App Think Tank: The skills the CIO of the future needs

This is last video on the topic of CIO and IT skills needed for success.  It, like the previous two, was taken from the think tank Dell Services hosted earlier this year in Silicon Valley.  It  features Jay Ferro, CIO, American Cancer Society and Barry Libenson, SVP and CIO,  Safeway.

Both Jay and Barry agree that the CIO of the future will need very different  skills than today but they differ on how much technical knowledge he or she will need.  As Jay says, “I don’t need to understand the nuance of the digestive system to know how to eat.”  Take a listen.

Business first

I would say that now, as in the future, the CIO and IT in general need to be business people first, and technologists second.  And the same goes for other functions as well whether you’re marketing or finance or HR, you need to be business people first.

Stay tuned

Next week I will have five videos from the think tank that all focus on software and applications.

The Think Tank, Sessions one and two

  • Think Tank Session 1– Welcome to the application-centric world – best practices in the ‘greenfield’
  • Think tank Session 2– Nexus of forces – CIOs under pressure and the rise of the enterprise developer

Extra-credit reading (previous videos)

Pau for now…

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