Kernel panics when switching wireless networks — XPS 13 developer edition 9343

In addition to the recent fixes I posted for the XPS 13 developer edition, here is one more from the team.


Broadcom bug

Some customers may experience an issue where their system crashes when switching wireless networks while running the factory install of Ubuntu 14.04. The issue appears to be a bug within the Broadcom wireless driver. You can follow the bug report at the following link:

The current recommended fix is to add the PPA at the following link to your repository list and then update your system to apply the fix:

There are two methods to apply the patch detailed below:

Method 1

Run the following command to add the repositories using your package manager:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:inaddy/lp1415880

Method 2

You can also add the repositories to your /etc/apt/sources.list file manually. Just add the following lines to the end of the sources.list file as in the screenshot below (requires root access).

deb trusty main

deb-src trusty main

After the repositories are added then update your system by running the following command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Kernel Panics

Extra credit reading

Pau for now…


30 Responses to Kernel panics when switching wireless networks — XPS 13 developer edition 9343

  1. Felix says:

    Hi Barton, when can we buy XPS 13 developer edition again in Spain? Dell is selling it in USA but not in Europe, why? Thanks for your time.


    • Hi Felix,

      Unfortunately Europe has already run thru their forecasted inventory (they sold better than we expected). The US still has inventory on hand. Because there will be a next gen coming out we wont be getting any more of this model.
      thanks for the support!


      • martrek says:

        Thanks for the information Barton. I’m waiting to buy two of them when they’ll be available again in the next gen.


      • mavdi says:

        Hey Barton, can’t find this anywhere, can you please give me a straight answer to this:

        Given that I don’t care about warranties, do windows and developer editions have the exact same hardware? i.e.: If I buy a windows machine and load it with Ubuntu, would I get the same result as a developer machine?

        Thank you


      • Hi Barton,

        Is that going to be like “sometime Q2 2016” or like “next week” :-).

        Because if we’re talking 9 months I guess I’ll have to get the third best laptop on the market; whatever that is.



      • Martin says:

        Hi Barton,

        Can you give us an estimated release date for the new gen?



      • @Martin, unfortunately i cant give a time at this point. that being said, @Senji, it should be sooner that 9 mos 🙂 stay tuned!


      • milessabin says:

        Please, pretty please, can we have a 16Gb option for the next generation … that’s the only thing standing between you and my money 😉


  2. SoftwareBloat says:

    I’ve a xps 13 9343. not dev edition, but i suppose it’s exactly the same hw.
    is there an ISO of ubuntu with included all the drivers for this xps?

    thank you


  3. JM says:

    @mavdi Yes they are the same hardware. However, I am having issues with my machine (dual booting win8.1) and strongly recommend you listen to Barton and wait until the next gen is released. Unless you plug in usb keyboard/external mouse the current gen machine is almost unusable with the open bugs.

    @barton Thanks for the wifi fix – trying now. Any update on the keyboard jumping?


  4. Pit says:

    Please be a bit more agressive about getting a Intel Wifi module for the next generation.
    Maybe Broadcom costs 30cents less or gives the person making the contract a bottle of the finest Whisky out there, but in the end you need to put too many valueable time ressources into this on your end and the customers end.


  5. […] be getting any more of this model. Thanks for the support!” wrote Dell’s Barton George on his website. He’s the same guy who announced that the XPS 13 was brought back to the shop a while […]


  6. […] en Europa, tal y como se da a entender. Y poniéndolo así, suena muy mal. Todo lo contrario: el equipo se ha agotado vendiendo más de lo […]


  7. Tommy says:

    Hi Barton,

    Are we going to have same day availability of the Skylake developer edition or do we have to wait several months after release?
    (I live in Europe)


    • Hi Tommy,

      If you mean releasing in Europe same day as the States, that is our goal. If you mean the same day as the Windows version that depends on when we feel the Dev Edition is ready to ship (want to make sure there are no glitches)


  8. Andrea says:

    Hi Barton,

    I own an XPS developer edition (last version out from europe) and think is a nice machine, however ubuntu still has issues (keyboard, touchpad, display port, etc..) and i’ve just read dell is going to make a new version of it already.Do you know if the support for XPS13 2015 will continue in the future?


    • Hi Andrea,

      With ProSupport, support will definitely continue with the current XPS 13 developer edition.


      • Andrea says:

        Okay, thanks for the reply, i think i will stick with this machine until i need more power under the hood. Hearing of a new version was a bit scary since the XPS13 was just released and we are still struggling to have it working on linux…


  9. Jeroen says:

    Too bad the only option to buy a decent Dell linux laptop with Ubuntu at this point is the M3800, which equipped with Ubuntu is more expensive than equiped with Windows, and when compared to equally equipped XPS15 is almost 700 EUR more expensive for the same hardware (except for the graphics card, which many don’t need).

    The result is that people will still buy Windows laptops and install Ubuntu by themselves. And the sales numbers will not back the results of the great project Sputnik. A pitty because we really want Ubuntu laptops.


  10. arkaprova says:

    I have ordered one DE for me in USA , It will be delivered next week. is it coming all these fixes or should I do it manually ?


    • Hi @arkapova,

      When you run your updates the fixes will be delivered.


    • Brent Penman says:

      Oh no… I just got mine delivered today and the touchpad doesnt work at all. I’ve run updates, and still no luck. Oddly enough, it does seem to work in the BIOS as well as when booting into the factory reset mode…


      • Brent Penman says:

        …and now I feel like an ungrateful fool. 30 seconds of googling, and I was able to get her going by blacklisting i2c_hid.

        Everything works PERFECTLY.

        Thanks to you and the whole sputnik team for all the work you do.


  11. jjackowski says:

    I was seeing my XPS 13 occasionally die when attempting to resume from suspend. The log fingered the Broadcom wireless module as the problem. At the time, I had the wireless gizmo disabled by the keyboard switch. This updated driver seems to have solved the problem.


  12. Martin says:

    Hi Barton,

    Would you and your team release an XPS 15 developer edition? Please. One of those with integrated graphics would make the ideal developer machine many of us dream about.

    Keep up the good work!


  13. Thanks for this writeup! It immediately resolved the crashes I ran into on 15.04.


  14. Billy Olsen says:

    Barton, the fix you link to is up for SRU for official inclusion into Ubuntu, which would make everyone’s lives easier (e.g update rather than install new PPAs). Looks like the bug could use some verification from some users! Please encourage folks to go test the proposed packages so the fix is included in the repos.


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