Hadoop World: NoSQL database MongoDB

November 28, 2011

I’m getting near the end of the interviews that I did while at Hadoop World earlier this month, just one more after this (with Splunk’s CTO and co-founder).

Today’s entry features a talk I had with Nosh Petigara, director of product strategy at 10gen, the company behind MongoDB.

Some of the ground that Nosh covers

  • Who is 10gen and what is MongoDB
  • (0:29) How does Nosh define NoSQL
  • (1:20) What use cases is Mongo best at
  • (2:14) Some examples of customers using Mongo (foursquare, Disney and MTV) and what they’re using it for
  • (3:08) How Mongo and Hadoop work together
  • (4:03) Whats in Mongo’s future that Nosh is excited about

Extra-credit reading

  • Mongo Conference: MongoSV (Dec 9 in Silicon valley)

Pau for now…

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