App Think Tank: Open Source all the way

This week I’m continuing with the video series from our Application think tank earlier this year.  The videos this week are centered around the topic of applications and software strategy: what should your foundation be, what should your strategy be going forward and how do you deal with what you have.

To kick this topic off, here is a video featuring Barry Libenson, SVP and CIO at Safeway.  The question posed was what role does Open Source play in your software strategy.  Barry says what he never thought he would say, “Open source all the way.”  Take a listen as he explains one man’s conversion.

As Barry explains, open source isn’t just for the bleeding edge anymore, its for mainstream enterprises.  It features a robust ecosystem and is where the talent is.  Whether you’re a start-up or Fortune 50 company, as Barry says, Open Source all the way.

Stay tuned

Tomorrow we’ll look how the American Cancer Society and Intel have set up their guidelines for new applications being created.

The Think Tank, Sessions one and two

  • Think Tank Session 1– Welcome to the application-centric world – best practices in the ‘greenfield’
  • Think tank Session 2– Nexus of forces – CIOs under pressure and the rise of the enterprise developer

Extra-credit reading (previous videos)

Pau for now…

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