Ubuntu-based All-in-One joins the brawn brothers

Today we are happy to announce, that the Dell Precision 5720, a 27” All-in-One workstation class machine is available for purchase.  The system can be ordered preloaded with either Ubuntu 16.04, RHEL 7.3 or Windows 10.

What were they thinking

When the team designed the 5720, they focused on the front of screen experience with the 27” 4K UHD display, support for multiple displays out, and an integrated high-end sound bar that delivers best in class audio in an AIO, no need for added speakers.

Also supported are the latest generation Intel CPUs, including an option for Xeon CPUs, as well as the latest AMD Radeon Pro professional graphics.

The Precision line roll out

The availability of the 5270 marks the last of the Ubuntu-based Precision mobile workstations announced back in January.  In January, the Precision 5520, the world’s thinnest and lightest 15” mobile workstation and Precision 3520, an affordable and fully customizable 15” mobile workstation were available for purchase.  Under the heading, “coming soon,” were the 7720 the 7520 and, new to the lineup, the 5720 All-in-One.

Two weeks ago the world’s most powerful 15″ and 17″ laptops, the Precision 7520, and the Precision 7720 became available.  These two brawny brothers debuted in two flavors, Ubuntu and Windows (drivers are also available for RHEL 7.3).

A look at the Precision line thanks to LAS

The week before last, Chris Fisher and Noah Chelliah of the Linux Action Show made their way from the Pacific Northwest to Dell.  Besides recording LAS on site, Chris and Noah conducted a bunch of interviews.  The episode above is the first of two.  In this episode you not only get to learn about Dell’s Linux-powered coffee machine but you get an overview of the Precision line of systems.

The Dell segment starts at 35:36 and the overview of the Precision line, starting with the new 5720 All-in-One, begins at 37:20.  When you get to the part about the 7720, which starts at around $1,699, you’ll learn what you get if you decide to drop $10K and max it out.

[If you’re interested, here’s second LAS — Dell’s Secret Sauce | Linux Action Show 465]

How to get the Ubuntu or RHEL flavors

To get the preloaded Ubuntu or RHEL versions of the 5720, simply head to the landing page. Once there, click on the green “Customize & Buy” button on the right.  This will take you to the “Select Components” page where under “Operating System” you can choose either Ubuntu 16.04, RHEL 7.3 or Windows and away you go!

Extra-credit reading

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Pau for now…


11 Responses to Ubuntu-based All-in-One joins the brawn brothers

  1. Are there plans to make a Dell desktop, a tower not an all-in-one, available with Ubuntu?

  2. […] Barton George is pleased to announce today the general availability of the last Ubuntu-based system for the company’s all-new […]

  3. […] George menyebutkan, “ketika tim mendesain 5270, mereka fokus pada layar dengan ukuran display 27 inchi 4K UHD, […]

  4. […] Ubuntu-based All-in-One joins the brawn brothers […]

  5. johann sattler says:

    it seems that in europe the 5720 cannot be ordered with ubuntu. only windows available in config …

  6. Hi @Neil G,

    The Ubuntu and RHEL configs for the Precision 5720 All in One should now be available.

    thanks for calling this to my attention

  7. All in ones are great… I was working at a company in Pune, India and they had these HP AIO 20″ that everyone used to develop software on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS … I thought that for developers who don’t need ridiculous multithreaded processors that go around 500$ and with systems in 2000$ range I think a 20″ AIO form factor with a decent i3 or i5 for a small office or student environment is more than perfect … these things can be easily moved in an office environment or student dorms and all they need is a power cable plugged in … also the HP designs were decent to not throw off customers … I think in a country like India where engineering students are becoming more and more interested in Ubuntu I think a small cheap AIO with even an i3 would be a hit … no need for all the cables and bulky systems and costly underpowered laptops to get the job done …

    Dell does make 20″ AIOs but the ones in India are kinda outdated hardware and also little bulky for their specs … Ill still look for one that can do Ubuntu pretty much out of the box … For serious workstation grade performance , there is always AWS.

    Big fan of AIOs … they give the feel and performance of a desktop but take away all the mess …

    Also hats off to sputnik … I’ve waited for the last 15 years for Dell to do something like this and XPS13 pretty much nailed it …

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