John Willis of Docker – DevOps Days Austin

July 10, 2015

Last but not least here is the final video from DevOps days Austin featuring the one and only John Willis aka Botchagalupe. John gave the closing key note using an intriguing comparison to Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel.

Take a listen:

Some of the ground John covers:

  • John’s DevOps background
  • From Socketplane founder to Docker employee
  • The convergence of data gravity, containers and microservices – The new guns, germs and steel
  • How John got involved with the Docker folks back in the dotCloud days.
  • Containers vs VMs

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Cameron of Gartner talks DevOps – DevOps Days Austin

June 22, 2015

Last month at DevOps Days Austin I did a series of interviews with a variety of speakers and attendees.  One of the attendees I chatted with was Cameron Haight of Gartner.  For the past five years Cameron has been writing about, and advising clients on, DevOps.

I caught some time with Cameron to get his thoughts.

Some of the ground Cameron covers:

  • How Cameron came to cover the DevOps movement.
  • What changes has he seen in the community over the past five years.
  • How does Cameron see DevOps evolving as it moves into the mainstream and where it fits within the larger transformation enterprises are undergoing.

Stay tuned for the final interview in this series starring the one and only John Willis.

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Fixing your org by continually breaking it – Devops Days Austin

June 2, 2015

Here is the third post in a six part series focusing on  DevOps Days Austin. Following Cote’s presentation, next in the line up of speakers on day one was Paul Read of Release Engineering Approaches.

Paul’s talk tackles the “importance of continually breaking your organization with experiments, some surprising examples, and how to do it in such a way that you aren’t left with a broken organization.”

Take a listen, and check out his awesome tie! (also see his slides below)

Some of the ground Paul covers:

  • Learning from Toyota Kata
  • The culture of continuous learning and experimentation/improvement
  • Making “the pain visible”
  • Where Paul sees DevOps going in the future

Still to come

  • Cameron Haight – Gartner
  • John Willis – Docker
  • Barton George (Sputnik ignite talk) – Dell

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The coming donkey apocalypse — DevOps Days Austin

June 1, 2015

After a bit of a gap I’m continuing the my series from DevOps Days Austin.  After Damon Edwards kicked off the event, Michael Cote of Pivotal took the stage.  Cote presented “The coming donkey apocalypse — what happens when Devops goes mainstream.”

Take a listen (you can find his slides below):

Some of the ground that Cote covers:

  • What DevOps as a community needs to focus on next to expand
  • Unicorns (eg Uber and Netflix), Horses (eg top banks) and Donkeys (mainstream organizations)
  • 3 key areas of DevOps to focus on today
    1. Culture and process
    2. Supporting legacy code
    3. Tools and technology

Interviews on tap:

  • Cameron Haight – Gartner
  • John Willis – Docker
  • Paul Read – Release Engineering Approaches

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Opening Keynote – DevOps Days Austin

May 21, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I attended the fourth annual DevOps Days Austin.   The event was extremely well organize and had a great line up of speakers.  As always I brought along my trusty flipcam (cause I’m old school) and recorded a handful of interviews.  The first in this series features Damon Edwards of DTO solutions, one of the early pioneers of DevOps.

In this video Damon discusses his keynote and thoughts around DevOps in general (you can check out his slides below)

Some of the ground Damon covers

  • How he got into DevOps consulting and how Devops came to be.
  • Applying DevOps to large enterprises and the importance of visibility.
  • How financial services are particularly keen to dive in as well as interest from pharma, manufacturing, gaming etc.

Damon’s Slides

Interviews on tap:

  • Cameron Haight – Gartner
  • Michael Cote – Pivotal
  • John Willis – Docker
  • Paul Read – Release Engineering Approaches

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Rackspace’s DevOps Practice — DevOps Days Austin

July 3, 2014

Continuing with my interview series from DevOps Days Austin, today’s interview is with Matt Barlow.  Matt established Rackspace’s support offering around DevOps automation late last year.  Hear about it and how it all came to be.

Some of the ground Matt covers:

  • Matt’s background and how he got into DevOps
  • What led him to developing a practice
  • What exactly his team does
  • What types of customers have they been working with

Still to come from DevOps Days Austin: Dell Cloud Manager, Cote’s keynote

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Sumo Logic and Machine Data Intelligence — DevOps Days Austin

July 2, 2014

Today’s interview from DevOps Days Austin features Sumo Logic’s co-founder and CTO, Christian Beedgen.  If you’re not familiar with Sumo Logic it’s a log management and analytics service.   I caught up with Christian right after he got off stage on day one.

Some of the ground Christian covers:

  • What does Sumo Logic do?
  • How is it different from Splunk and Loggly?
  • What partners and technology make up the Sumo Logic ecosystem?
  • What areas will Sumo Logic focus on in the coming year?

Still to come from DevOps Days Austin:  Rackspace, Dell Cloud Manager, Cote’s Keynote

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PagerDuty and incident management — DevOps Days Austin

June 30, 2014

Im picking back up the series I started last month,  DevOps Days Austin.  Today’s interview features Arup Chakrabarti of PagerDuty who presented at DevOps days and leads PagerDuty’s Ops engineering team.  Take a listen:

Some of the ground Arup covers:

  •  What PagerDuty does (hint: it has to do with Incident management and alerting for IT monitoring)
  • How they integrate with partners like SumoLogic, DataDog and NewRelic.
  • How the 3 founders took the experience they gained at Amazon around incident management to found PagerDuty
  • What to look for in the upcoming months

Stay tuned, there are still three more interviews from DevOpsDays Austin to come: SumoLogic, Dell Cloud Manager, Cote and his keynote.

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