BitNami Cloud Hosting: a demo and chat with the CEO

Last week at the OpenStack Design Summit I met up with Erica Brescia, CEO of BitRock who was accompanied by BitRock’s founder and CTO Daniel Lopez Ridruejo.  Although BitRock’s recently announced BitNami Cloud Hosting currently runs solely on Amazon’s EC2, Erica and Daniel were at the OpenStack event to see if OpenStack might make sense as a second platform.

I grabbed some time with Erica and we did a quick interview and demo:

Some of the ground Erica covers:

  • BitRock, facilitating the installation of software.  Who are the big open source players that BitRock makes easy to deploy.
  • providing end users with completely free native installers, virtual appliances or cloud templates
  • Who are the targets users for BitNami cloud hosting

The demo covers:

  • Creating a server on Amazon EC2 in minutes, with apps added
  • Making and scheduling back-ups
  • Scheduling server run times
  • Monitoring data about the server

Extra-credit reading

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