites to colleagues to join Blueprint and collaborate on process discovery and documentation.
  • Instant Upgrades: If you have signed up for a Free account and want to upgrade to the Professional Edition, all you have to do is hit the “Upgrade Now!” button and you are good to go!
  • Printing Big and Small: Whereas before you printed out your process flow diagrams to plotter-sized sheets of paper, you now have the option of printing the full image as a composite across as many pages as needed, or even scale it to fit on one sheet.
  • Word Export of Process Documentation: We’ve improved the print out capability to Microsoft Word Documents.  Now when you print from Documentation View all your inputs, outputs, problems and stakeholders are included.

Stay tuned for cool features the next release which is due in 6-7 weeks.  And what is the code name of the next release you may ask?  “Q” is the letter so it could only be “Quiet Riot.”

Pau for now…

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