Pivotal Labs: Teaching Clients to Fish Agilely

I’ve been in New York the last couple of days and this morning, before I left, I was able to check out Pivotal Labs’ NYC offices.  Pivotal’s New York office is one of 17 labs around the world, a number which will be growing to ~25 by the end of the year.

At the Labs, rather than simply developing software for the clients, Pivotal works the client on a small project in order to teach them new methods of development. East Coast managing director Graham Siener showed me around and gave me the low down on what Pivotal Labs is all about.

Some of the ground Graham covers

  • Helping folks with early stage product development thru XP (extreme programming) and Agile. Working hand in hand with clients so that they build the skills they need to carry on once they leave Pivotal’s offices.
  • Kicked off back in ’89 with the idea of helping change the way people write software.
  • Working with clients from a wide range of verticals: “clients bring the domain expertise, Pivotal supplies the process expertise.”
  • Beyond the labs, what else makes up Pivotal: their big data suite and Cloud Foundry (and how Cloud Foundry fits well to support the skills and methodologies clients pick up from working with Pivotal).
  • Where Graham sees Pivotal Labs going over the next year.

Pau for now…

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