Talking to Nodeable CEO Dave Rosenberg (think Twitter for machines)

Yesterday I was out in the bay area to help moderate a Hackeratti shindig on Sand Hill road.  One of my fellow moderators was Dave Rosenberg former CEO and founder of MuleSoft.   Dave who is also an active contributor to cnet has recently started a new endeavor, Nodeable.  This new venture, which Stephen O’Grady of Redmonk called “twitter for machines” also features former Canonical VP of corporate services, Neil Levine.

Before we began our moderating duties, I sat down with Dave to learn a little more about his cool new venture.

Some of the ground Dave covers:

  • Just what is Nodeable
  • (0:40) The rise of the cloud developer and the profile of the developer that Nodeable is targeted at.
  • (2:10) Kicking off  their private beta and heading to a public beta in Q4
  • (2:48) What part of Nodeable is open source and which part is the secret sauce
  • (3:26) Nodeable’s architecture and the languages its written in
  • (4:00) Where does Dave hope to see Nodeable a year from now

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

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