Overview: Dell’s Internet of Things (IoT) lab

Last month I was out in Bay Area and got to visit Dell’s recently opened Internet of Things lab.  The lab, which is located within Dell’s Santa Clara office, is designed  to help customers build, modify and create IoT solutions.

Part of something bigger

Dell’s Iot lab is a key piece within Dell’s overall end-to-end IoT efforts.  Our end-to-end integrated offerings span services, hardware, analytics software and implementation all wrapped in security.

Dell’s approach is to work with customers collaboratively,  utilizing what they already have, starting small and then iterating.   All of this builds on the IoT foundationally elements that Dell has been utilizing for years.

First video

In today’s video Product Technologist, Raja Tamilarasan gives an overview of Dell’s IoT lab, talks about IoT in general and explains where Dell plays in the space.

But wait, there’s more!

While visiting the lab, I shot 5 short guerilla style videos using my flipcam (yes I still use mine).   Over the next week or two I will follow this post with three more:

  • What type of customers utilize Dell’s IoT lab
  • Dell’s smart building demo (parts 1 & 2)
  • Dell’s IoT data center

Extra-credit reading


Pau for now…


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