Intel Conversations in the Cloud: Dell’s “cloudy” thoughts

As a part of Intel’s Cloud Builder program, of which Dell is a member, Intel is hosting a podcast series appropriately entitled, Intel Conversations in the Cloud.  The first vendor they featured in the series was Dell and, back in March, I had the honor of representing us.

The episode is The Evolutionary approach to the cloud and is hosted by Allyson Klein, who manages the Server Technology and Software Strategy team in Intel’s Data Center Group.  (You can also listen to it here)

Here are some of the things Allyson and I chat about:

  • 0:35  My cloudy role at Dell
  • 0:48  The Revolutionary approach:  How Dell started out in the cloud four years ago at hyperscale
  • 1:42  Taking this hyperscale experience to the “next 1000”
  • 2:25  The Evolutionary approach:  the path to the cloud that the vast majority of enterprises will take today
  • 3:15  What drives the majority of business to the evolutionary approach to the cloud
  • 5:35  Five years from now, how will we be talking about the cloud

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

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