Obama in ’73

18 months ago I did a post about one of my classmates from Punahou School.  At the time he was one of the many possible democratic candidates for Presidency of the United States.  We are now less than a month away from the election and Barry is not only the democratic nominee but is currently leading in the polls.  Go Barry, Go!

What I posted in February of ’07

When I was home in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago I decided to dig through the boxes in my mom’s garage and find some of my old Na Opios (the lower school yearbook at Punahou School).  I was looking for a picture of one of the big kids, three years ahead of me at a school named Barry Obama, now more commonly referred to as Barack.  For reference, in 1973 Barry was a big 6th grader and I was just a little 3rd grader.

Here is the picture I found (I blurred out the other non-public figures) apparently taken at a pencil chewers convention — the Na Opio never featured stiff formal portraits:

Usually in the yearbook you only got to be in one picture for your classroom.  For some reason, Barack appeared in two.   His future potential must have shown through even then.

If you want to read more about Obama’s growing up in Hawaii and his time at Punahou check out this article (It even quotes my old girlfriend’s brother and my 8th grade typing teacher).

Pau for now…

One Response to Obama in ’73

  1. Barton, that is very cool.

    I feel for all the other kids who had hideously deformed faces tho’ 🙂

    – Rich


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