Speeding Up App Development for the Digital Enterprise – A conversation

Last week over 9,000 people attended the first Dell EMC world here in Austin.  As you would expect there were keynotes, breakout sessions and an expo floor.  On the floor itself, besides the various Dell EMC and partner booths, was an area set up for Dell EMC World Live.

Dell EMC World Live featured a full roster of  live interviews on a variety of topics with everyone from Michael Dell on down.  One of the two sessions I was fortunate enough to participate in was “Speeding Up Application Development for the Digital Enterprise.”  My co-conspirator was Trey Layton, CTO and SVP, Converged Platform and Solutions Division in Dell EMC.

Take a listen

Some of the ground Trey and I cover

  • The challenges of moving to a cloud-native architecture and the need for software to become a core competency of today’s enterprises.
  • The use of company names as verbs e.g. “don’t get Uber-ed”
  • “Two pizza” teams vs. hundreds of developers
  • The “Square of Despair” — Complexity, Procurement, Legacy and Security
  • The need to abstract the complexity of the infrastructure away from developers so that they can focus on writing code
  • Unleashing the power of the mind

Extra-credit reading

  • Allianz Fireside Chat –  Dr. Andreas Nolte, CIO, Allianz – Cloud Foundry summit
  • UK gov keynote – ‘Open’ as a Disruptor for Government – Liam Maxwell, UK National Technology Advisor – Cloud Foundry summit
  • ComputerWorldUK – Allianz app deployment goes from ‘days to minutes’ with Pivotal Cloud Foundry PaaS and agile practices –

Pau for now…

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