Talking about Project Sputnik and the importance of Devs to Dell

At Dell World I was interviewed about Project Sputnik, the resulting XPS 13 Developer Edition we launched and the importance of developers.

Here’s the interview (notice my fashion forward blue Dell shirt 😉

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

7 Responses to Talking about Project Sputnik and the importance of Devs to Dell

  1. Erik says:

    Cool cool 🙂


  2. CloudDeveloper says:

    This device looks amazing. Two questions:

    The Windows XPS 13 ultrabooks recently got nicer 1080p, higher color gamut displays. Any chance of these being available on the Ubuntu models? Would you recommend buying a regular Windows version and just reformatting with Ubuntu?

    The Ubuntu version comes with 12.04. Is there any downside to using the newest version? I’m currently using 12.10 (on an old Dell laptop) and typically stay on whatever the newest version is.


    • Howdy,
      The 1080p version is coming very soon to the XPS13, dev edition (with Ubuntu). I dont know where you are located but it will also be available very soon outside the US. You can buy the Windows version and reformat with Ubuntu but the official Ubuntu version is priced a bit lower.

      12.04 is the officially supported version but folks have got it working on 12.10



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