LinkedIn stitches together single pane of glass with Dell Boomi

Here’s the next in my series of interviews from VentureBeat’s CloudBeat, held last week in San Francisco.

After his panel, I got a chance to chat with Andres Bang, head of global sales and operations systems at Linkedin.  I talked to Andres about how they used Dell Boomi to integrate their cloud and on premise applications, along with their CRM platform SalesForce.

Andres told me, “Dell Boomi is doing to the integration industry what SalesForce did to the CRM industry 10 years ago,” hear what else he had to say:

Some of the ground Andres covers:

  • What Andres does and the goals of his group within LinkedIn
  • Looking for a way to expand their SalesForce platform with custom applications
  • Stitching together SalesForce, databases, tools and custom apps with Dell Boomi.  “Integrations which used to take months or years are now talking days or weeks.”
  • What specific apps and data types is LinkedIn using Boomi to connect to SalesForce to provide a “single pane of glass” for sales

More Cloudbeat videos to come

Stay tuned to this blog for interviews with

  • Luke Kanies — Puppet CEO
  • Joe Arnold – CEO of SwiftStack
  • Anand Iyengar – Founder of CloudVelocity

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

4 Responses to LinkedIn stitches together single pane of glass with Dell Boomi

  1. thibault says:

    Hi Barton,

    When are we going to see a bigger version of the actual sputnik 13 version.I”m waiting for its since the first version came out. Will it be reaease in october or november?

    Thanks for your answer
    Best regards


    • Hi Thibault,

      We are officially updating the XPS 13 version of Sputnik. As for the big brother version, we dont have anything official planned at this time but we are testing the Precision M3800 unofficially and will be documenting what we find.



  2. thibault says:

    Hi barton,

    Thanks for your anwser but can you please give me more details about the progress done on the profile tools (more languages supported) and cloud launcher? When are you going to release those tools ?

    Best regards


  3. Hi Thibault, we will be giving an update on the Profile tool in the next week or so.



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