Incorporating DevOps into the development of Dell’s Active System Manager

As Dell as a company continues to evolve we have started implementing DevOps practices in our software development.   Dell IT is employing DevOps as are some of our product development teams.

In the following video, systems engineer Chris Gully explains how Dell’s Active System Manager has incorporated DevOps into its development. (the audio could be a bit better so you’ll have to crank it up a bit for Chris 🙂

Some of the ground Chris covers:

  • What is the Dell Active Systems Manager (ASM)
  • Putting the ASM code up on GitHub
  • Their path from Dev -> IT -> Ops -> Customer -> Feedback
  • What were some of the issues the team had to overcome when implementing

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

3 Responses to Incorporating DevOps into the development of Dell’s Active System Manager

  1. Beni says:

    i know this is the wrong place to go but…. i didnt find a better place.

    German Student, 18 y/o, wanna put my money on my first laptop. It should be the Xps 13. Since i dont really wanna use the Windows one.. May i ask for the Developer Edition? Are you Guys still making these? And if, when do you guess are they aviable with the new Skylake processors? Looking forward and cant wait to buy one..

    Regards from Germany


    • Howdy Benjamin. We are currently working on the Skylake version of the XPS 13 developer edition. Look for it early next year.

      thanks for your support! 🙂


      • Beni says:

        Eaaarly next year? :’S Thats for me impossible to wait ;o. Do you know anything about Student-Specials? Like Apple gives arround 3/400€.. Lenovo got great offers… but Dell? I havent seen any special in a long time right now.. Makes me kinda unhappy :S

        1 more thing:
        Comon Laptops, especially when i spent 1,3,-1,5k € which is as student a LOT, offer 500-1k (Re)Charges of their battery… I saw some Official Scriptrures from Dell stating, that the xps 13 is limited to 300(?) Is this serious? That would be like a year or maybe some longer (out of waranty, lel). Ofc the Voltage will not fall off imidiatly but still… paying over 1k € for a Laptop and get arround 3-500 Charges seems for me pretty bad, tho… :S

        Best Regards from Germany

        (Im studying It-Security)


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