Amazon talks about Amazon’s cloud

From the same event where Jeff Keltner of Google talked about Cloud Computing, below is a video of Adam Selipsky, Amazon’s VP of product marketing and developer relations for Amazon Web Services.  Adam uses his slot to talk about what Amazon’s been doing in the last couple of years in the area of Web services.

He starts off with an interesting chart that shows how the bandwidth from the web services side of the house has now outstripped the bandwidth required for the website side.  He then positions Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a suite of building blocks that the company has been rolling out one after the other in the following order:

  1. S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  2. EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) – I have to point out for a company that delivers great consumer experiences they sure suck when it comes to the naming of offerings on web services side.
  3. Simple DB (ok that’s a decent name) – in beta
  4. SQS (Simple Queue Service)
  5. FPS (Flexible Payment Service)
  6. MTurk (Mechanical Turk – an on demand workforce)

The guiding principles that AWS has used when creating services is that they be

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Elastic (quick to ramp up or down)
  • Highly available
  • Available on a pay-as-you go basis (so that you can terminate at any time if you’d like)

I was surprised that while Adam talked about the Amazon built services, he didn’t mention any of the services from others that they host like Solaris, MySQL, JBoss, Zmanda data recovery etc.  It might have been the audience he was addressing but I would think that this is where AWS’s real business is coming from in the future.

Pau for now…

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