App Think Tank: What do customers expect

The week before last, Dell Services held a think tank in Silicon Valley with 10 panelists representing both old school and new school organizations.   The group discussed the challenges of the new app-centric world as well as how to leverage both the “Four horsemen of IT du jour”: Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data, and the “three enablers”: Open Source, DevOps and APIs.

The idea of the Think Tank was not to look at technology for technology sake but from the view point of how it could meet customer and business needs.

Given the above, we started with question, “What do customers expect in an application today?”  In the short clip below, Luke Kanies, CEO of Puppet Labs, Barry Libenson, CIO of Safeway and Jay Ferro, CIO of the American Cancer Society give their thoughts.

Videos still to come

  •  IT is facing competition for the first time ever
  •  The persistently, ubiquitously connected to the network era
  •  The web of C level relationships

Extra-Credit reading

Pau for now…

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