OSCON: Tim O’Reilly chats with Mark Shuttleworth

Here’s the last of my posts from OSCON.

The conversation below took place right after Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote.  Tim and Mark start off by talking about Mark’s persistence of vision and what keeps driving him.  At the 2:00 minute mark they talk about Project Sputnik, the buzz around it at OSCON and where it has the advantage over Mac OS.  From there they talk about bringing the cloud right to the desktop via Juju.


Extra-credit reading:

Pau for now…

2 Responses to OSCON: Tim O’Reilly chats with Mark Shuttleworth

  1. So, apart from OSCON, did anything happen with Project Sputnik in the last month?


  2. Yep, we’ve been doing a ton behind the scenes. Turns out there is a lot of heavy lifting that needs to be done to get a project turned into a product on an accelerated timeline at Dell, we are heading into uncharted waters:) We’ve been working thru the system to make it so.

    The other areas we’ve been focusing on is getting the beta applicants selected and executing on it as well as working with Canonical on the profile tool.

    Ill a blog entry in the next few days so people dont think that we’re just sitting on our hands.



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